Album art.

幻燈 || Magic Lantern

Album art.

Magic Lantern

Vocals: 鈴葉ユミ (Suzuha Yumi)
Lyrics: 鈴葉ユミ (Suzuha Yumi)
Composed by: 鈴葉ユミ (Suzuha Yumi)
Album: 幻燈 (Magic Lantern)
Circle: 鈴葉屋 (Suzuhaya)
Release date: 26 October 2014

Requested by: Dream Worlds
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Another interpretation of the title is ‘slide projector.’


あの夜 空に星はなく

かざす手から零れ落ちる 夢の欠片 儚く


あなたは優しい 羽根が千切れても

甘い音 奏でる

触れ合っても届かない 空回る想い地に堕ちて


塞じた胸 愛はここにある


kuroi hane ga michibiita
ano yoru sora ni hoshi wa naku
omoi yami no naka
anata wa naite iru you ni mieta

dare mo inai rojiura no
ashiato wa sugu shiro ni kie
kazasu te kara kobore ochiru yume no kakera hakanaku

nikushimi yadosu hitomi ni utsuru shoujo wa naite iru no?
koyoi, kawaisou na watashi ni kokoro o kudasai

tsumetai yuki no you na hosoi yubi
tsumugu wa haitoku
suri kireta kono mi o atatameru
anata wa yasashii hane ga chigiretemo

amai oto kanaderu
toge ni me o tsuburi
fukai tsumi o ou
anata wa furueteru you ni mieta

fureattemo todokanai sora mawaru omoi chi ni ochite
koyoi, kawaisou na watashi ni anata o kudasai

tsumetai yuki no you na kuchidzuke de
saegiru haitoku
kasanaranai kokoro wa akaku morete
koukai mo itami mo yakitsukusu

chiisana hana no you na yakusoku wa
kirameku tomoshibi
“arigatou, sayounara”
tojita mune ai wa koko ni aru
hane o nakushitemo


The black wings guided me.
That night, there were no stars in the sky.
Within heavy darkness,
it looked like you were crying.

In the empty back alley,
my footprints vanished into white straight away.
The transient fragments of my dreams spilled from my hands held aloft.

A girl is reflected in eyes where hatred dwells. Is she crying?
Tonight, please give my pitiful self a heart.

Thin fingers, cold as ice,
spin immorality like yearn.
It heats my worn-out body.
You’re so gentle, though your wings have been torn off.

I play sweet sounds.
I ignore the thorns.
I bear deep sins.
You looked like you were trembling.

Though we touch, my feelings don’t reach you. They circle through the air and fall to the ground.
I’m so pathetic. Give me yourself tonight.

With a kiss like cold snow,
my immorality is blocked.
Our separate hearts ripen red.
My regrets and pain burn to ashes.

Our promise, like a small flower,
is a glistening light.
“Thank you. Goodbye.”
Love is right here in my sealed heart
though I may lose my feathers.



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3 responses to “幻燈 || Magic Lantern”

  1. Dream Avatar

    Sorry if this bothers you m(_ _)m , could you tell me more about the meaning of this song on your views? (I just want to know a little better…)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      I feel like the song’s about somebody who’s had an argument or fight with the one they love. You get some passages that might be flashbacks to the fight, or they could be describing one of the pair seeking out the other.

      I think one of them dies (“My regrets and pain burn to ashes.” and “Love is right here in my sealed heart”) or something happens that means they can’t come to terms with their differences.

      There’s an extended metaphor linking the people to crows as well – make of that what you will. Birds are typically associated with freedom, but one of the birds has broken wings. Perhaps they want to escape from their situation but can’t… 😦

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Dream Avatar

        The meaning of the song seems profound … thank you for answering my questions, have a nice day ^^.

        Liked by 2 people

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