Album art.

沈丁花 || Winter Daphne

Album art.

Winter Daphne

Vocals: Pyn, mineko
Lyrics: Aomaya
Arranged by: Mano
Album: [eclat:]
Circle: <echo>PROJECT
Event: C77
Original themes: Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke [月まで届け、不死の煙]
Plain Asia [プレインエイジア]

Requested by: katsuragirin

‘You’ appears in the translation a few times, but in the two times specifically linked to anata (貴女), it’s referring specifically to a female.


煙立つ 頂の先の

煤が舞い 燻ぶる魂
哀れみも 施しも寄せず

揺れる瞳に 涙を溜めているのに 嗚呼……


か細く震える胸に 馨り立つ沈丁花

人の子よ 己を厭わず
願うなら 永久に人であれよ、と

けれど 何時かは燃え尽きてしまうから 嗚呼……


そして其れを埋めたなら 庭に咲く沈丁花


幾年が過ぎようとも 傍に咲く沈丁花


kemuri tatsu itadaki no saki no
imawashiki tsuki o nemetsukete ita

susu ga mai kusuburu tamashii
awaremi mo hodokoshi mo yosezu

yureru hitomi ni namida o tomete iru noni aa…

kono mi ni dekiru koto nado nai
tada, ude o nobashite dakishimeta

kahosoku furueru mune ni kaori tatsu jinchouge

hito no ko yo onore o itowazu
negau nara towa ni hito de are yo, to

keredo itsuka wa moe tsukite shimau kara aa…

anata ga hai to kieru toki wa
watashi ga kono mi de moyashimashou

soshite sore o umeta nara niwa ni saku jinchouge

anata ni deaeta ano hi kara
kono yubi de wa mou kazoe kirezu

ikutose ga sugiyou to mo soba ni saku jinchouge


I was glaring at the abominable moon
seen beyond the smoking peak.

Soot dances, and my soul smoulders.
Pity and charity do not draw near.

Even so, tears gather around my wavering eyes. Ah…

There is nothing I can do.
All I could do was reach out and hug you.

Winter daphne let off their fragrance near my trembling chest.

O, children! Do not loathe yourselves.
I wish that you may remain human forever.

Still, because you will someday burn to ash—Ah…

When you vanish into ashes,
I’ll burn you myself.

And once I bury you, winter daphne will bloom in the garden.

Since the day I met you,
So many days have passed I can no longer count them on my fingers.

No matter how many years pass, winter daphne will bloom at my side.



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2 responses to “沈丁花 || Winter Daphne”

  1. katsuragirin Avatar

    Thank you. Didnt know Mineko is the singer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      That just reminded me that Pyn is featured in this track as well – I’ve added her in as well


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