Album art.

私ト一ツノ心臓ヲ || A Single Heart and I

Album art.

watashi to hitotsu no shinzou o
A Single Heart and I

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku), GUMI
Lyrics: まさ (masa)
Composed by: まさ (masa)
Album: ADULT
Circle: -MASA Works DESIGN-
Release date: 5 March 2016

Requested by: Deu
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Update (23 April 2023): Correction to third stanza.

Like the other tracks in this series, the title is incomplete. Something is going to happen to the single heart and I, but we don’t know what it is.

Putting that aside, the interpretative footholds (I totally just made that phrase up) feel a lot stronger in this song than the last song in the series. It’s as if the tracks become harder to decipher as the protagonist descends further into madness…





嗤ウ喜ビ 涙ノ姉妹







boseki ni ryoute wo awase
sotoba ni nokoshita namae

futatsu de hitotsu no ikebana wa
nanatsu no ano yo ni nakunatta
ikuban kazoeta irohanihoheto de
kiritotta hana wa koko ni aru
itsu demo futari de ita keredo
nanatsu no ano hi ni nakunatta
ikuban kazoeta hana no tsumikata wa
anata de tameshite hitori kiri

mushibanda karada ni ai wo irete hoshii to
narenai ubugoe wo ageta

warau yorokobi, namida no shimai
anata wa watashi de, watashi wa anata
jiseki no nen wa itsu shika kiete
shindemo kirei na anata ga hoshii

dare ni kikaretemo shiranu to tooshite
geki kure damashite waratteta
saigo mo futari de ita keredo
akasode aosode chinchirorin
akairo ni somaru utsukushii kimi wa
dare ni mo misenu to kiritotta

kiritotta tsubomi ni ai wo irete hoshii to
osoroshii ubugoe wo ageta

ohana mitai ne anata to watashi
futari de dakiai asa made naita
jiseki no nen wa itsu shika kiete
shindemo kirei na watashi de itai

itsu shika hitotsu no ikebana wa
ototoi no yoru ni konnichiwa
saigo ni kazoeta irohanihoheto de
tanjou wo oiwai sayounara

kore de owari ne hannya no shimai
chisome no atama de ubugoe ageta
jiseki no nen wa kanki ni kawari
shindemo kirei na anata ni


I put my hands together in front of the tombstone.
A name was left behind on its wooden tablet.

A pair of ikebana, together as one,
Passed away on the night of their seventh birthday.
I count the nights, saying “I, ro, ha, ni, ho, he, to…” (1)
The cut flower is right here with me.
We were always together,
But on the day we turned seven, you died.
I counted the numbers of ways to pick a flower.
All alone, I test it with you.

“I want you to fill my worm-eaten body with love,”
I let out my first cry, one I’m not used to.

Sneering with happiness, we are tearful sisters.
You are me and I am you.
My guilty conscience will disappear before I know it.
I want you, who are so beautiful even though you’re dead.

No matter who asked me, I told them I didn’t know—
I acted, I deceived them, and I sneered.
We were together during those last moments,
Red sleeves, blue sleeves, *chirp chir-chir-chirp* (2)
I cut off beautiful you, stained red,
So nobody else would see.

“I want you to fill this cut-off bud with love,”
I let out a terrifying first cry.

You and I are like flowers.
We hugged each other and wept until dawn.
My guilty conscience will vanish before I know it.
I want to remain beautiful, even after I die.

The ikebana who became one, unawares,
Say hello to the night before last.
In the end, I counted, saying “I, ro, ha, ni, ho, he, to…”
Celebrating our birthday, I said farewell.

This is the end of the Hannya sisters, isn’t it?
With a bloodstained head, I let out my first cry.
My guilty conscience will become delight.
To you, who remain beautiful though you are dead, I say

Translator’s notes

(1) This is a reference to the Japanese いろは (iroha) poem, which contains all of the Japanese syllables.

(2) チンチロリン (chinchirorin) apparently refers to the chirping of a pine cricket. This could be a reference to a children’s song – for more information, please consult this resource.



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6 responses to “私ト一ツノ心臓ヲ || A Single Heart and I”

  1. RandomPerson Avatar

    Also an another BIG question. Why mushibanda karada ni ai wo irete hoshii to narenai ubugoe wo ageta is sang by Tsukuyomi’s spirit? :0

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Reading your comment inspired me to have another look at those stanzas, and I think there’s a better way of wording those parts, so I changed it.

      I now think the と at the end of the first line is a quote – so it makes sense for it to be sung by a spirit. I think it also sets up the idea that the spirit wants love, and the other person wants to give love.


      1. RandomPerson Avatar

        Thank you so much!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. RandomPerson Avatar

    Hello! I hope you’re doing great! I have a question. Is shinde mo kireina anata ha hoshii meant in sexual way?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Hello! Thanks for your comment, I’m doing well and I hope you’re well too. I think you’re right – you could interpret it as something like “I want you, body and soul”


      1. RandomPerson Avatar

        Thanks for your answer! ^^

        Liked by 1 person

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