Album art.

泡波の花 || Flowers on the Foamy Waves

Album art.

awanami no hana
Flowers on the Foamy Waves

Vocals: 櫻井アンナ (Anna Sakurai)
Lyrics: 櫻井アンナ (Anna Sakurai)
Arranged by: 六弦A助 (Asuke Rokugen)
Album: 幻想郷の星雨日和 (Gensokyo’s Starry Rain Weather) [Official site]
Circle: 六弦アリス (Rokugen Alice)
Publisher: Sprite Wing
Event: Reitaisai 7 [RTS7]
Original theme: Captain Murasa [キャプテン・ムラサ]

Requested by: Stella Mira

All instances of you (anata) use the feminine form 貴女.




行き場を無くした想いだけ 一人歩きを始める

貴女の言葉は私の 鎖を解き

光溢れる箱舟には 貴女の姿がある
いつも隠し持つこの想い とげることなく…


救いのない世で 見つけた一つの花
守れず離れた 罪に絡め捕られる…


tsumetai minamo ni kono mi o sarawaretara
kokoro mo karada mo itetsuki hanarerarenai…

semete atatamete sameta umi, hitohada no nukumori de
shizumete wa ubau kokorogoto kyou mo awanami ni kesu inochi no hi

ikiba o nakushita omoi dake hitori aruki o hajimeru
hitotsu no nen wa noroi to nari, wazawai mo tarashiteku…

anata no kotoba wa watashi no kusari o toki
unmei o mawashite arata na michi o hiraita

hikari afureru hakobune ni wa anata no sugata ga aru
itsumo kakushi motsu kono omoi togeru koto naku…

tsumetai chi no soko kono mi o torawaretemo
kokoro mo karada mo anata o oi motome

sukui no nai yo de mitsuketa hitotsu no hana
mamorezu hanareta tsumi ni karame torareru…


When I’m carried off by the cold water
my mind and body will freeze and I won’t be able to separate…

I warm this frozen sea a little with the warmth of human skin.
Sinking them and snatching them away, heart and all, the foamy waves erase life’s flame again today.

Only my feelings have nowhere to go. I begin to walk alone.
My one desire becomes a curse and brings about a catastrophe…

Your words released my chains.
They twisted fate and opened a new path.

Your figure is there in an ark overflowing with light.
I always carry my feelings under cover. I don’t carry them out…

Though I am captured in the depths of the cold earth,
my body and heart continue to pursue you.

In a doomed world, I found a single flower.
Without protecting you, we separated. Entangled in sins, I am captured…



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3 responses to “泡波の花 || Flowers on the Foamy Waves”

  1. Rinki Sorami Avatar

    Hello, thank you for your translation.

    > せめて暖めて冷めた海、人肌の温もりで
    > 沈めては奪う心ごと今日も泡波に消す命の火
    > If only I could warm this frozen sea with the warmth of my skin.
    > My whole heart sinks and is snatched away. Today, the foamy waves will erase my life’s flame again.

    「人肌の温もり」「沈めては奪う心」「命の火」 are perhaps not hers but others.
    I suppose this stanza describes how she does 「禍いをもたらしてく」.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Thanks for that! I had another think over that stanza with that in mind and made some changes. In this case, can we tell it’s another person’s skin because 人肌 is used instead of 肌?


      1. Rinki Sorami Avatar

        That’s a good question. I think we cannot tell but it supports it’s another person’s skin. I feel “人肌の温もり” is rather an objective way of expression. When it is 私’s or 貴女’s, I will use “私の温もり” or “貴女の温もり”.

        Liked by 1 person

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