Album art.

私ハ二人ノオ祝イニ || I, Upon the Pair’s Celebration

Album art.

watashi wa futari no o-iwai ni
I, Upon the Pair’s Celebration

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), GUMI
Lyrics: まさ (masa)
Composed by: まさ (masa)
Album: ADULT
Circle: -MASA Works DESIGN-
Release date: 5 March 2016

Requested by: shishikusas
Watch the official video on YouTube!

I’ll explain the title first, since it’s a bit different to what we’re used to. I interpret the meaning behind it to be something like “For the pair’s [birthday] celebration, I will do something.” We can fill ‘something’ in with… anything, really – I will be there, I will give a gift, I will destroy one of them, etc. オ祝イ looks like it’s used as a verb, so I interpret it as ‘celebration’ rather than ‘to celebrate’. (Like always, please leave a comment if you’d like to hear more about why I chose certain translations!)

Other than that, we have masa’s usual masaness. And, as is the norm for me, I’ve joined this series at the very end (^_^); So I’ve missed a lot of stuff. Regardless, I hope it can be used as a stepping stone to help us get closer to the heart of the song.

All instances of anata (貴女, you) are female. Just watch out, because a 君 (kimi, you) is thrown in towards the end.


産マレタ般若ト 抱キシメタ華ハ
私ヲ返シテト 涙ヲ流シタ
十九ノ夜ニ コンニチワ

アノ日ノアノ場所 忘レタ活花
七ツノオ祝イニ コンニチワ

アノ日ノアノ場所 コンニチワ
アナタ二ツ ワタシ千切ル
ナミダ エガオ 墓ノ前

産マレタ般若ト 抱キシメタ華ハ

貴女ハ私デ 私ハ貴女

貴女ノ問イカケニ コンニチワ
隠シタ蕾 戻シマショ
一人デ呟ク 貴女ハ私
ワタシアナタ 一ツ誤解
ナミダ エガオ 「ハヤクオイデ」

嘘ダト 殺セト 涙ヲ流シタ
愛シタ般若ト 泣イテイタ君ハ

月夜ノ晩ニ 姉妹ノ踊リ




umareta hannya to dakishimeta hana wa
watashi o kaeshite to namida o nagashita
juukuu no yoru ni konnichiwa
nakushita yoru ga yomigaeru

azuketa karada to ikebana futatsu
ano hi no ano basho wasureta ikebana
nanatsu no oiwai ni konnichiwa
nakushita yoru ni modorimasho

azuketa karada to ikebana futatsu
ano hi no ano basho konnichiwa
anata futatsu watashi chigiru
namida egao haka no mae
kowarekake no utsuwa ni ukabu
shinzou no mochinushi wa

umareta hannya to dakishimeta hana wa
watashi o kaeshite to namida o nagashita
futari no hannya to dakishimeta yoru wa
watashi o aishite to hitomi ni ukabeta

anata wa watashi de watashi wa anata  

anata no toikake ni konnichiwa
kakushita tsubomi modoshimasho
hitori de tsubuyaku anata wa watashi
watashi wa watashi de aitsu wa shinda
watashi anata hitotsu gokai
namida egao “hayaku oide”
nani mo shiranu utsuwa ni ukabu
shinzou wa genkai da

nikunda futari no dakishimeta ai wa
uso da to korose to namida o nagashita
aishita hannya to naite ita kimi wa
watashi o kaeshite to anata ni utsutta

tsukiyo no ban ni shimai no odori
kagami ni utsuru watashitachi wa hitotsu
chi de somenuita sekai ni futari
saigo ni chikau shimai no ai o

futatsu no inochi no suteki na saigo wa
watashi to anata de ai o utatta

watashi to anata de ai o utatta​


A Hannya that was born, and a flower held close
shed tears: “Return me!”
Hello to the 19th night!
A lost night is resurrected.

My entrusted body, and two ikebana—
Forgotten ikebana from that day, from that place…
Hello to the 7th birthday celebration!
Let’s return to a lost night.

My entrusted body, and two ikebana—
Hello to that place, from that day!
I will tear you in two.
I cry and smile before the tomb.
A heart floats in a half-broken container.
The owner of that heart is—

A Hannya that was born, and a flower held close
shed tears: “Return me!”
Two Hannya and the night they embraced—
“Love me!” was expressed in their eyes.

You are me, and I am you.

Hello to your questions!
Let’s return the hidden buds.
I mutter alone. You are me.
I am me! They died.
Me, you, and a single misunderstanding.
Tears and smiles… “Come here, quickly!”
A heart floats in an ignorant vessel.
It’s at its limit!

As for the love embraced by the pair I loathed,
“It’s a lie,” “Kill!” I shed tears.
I loved the Hannya, and you were crying.
“Return me!” Saying that, I appeared on you.

During a moonlit night, we danced our sisterly dance.
Reflected in the mirror, we are one.
We are together in a world pattern-dyed with blood.
We will pledge our sisterly love in our last moments.

During this, a splendid conclusion to two lives,
We sang about love together.

We sang about love together.



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2 responses to “私ハ二人ノオ祝イニ || I, Upon the Pair’s Celebration”

  1. fay Avatar

    Thank you so much!! It’s fantastic to have an accurate translation for this song—it’s one of my favorites on the album. ❤ Gotta love MASA. ^__^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! Masa’s lyrics are always tough to interpret and translate, but each translation brings us another step closer 😎


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