四丁目の秘密屋さん || The Secret Seller of the 4th Block

yon-choume no himitsuya-san
The Secret Seller of the 4th Block

Vocals: IA
Lyrics: スズム (Suzumu)
Composed by: 150P
Album: 終焉-Re:act- (Demise -Re:act-)
Release Date: September 23, 2015

Requested by: Anon II

This song is part of the Bookmark of Demise (終焉ノ栞) project. I did a little bit of research, and it seems like it’s backed up by some in-depth lore, including a manga series and a collection of light novels. I suspect that there’s a lot of information that I’m missing, which is one of the reasons why this track was particularly tough to translate and interpret.

Apparently this song is sung from the perspective of D介 (D-suke). Please let me know if you’ve had some exposure to this series before – it would be great to fill in the gaps and strengthen the logic/context behind this translation!

(There must be some sort of symbolism behind mochi/餅…)

古典的口 伝播処方
井戸端の囀りも あれよあれよと

“kore wa naisho no hanashi”
koten-teki kuchi denpa shohou
idobata no saezuri mo are yo are yo to

“This is a secret tale…”
With classical speech, it was formulated to spread.
The chirping came from beside the well suddenly.

何処ヶ発 → 誰ヵ行
蔓延る 浮き名 怪談話
得手勝手 美学論 拉けて折れての

doko ka hatsu -> dare ka ika
habikoru ukina kaidan-banashi
ete katte bigakuron shidakete orete no

Where did it start? -> Who does it go by?
The rumours and ghost stories run rampant.
Saying things as they please, they tread on aesthetics and break them.

ハリボテ裏付け どなたの意のままに

haribote uradzuke donata no i no mama ni

With backing like paper-mache, whose will do they serve?

あねのね 秘密屋さん教えてよ
他愛の無い 諧謔じゃ茶菓子にもならんけれど

ane no ne himitsuya-san oshiete yo
are to are to sore to sore
tawai no nai kaigyaku ja chagashi ni mo naran keredo

Um, well… Oh secret seller, tell me!
Tell me this and that.
Childish jokes won’t serve as tea cakes, though…

零れ落ちた戯れ言の描く 餅と冒涜者
何処で? 誰が? 何を? 何時か?
なんでなんで? どうしてそんなこと?

kobore ochita zaregoto no egaku mochi to boutokusha
doko de? dare ga? nani o? itsuka?
nande nande? doushite sonna koto?

Scattered pranks paint a picture of mochi and blasphemers.
Where? Who? What? When?
Why, why? Why did such a thing happen?

「どうか よろしく」

itsu no ma ni ka guuzen wa zenbu soitsu no shiwaza
“douka yoroshiku”

Before we knew it, coincidence all became their doing.
“Please, by all means…”

何て事無い 全知偶像
経過程 それらしく 人を狂わす

“kore wa dokoka no uwasa”
nante koto nai zenchi guuzou
keikatei sorerashiku hito o madowau

“This is a rumour I heard somewhere…”
There’s no such thing as an omniscient statue.
However, like such a thing, it drove humans mad as time passed.

隠し事 内緒事 やり玉挙がりゃ漏泄無論
白眼視 程々に 子供騙しだと

kakushigoto naishogoto yaridama agarya rousetsu muron
hakuganshi hodo hodo ni kodomo damashi da to

Secrets, private matters… offer up a scapegoat and of course things will leak!
Once in a while, frown down on others and call out their child’s play.


waratte kaikon sore sura i no mama ni

Sneer then feel regret. Even that happens at will…

あのね 秘密屋さん教えてよ

ano ne himitsuya-san oshiete yo
esoragoto to iu mae ni
“hesomagari no kono boku mo madowashicha kurenai kana?”

Um, oh secret seller, tell me!
Before you say it’s all a pipe dream,
“Won’t you drive my perverse self mad, too?”

鼻で笑い蔑んだ 肩を透かす大惨事

hana de warai sagesunda kata o sukasu daisanji
marude masaka nubure kore ga nande nande are are nante koto

I snorted then looked down in disdain. Dodging questions… what an apocalypse.
It’s like all they’re doing is expressing their disbelief.


itsuwari to kamisama wa zonzai ni otatta
“himitsu choudai na”

Lies and gods were slovenly put up.
“Give me secrets!”

紙切れ二つ 蜜を待つ その密
息を飲む しじま
蛙鳴蝉噪 鳴り響く着信
有り得もしないと それは

kamikire futatsu mitsu o matsu sono mitsu
iki o nomu shijima
amei sensou nari hibiku chakushin
arie mo shinai to sore wa

Two scraps of paper await their nectar, their secrets.
I gulp. Silence.
Annoying noise, a transmission, echoes.
That’s impossible!

イキがる代償 お告げの意のままに

ikigaru daishou otsuge no i no mama ni

This is compensation for putting on airs. I act as the oracle says.

あのね これは内緒話だよ
四丁目の神様は嘘取り沙汰 大嫌い へそ曲がり屋さんらしい

ano ne kore wa naisho-banashi da yo
yon-choume no kamisama wa uso torizata daikirai hesomagariya-san rashii

Um… This is secret talk.
The god of the 4
th block detests false gossip. They’re like a contrarian.

秘密屋さん教えてよ 怒る神の鎮め方

himitsuya-san oshiete yo ikaru kami no shizumekata
puroroogu wa hiniku ni mo kaitou o mata kobanda

Oh secret seller, tell me! Tell me how to restrain the wrathful God.
Ironically, the prologue seizes the answer once more.

何処で? 誰が? 何を? 何時か? なんでなんで?

kobore ochita nakigoto no egaku mochi to boutokusha
doko de? dare ga? nani o? itsuka? nande nande?
owari wa kyou mo koko

The mochi and the blasphemer sketch out fallen complaints.
Where? Who? What? When? Why, why?
Today, things end here again.

誰も知らない そんなお話

itsu no ma ni ka guuzen wa zenbu soitsu no shiwaza
dare mo shiranai sonna ohanashi

Before we knew it, coincidence all became their doing.
Nobody knows such a tale…

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