ノエル・デ・フィガロ || Noel de Figaro

noeru de figaro
Noel de Figaro

Vocals: KAITO
Lyrics: nyanyannya
Composed by: nyanyannya
PV Release Date: 15 May 2019

Requested by: Van
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Quick note: the translation of the two names (ラナ=パフェット) and (カタリナ=ルイーズ) is not official.

Perhaps this track is about a hairdresser who welcomes people to his barbershop then reveals all their secrets through his sharp scissors.

It… kind of has a bit of a Sweeny Todd feel now, doesn’t it?

さぁ可愛い唇を閉じて 美しい髪を

saa kawaii kuchibiru o tojite utsukushii kami o
uran kana zoku kobita sono koe to honshou de kegasu mae ni

Now, close your sweet lips and let down your beautiful hair.
It must be sold before it’s corrupted by your vulgar flattery and true nature.


douzo kono seki e
honjitsu wa figaro e youkoso

Welcome. Take this seat, please.
Today, I welcome you to Figaro.

君は 美貌が望みか 復讐を求めてか

“kiremono” no waga tomo to
“shiritagari” no mae ni omukae
kimi wa bibou ga nozomi ka fukushuu o motomete ka
izure “utsushidasareru”

I welcome you before my “sharp” friend
and the one who wants to know you.
Do you wish for beauty, or do you seek revenge?
Sooner or later, it will appear.

この世は見て呉れ 声しょうは見せ掛け
フィガロが今日求めるものはたったひとつだけ 誠実

kono yo wa mite kure shou wa misekake
figaro ga kyou motomeru mono wa tatta hitotsu dake seijitsu
joudou waku kokoro ni aru no ga fujitsu nara
wakare o shiruku no kami ni nobe tamae

This world is all for show. This voice is a sham.
Figaro aims for only one thing today—honesty.
If insincerity dwells in your heart, boiling with emotion,
Express our parting in your silken hair.


saa waga tomo yo tebukuro o totte wa kurenai ka?
shuutai o sarasu mae ni

Now, my friend, will you not take off your gloves
before shameful behaviour is brought to light?

おやおや どうぞこの席へ

oya oya douzo kono seki e
honjitsu wa figaro e youkoso

Oh my! Take this seat, please.
Today, I welcome you to Figaro.


rana pafetto wa usotsuki
katarina ruiizu wa waruzure

Lana Pafette is a liar.
Catalina Louise is cunning.

君は? 望もうと拒もうと伸びゆくその黒に

kimi wa? nozomou to kobamou to nobiyuku sono kuro ni
kizamare “utsushidasareru”

And you? Though you long for it, though you reject it, the darkness stretches out.
Your faults will appear carved there.

魂は自堕落 性しょうは醜悪
フィガロが今日与えるものはたったひとつだけ 真実

tamashii wa jidaraku shou wa shuuaku
figaro ga kyou ataeru mono wa tatta hitotsu dake shinjitsu
me o somuke onore o awaremu dake nara ima sugu kibisu o kaeshi kubi o tsure

Your soul is slovenly. Your nature is repulsive.
Today, Figaro will grant only one thing: the truth.
If you’re just going to look away and pity yourself, turn back and be hanged by your own hands!

旋律 信頼 価値はない
幸い 金塊 価値はない

senritsu shinrai kachi wa nai
saiwai kinkai kachi wa nai
saa oide koko ni iru no wa dare mo mina kobamarete
“umaretekita tamashii”

Melodies and faith are worthless.
Fortune and golden ingots are worthless.
Now, come. Everyone here has been rejected.
“A soul, brought to life.”

行いだけで示されてきた 誠実

daishou itowazu kotoba ni mo yorazu orokana hodo
okonai dake de shimesarete kita seijitsu
utsukushiku kakeru koto naku kore koso motometeta mono

Foolishly, with willing compensation and without words,
Sincerity was shown through deeds alone.
This flawless thing of beauty is what I wanted all along.

この手はノエル・デ・フィガロ 座し給え

fusawashiku azukaubeki wa ansoku
saa sono mimoza no ama kami o kirasete kure
kono te wa wa noeru de figaro zashi tamae

Rest must be granted as deemed fit.
Now, cut that sweet mimosa-coloured hair for me.
My hands are Noel de Figaro. Be seated.


  1. Thanks for translating! I think “fortune” should be “happiness” or “joy” or something like it. All the things he names in the “they’re worthless” lines are references to previous songs in the series and this one’s from Doctor Funk Beat, whose theme is happiness rather than like, luck or blessedness.

    As an aside, it’s interesting that none of the words used in Figaro are the ones normally used in the rest of the series. This is most obvious for happiness because we have a lot of songs for Funk Beat and they all use “shiawase”, but there’s also melodies. That’s Laika’s theme, and in her song she uses utau, shirabe and even merodii, but not senritsu. And “gold ingots” is usually okane/money, which even changes the meaning a little so I think it’s intentional. I feel like it’s to distance these concepts from Noel, like he doesn’t care to really understand them because he’s convinced he’s already got the answer to what’s most important in life (All these themes are framed as possible answers to this question). He must be very sure of himself to pass judgement on everyone who visits his shop, after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment and for the extra background on the song series – very useful! I’ll have a think about it and I might make some changes to the translation to reflect this (^_^)


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