Vocals: 秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiiro)
Lyrics: 秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiiro)
Composed by: 秋山黄色 (Akiyama Kiiro)
Album: From Dropout
Release date: 4 March 2020

Requested by: nightskypatrol1
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Unofficial translation/非公式の英訳

How many times have I cowered?
I don’t remember anymore.
I smelled that oppressive scent too much.
It was the scent of my heart’s contents, which had surged down the drain.

The night after I spilled the lemonade,
I closed my eyes. When I opened them,
you appeared right beside me.

A kind of hope that won’t come true
lowers the bathroom door’s knob.
These days, I’m used to loneliness. I scream again.

Listen to my last wish.
All you have to do is spare just ten seconds to tell me who I am.

How many times have I died alone?
So many times I can’t remember.
That oppressive scent was too painful.
The lights of my heart had collapsed on the pillow.

It was something so pure—that children would laugh forever.
With it, I concealed my incurable disease too much.
Distortions lay wrapped up behind that happiness.

I must have drained the lemonade down the sink that night.
My eyes grew cold from an ache that seemed to be laughing at my hollow self.

I definitely covered a world where everything was in order with a tablecloth.
My reality, in which I cried alone, isn’t out of order.

Listen to my final wish, at my death.
You can cut right through me—we all shed the same thing after all.

I spilled the lemonade
into the sink.



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