Album art.

Sigh Dreamily

Album art.

Sigh Dreamily

Vocals: MANA
Lyrics: 栃栗毛 (Tochikurige)
Arranged by: タロー (Taro)
Album: PLANET PARTY TIME [Official site]
Circle: 紺碧Studio (Konpeki Studio)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 5 [ARTS5]
Original themes: Eternal Spring Dream [永遠の春夢]
The Moon as Seen from the Shrine [神社から見える月]

Requested by: ChaosEternal

This is a really beautiful arrangement – the vocals float on top of the dreamy, evocative orchestral accompaniment. It makes you feel like you’re flying through a rich, vibrant dreamscape…


ささやかな 幸せを
望んだら 消えた

仮初の 幸せを
繰り返し追い求め 虚しくも

潤しく咲く花は 枯れて往き
避けられぬ理に 瞳を閉じた
揺らめく暗闇は 刻々と移り往く

おかしな夢を見た 私の前に
微笑んで指差す 私の姿が……

望んでた 幸せを

ささやかな 幸せは
永遠の夢の中に あるのか?

粉々に砕かれた 現実は
囚われの世界へと 導いた
歩んだ道程は 置き去りの抜け殻が
恨めしく 横たわる

おかしな夢を見た 私が望む
世界が広がるよ ほら、夢見心地……


sasayaka na shiawase o
nozondara kieta

karisome no shiawase o
kurikaeshi oi motome munashiku mo

uruoshiku saku hana wa karete yuki
sakerarenu kotowari ni me o tojita
yurameku kurayami wa kokukoku to utsuri yuku
“watashi wa mou, nemutteta…”

okashi na yume o mita watashi no mae ni
hohoende yubi sasu watashi no sugata ga…

nozondeta shiawase o
ushinatte bakari

sasayaka na shiawase wa
eien no yume no naka ni aru no ka?

komagoma ni kudakareta genjitsu wa
toraware no sekai e to michibiita
ayunda michihodo wa okizari no nukegara ga
urameshiku yokotawaru

okashi na yume o mita watashi ga nozomu
sekai ga hirogaru yo hora, yumemigokochi


When I wished for that meagre happiness,
It vanished.

I continued to pursue transient happiness,
Though it was all for naught.

Flowers that bloom in the damp are bound to wither.
I closed my eyes to that unavoidable principle.
The wavering darkness changes, hour by hour.
“I’d already fallen asleep…”

I had a ridiculous dream. Right there before my eyes,
I was smiling and pointing—

All I was doing was losing
the happiness I wished for.

Does that meagre happiness lie
within an eternal dream?

Reality was smashed to pieces.
It guided me to an imprisoned world.
On the path I walked, the shell I left behind
lies there, jealously.

I had a ridiculous dream, and I wish—
Look, the world is spreading out! I’m in a dreamy state of mind…



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One response to “Sigh Dreamily”

  1. ChaosEternal Avatar

    Thank you so much for translating this! The lyrics were every bit as impactful as I had hoped! I’m glad you seem to have liked the song as much as I did. (^▽^)

    Liked by 1 person

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