Album art.

ナツ”e”ナツ || Summer Summer

Album art.

natsu “e” natsu
Summer Summer

Vocals: ラビミン (Rabbi☆min)
Lyrics: 鎌谷千佳子 (Kamiya Chikako), 長井和彦 (Nagai Kazuhiko)
Composed by: 鎌谷千佳子 (Kamiya Chikako), 長井和彦 (Nagai Kazuhiko)
Album: Oshare Majo Love and Berry: Complete Collection
Release date: 10 April 2013

Requested by: lolijuicy

It seems like the official title of this song, as identified in the sound files, is “Summer Summer”.

It was pointed out that the “e” could be a play on words, as it sounds similar to 良い (ii – good). This makes sense, so the literal translation of the Japanese title would be “Summer, a Good Summer.”


ブルー キラめく
なみまに うつるそら
ブルー ことしも
ふたりで このうみに


どこまでも つづく すなはま
つないだ てを はなさずに
あるいて いくの ふたりで
あなたと このなつを


buruu kirameku
namima ni utsuru sora
buruu kotoshi mo
futari de kono umi ni
anata ga mitsuketa
pinku no kaigara
ima demo daiji ni motteru no
itsu made mo issho da to
yakusoku shite kureta
kono pinku no kaigara ni

manatsu no taiyou abiru
wasurenai kono natsu no hi o
yasashii egao mitsumete
sou omotteru

doko made mo tsudzuku sunahama
tsunaida te o hanasazu ni
aruite iku no futari de
anata to kono natsu o


Sparkling blue,
the sky is reflected on the waves.
Blue. This year
we’re together in the ocean again.
You found
a pink seashell.
You still treasure it, even now.
You promised
that we’d always be together,
swearing it on that pink shell.

We bask in the midsummer sun.
I won’t forget this summer’s day.
That’s what I thought
as I looked at your kind face.

The beach continues forever.
Without letting go,
we walk hand in hand
and I spend this summer with you.


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