キルマー || Kilmaa


Vocals: flower
Lyrics: 煮ル果実 (Niru Kajitsu)
Composed by: 煮ル果実 (Niru Kajitsu)
Release date: 22 November 2019

Requested by: taringtajam
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Update (2 December 2019): The last line of the second-last stanza has been updated to match the video.

Update (13 December 2021): Updated translation of 生涯最の底辺だって line to match appearance in アランダーノ. Thanks taringtajam!

This is the second part of a trilogy, but it’s the beginning of the story. The second part is 紗痲 (Shama), previously released on YouTube. This means there’s a third video to come!

As for the title, Kilmaa is an anagram of Kalmia, a name given to the pink-haired girl (Hanna) by Gui, the man with the golden eyes. I got this information from a Japanese analysis of the song by Sugar&Salt Music, found here.

I originally translated this by defaulting to a first person perspective for the majority of it. Looking back over it alongside the video, though, I decided to reword it. Now, it’s like a narrator is describing the exploits of Hanna. I based it on how several sentences end – it felt like it fit so I went with it. Still, there’s some depth here. I’d be interested to see how this compares to the the other songs in the trilogy.

Incidentally, flower has become my favourite Vocaloid! If I ever created music, I’d probably use them.


熟れる 獲る 得る 煩悶

下賎の面から遥々 韜晦
外連 面被 備えた令嬢のバージン
群衆は目をつけ 矢鱈滅多ら
耽溺して 選り択り抜く

煽情が明滅 酩酊

今が生涯 最の底辺だって憂いたくなるよな
判明したのよ 隷従 隷従
そこに愛は無い 愛は無いの?
喚いていた 破られたベルベットロープ

宵 ふらふら嘆いて歩いていた
御伽噺みたい だって 観客様は
さぞ楽しいでしょうね 五月蝿い


淡々放つ言動 救いのない
そうね さよなら

今が生涯 最の底辺だって憂いたくなるよな
判明したのよ 隷従 隷従
安全策は無い この地獄から
此処に愛は無い 愛は無いと
願っていた 少女は舞った

言わせてやるよ なあ
懈怠な衝動 見抜けないで
油断 クランベリーに溺れる
故に愛は無い 愛は無いの
悟って歌う 断ち切るわベルベットロープ



katsute shinsou no shoujo wa mujikaku mooshon
itai kurai ni afureta kyouki o sutte
seisan na shuraba de isshi mo nishi mo matowazu
konareru eru eru hanmon

gesen no men kara harubaru toukai
keren menhi sonaeta reijou no baajin
gunshuu wa me o tsuke yatara mettara
tandeki shite yori yori nuku

senken no mei wa teimei da
tangan no kai naku hooligan
senjou ga meimetsu meitei
ubatte satte warau

ima ga shougai sai no teihen datte ureitaku naru yo na
tsugou yoku tenmou nanka sonzai shinai ya tte
hanmei shita no yo reujuu reijuu
hai hai kore ga unmei da tte
hakisuteru wakarazu ya
soko ni ai wa nai ai wa nai no?
wameite ita yaburareta berubetto roopu

yoi fura fura nageite aruite ita
sukui nado nai to wakatte ita
subete o satotte shimaisou datta
otogibanashi mitai datte kankyaku-sama wa
sazo tanoshii deshou ne urusai
“netsu ga tsuieru made shou ga nai kara mitete yaru”

seisai mo dokuga mo osorenu ba to ka ni
ataeru yakuji wa nai

ranran sawagu uzou muzou surinukete
tantan hanatsu gendou sukui no nai
kawaita me ni wa gouka ga saita
sou ne sayonara

ima ga shougai sai no teihen datte ureitaku naru yo na
tsugou yoku tenmou nanka sonzai shinai ya tte
hanmei shita no yo reijuu reijuu
anzensaku wa nai kono jigoku kara
nukedashitai no sa
koko ni ai wa nai ai wa nai to
negatte ita shoujo wa matta

“shou ga nai” tte mou ikkai gurai
iwasete yaru yo naa
kaitai na shoudou minukenaide
yudan kuranberii ni oboreru
furachi na hooligan
hai hai nani mo mondai nai wa tte
hakisuteru shoujo ga
yue ni ai wa nai ai wa nai no
satotte utau tachikiru wa berubetto roopu

modoranai berubetto roopu


In a secluded room, the girl once moved unconsciously.
She inhaled a madness that painfully flooded forth.
In a ghastly scene of carnage, she wears not a thread.
She digests, takes, and acquires agony.

She concealed herself, distant from the vulgar ones.
The virgin maiden had prepared her pretences and thick makeup.
The masses, the indiscriminate and thoughtless, have their eyes on her.
They indulge, select and extract.

Foresight is in a slump.
The ones who appeal are worthless hooligans.
Strong emotions flicker in drunkenness.
They snatch her away, leave, and sneer.

I’m at rock bottom now, so I want to wallow in grief.
A convenient heaven’s net doesn’t exist.
It’s established. Slavery, slavery…
Okay, okay. This is fate.
The obstinate fools spit those words out.
There’s no love there. Is there no love?
She was screaming. The velvet rope was torn.

In the night, she walked unsteadily while grieving.
She understood that there was no salvation.
It seems like she’s reached enlightenment.
It’s like a fairy tale. After all, the audience
is having fun, I’m sure. How noisy.
“Until this fever burns out, I can’t do anything, so I’ll watch over you!”

There are no drugs that can be administered to horses and deer (1)
that do not fear restraint or poison fangs.

She slips through a crowd making a fiery racket.
Words and deeds are released dispassionately. There’s no saving them.
Hellfire bloomed in her dry eyes.
Yes. Farewell…

I’m at rock bottom now, so I want to wallow in grief.
A convenient heaven’s net doesn’t exist.
It’s established. Slavery, slavery…
There’s no safety plan. You want to break free
from this hell, don’t you?
There’s no love here. There’s no love.
The girl who wished for that danced.

I’ll make you say “I can’t do anything about it”
at least once more.
Don’t see through my negligent impulses.
Careless. The lawless hooligan
drowns in cranberry.
Okay, okay, nothing’s wrong.
The girl spat those words out.
So, there’s no love. No love at all.
She realises and sings “I’ll sever the velvet rope!” (2)

The velvet rope won’t come back.

Translator’s notes

(1) 馬 (ba, horse) and 鹿 (ka, deer) are written separately here, but together they form 馬鹿 (baka, idiot).

(2) The alternative version of this line is:
謳って嗤う 断ち切るわベルベットロープ
utatte warau tachikiru wa berubetto roopu
She chants and sneers “I’ll sever the velvet rope!”



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10 responses to “キルマー || Kilmaa”

  1. tori Avatar

    Hello!!! I loved your translation ehehe but there was one small thing that confused me? In the last verse, you wrote 謳って嗤う 断ち切るわベルベットロープ. However, looking at the lyrics in the video, instead of 謳って嗤う it’s 悟って歌う. But again, thank you so much for the translation and I can’t wait for part 3 to happen!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks for your comment! I didn’t transcribe the lyrics myself so unfortunately I can’t vouch for their accuracy. I’ll check the video and make any updates later today 😁


    2. taringtajam Avatar

      Right, I just noticed that too.
      I think there’s a slight difference between the album version and this version.
      Just that one line 謳って嗤う and 悟って歌う
      Sorry Releska :/


      1. taringtajam Avatar

        Actually it’s more than one lol
        This match with the video, I’ll leave it here
        Sorry again for spamming

        Liked by 1 person

    3. Releska Avatar

      Just letting you know that I’ve updated the last line to reflect this. Thanks again for pointing it out!


  2. Innomi Avatar

    Wooop!! Thank you for the translation!!

    Flower is my favourite vocaloid too btw 🙂 It’s nice that more producers are using her more or rather, songs that use her are getting more and more popular! I’m looking forward to your version of Flower, whenever you make a song with her!

    Also for this line 制裁も毒牙も畏れぬ馬と鹿に the ‘ba’ and ‘ka’ could be a play of words on ‘baka’

    I thought of it because Kenshi Yonezu’s Horse and Deer has the same wordplay so I’m assuming this is a common(?) idea.

    Thanks again for the translation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! To be honest, I thought it was strange that 馬 and 鹿 were pronounced as ‘ba’ and ‘ka’ and not ‘uma’ and ‘shika’, so your suggestion makes so much sense – I think that’s what they had in mind there (^_^)


      1. Innomi Avatar

        Ahh I see, I think it’ll be nice if you mention that as a note

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Releska Avatar

          Noted, I’ve added that note in!


  3. taringtajam Avatar

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for this!
    Thank you so much, I love Niru Kajitsu’s and Wooma’s works.
    To be honest they both really did a great job, the music, the video, it fits perfectly.

    Again, thank you for the translations, don’t be surprised if I come again once the third and the last episode’s out!
    Also I appreciate you for linking a theory page, though I probably don’t understand some of it because it’s in japanese, but hey google will help ;D

    Have a good day releska! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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