Album art.

Can not be waiting anymore?

Album art.

Can not be waiting anymore?

Vocals: あめごろう (amegorou)
Lyrics: 春野 (haruno)
Composed by: 春野 (haruno)
Album: flowers laugh ep
Release date: 9 August 2017

Requested by: ninivachan2010
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There was a version of this featuring Hatsune Miku, called ‘can’t be waiting anymore?’.

There are a few interesting uses of よりも (yori mo) in here. There’s a different type of verb after it each time, which seems to change its meaning quite significantly…


ねえ そのまま 端正な声を聞かせて

軋む身体は宙で 確かに擦れ合う

夢の中じゃあきっと あなたは夜よりも泳げるでしょ?
僕はいいから 好きなように逝って
深く溺れてゆく温度 あまりにひとりでは痛いんだよ

ねえ そのまま 曖昧な相を語って

このままじゃあきっと あなたは夜よりも溶けちゃうでしょ?
僕の所為なら 構わずに逝って
食べてしまえたなら よかったなんて

僕なしじゃあきっと あなたは夜を明けられないでしょ?
嘘はいいから ホントを歌って
淡く沈んでゆく彩度 甘い言葉たちで引き揚げてよ


nee sono mama tansei na koe o kikasete
ochiru tou, misete.

kasanaranai you ni waza to zura shite wa
kishimu karada wa chuu de tashika ni sureau
aseta hai wa, hidoku itande ita
iki sura tomatte shimau

yume no naka jaa kitto anata wa yoru yori mo oyogeru desho?
boku wa ii kara suki na you ni itte
fukaku oborete yuku ondo amari ni hitori de wa itai nda yo
te o hanashitara, ima sugu wasurechatte ne

nee sono mama aimai na ai o katatte
sasayaite, sashite.

kono mama jaa kitto anata wa yoru yori mo tokechau desho?
boku no sei nara kamawazu ni itte
isso kokoro goto zenbu
tabete shimaeta nara yokatta nante
sonna kanashii kao de warawanaide

boku nashi jaa kitto anata wa yoru o akerarenai desho?
uso wa ii kara honto o utatte
awaku shizunde yuku saido amai kotoba-tachi de hikiagete yo
te o tottara, ima sugu waratte ite ne.


Come on, keep talking to me with that noble voice.
Let me see you fall, and so on…

I shifted away so our bodies wouldn’t overlap
but in space, our creaky bodies rubbed against each other.
My discoloured lungs were terribly painful.
I’ll even stop breathing at this rate.

If you were in a dream, you’d be able to swim better than in the night, right?
I don’t mind, so die however you want.
A source of heat drowning in the depths… it’s too painful to do it alone.
If I let go, I’ll forget straight away.

Come on, keep talking about vague love. (1)
Whisper, and pierce with it…\

If things stay as they are, you’d rather dissolve into the night, right?
If it’s all my fault, then die without worrying about anyone else.
Don’t smile so sadly at me
and tell me it would have been better if your heart
was eaten whole.

You can’t end this night without me, can you?
Don’t worry about lies—sing the truth.
Colour saturation sinks palely. Drag it up with sweet words!
When I take your hand, make sure you smile right away.

Translator’s note

(1) 相 (ai) is normally used as part of a compound (e.g. 相手). Here, it is assumed that it is a play on 愛 (ai, love).



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