Vocals: okogeeechann
Lyrics: 奏樂 (SOLA)
Arranged by: 奏樂 (SOLA)
Circle: しらたま旅館 (Shiratama Ryokan)
Upload Date: 21 May 2018
Original Themes: –U.N.Owen Was Her? [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?]
Oriental Dark Flight [オリエンタルダークフライト]

Requested by: Ezequiel
Watch the official video here!

I don’t think this circle has actually released any albums, so I didn’t include any information here…

ひとつ  ひとつ 夢の色を見つけ

yume no naka o hashaide wa
hitotsu hitotsu yume no iro o mitsuke
koe ga hibiku heya no naka
akai hitomi no ko wa doko ni iru?

 I frolicked in a dream
and discovered its colours one by one.
A voice echoes in the room.
Where is the red-eyed child?


semai basho o kakete iku
michi o hazushi soko ni ochite kidzuita
sore wa tsuraku kanashikute
hitori, hitori, mata hitori

I dash through this narrow space.
After I left the path and fell to the bottom, I realised
it was so harsh and sad.
I was alone, alone, alone…

I’m Alone…  ふたりで過ごす

I’m Alone… futari de sugosu
anata wa mata inaku naru?

I’m alone… We spend time together.
Will you vanish again?

I’m Alone…  ひとりで泣いた

I’m Alone… hitori de naita
sabishiku nante nai ndakara…

I’m alone… I cried alone.
I’m not lonely at all


itsumo asonda anata wa ima
hoka no ko no yume no naka ni kieta
kowareta anata o dakishimete
zutto soba ni isasete…

I always played with you, and now
you’ve vanished into another child’s dream.
You’ve fallen to pieces, and I hug you.
Let me stay by your side forever.


yume o mitara kitto mata
kowaresou ni mune o shimetsukerare
waraiaeta ano hi no koto
omoidashite kowarete kowareru

When I dream,
My heart will be wrung so tightly I could break again.
I’ll remember that we were smiling that day
and I will be broken. I will break apart…


futari dake de asondeta
nando, nando mo oikakekko shita no
nani mo ienai “anata” dake
hieta “anata” dakishimeta

The two of us played alone.
We played tag over and over again.
I was only with you, who said nothing.
I hugged that frozen doll.


nee, kiite? mata hitoribocchi.
nee, oshiete? kono saki mo hitori nano??
nani mo nai sekai demo jibun ga mitai yume wa mireru
anata ga iru sekai wa mitakunai no!

Hey, are you listening? I’m alone again.
Hey, will you tell me? Will I be lonely from now on, too?
Even in an empty jail, one can have the dreams they want to have.
I don’t want to witness a world with you in it!

I’m Alone…  夢を見てたの
I’m Alone…  全部消えてく

I’m Alone… yume o miteta no
anata ga kowarete iku no
I’m Alone… zenbu kieteku
sabishiku nante nai ndakara

I’m alone… I was dreaming.
You are breaking.
I’m alone… Everything is disappearing.
I’m not lonely at all!


dakara konaide! omoidasu no
anata to asonda yume no koto o
kowareta anata no koto nante
wasuresasete hoshii! ima sugu mou

So don’t come near me! I remember
the dream in which I played with you.
You have fallen to pieces. I want you to let me forget
all about you! And now…

I’m Alone  記憶も消した
I’m Alone   I am Lonely now

I’m Alone kioku mo keshita
anata wa mada warai tsudzukete iru
I’m Alone I am Lonely now
sabishiku nante nai ndakara

I’m alone. I erased my memories, too.
You’re still smiling.
I’m alone. I am lonely now.
I’m not lonely at all!


itsumo asonda anata wa ima
hoka no ko no yume no naka ni kieta
kowareta anata o dakishimete
zutto soba ni isasete

The doll I always played with
has disappeared into another child’s dream now.
You’ve fallen to pieces, and I hug you.
Let me stay by your side forever.

la la la……

(1) 人形 (ningyou – doll) is sung as あなた (anata – you). This reappears later in the song.
(2) 牢屋 (rouya – jail) is sung as 世界 (sekai – world).

2 thoughts on “ALONE

  1. Scarlet Devil September 27, 2019 / 2:14 pm

    Can not be! How is it possible that I realized very late that you translated my request… on September 27! I’m sorry, I had to be more attentive to your translation …

    Thank you very much for your work and for taking your time to translate it.
    The lyrics have reached my heart, but not as much as Embrace Miracles (for now nobody beats him hahaha)
    But hey, I promise that the next music will not be sad, it will be more cheerful, hehe.

    It won’t be for this September 30, I don’t want to fill you with work. Well, once again thank you very much ♥

    (I am using the google translator again sorry)

    Liked by 1 person

    • releska September 27, 2019 / 9:05 pm

      You’re very welcome! I look forward to translating your next request 😃

      Liked by 1 person

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