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落魄フード || Poverty Food

rakuhaku fuudo
Poverty Food

Vocals: 悒うつぼ (Yuu Utsubo)
Lyrics: 悒うつぼ (Yuu Utsubo)
Composed by: 悒うつぼ (Yuu Utsubo)
Upload date: 30 September 2018

Requested by: mn
Watch the official video on YouTube!

This song was much more difficult to interpret than I anticipated. It sounds so happy yet the lyrics seem so sad…

Part of the difficulty stems from the different ways in which the particle と (to) is used in sentences that have the same structure (i.e. the first and third lines). I may revise this translation as my interpretation evolves.


犯されてゆく この瑕疵をも齎す迷子と
淘汰されてゆく 知らぬ塩水に咎めろと

御代わりを 私の代わりを
御代わりを 私の代わりを
ぱっと 腐る 意味で 踊り任せては しがないな


御代わりを 私の代わりを
御代わりを 私の代わりを
ぱっと これが夢なら今直ぐに 覚めないか
御代わりを 私の代わりを
御分かりを 私の変わり様
ぱっと 生きる意味で金を買わせては くれないか


okasarete yuku kono kashi o mo motarasu maigo to
korizu yo na yo na yomaigoto
touta sarete yuku shiranu shiomizu ni togamero to
wakarazu-ya no itta uramigoto

o-kawari o watashi no kawari o
hazukashisa ni mamirete muri mo nai ka
o-kawari o watashi no kawari o
patto kusaru imi de odori makasete wa shiganai na

sekasarete yuku aseri o kudasaru o-tonari to
sore wa samatsu na komarigoto
touka sarete yuku tabirakashi wa kikanu kusuri to
waraenakutemo waraigoto

o-kawari o watashi no kawari o
yonaka niji ni akireta urenokori ka
o-kawari o watashi no kawari o
patto kore ga yume nara imasugu ni samenai ka
o-kawari o watashi no kawari o
kotoba ni suru dake sutaru kako nari ka
o-wakari o watashi no kawariyou
patto ikiru imi de kane o kawasete wa kurenai ka


I’m being violated, called a lost child bringing about this defect.
Every evening, they grumble without learning their lesson.
I’m getting weeded out, criticised by the unknown oceans.
These grudges are spoken by the ignorant.

Grant another, a substitution for me.
It’s only natural to be embarrassed, right?
Grant another, a substitution for me.
How boring to leave them to dance a dance of sudden decay.

I’m being pressed on by my impatient neighbour.
That’s just a trivial worry.
I’m being penetrated by medicine unaffected by tricks.
I can’t laugh, but it’s a laughing matter.

Grant another, a substitution for me.
Are these the leftovers I was astonished by at 2 in the morning?
Grant another, a substitution for me.
If this is a dream, wouldn’t you rather wake quickly?
Grant another, a substitution for me.
Is the obsolete past something to only be put into words?
Understand me, understand how I changed.
Won’t you let me quickly buy cash with the meaning of life?



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