Closed Heart

Closed Heart

Vocals: 蒼色銀河 (Aoiro Ginga)
Lyrics: 蒼色銀河 (Aoiro Ginga)
Arranged by: Ya*9ruto
Upload date: 30 March 2016
Original Theme: Hartmann’s Youkai Girl [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]

Requested by: Scarlet Devil
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惑う心 薄氷の上
影と光 踊るあなたに
伸ばすこの手 声も届かず

madou kokoro usugoori no ue
itsumo yume ni anata o miteru
kage to hikari odoru anata ni
nobasu kono te koe mo todokazu
demo sakebu no “nee, ikanaide”

My doubtful heart is on thin ice.
I always see you in my dreams.
You dance in light and shadow
yet my voice and outstretched arms don’t reach you.
Still, I call, “please, don’t go.”

もう逢えない 分かってるよと
深く刻む 虚無な心に
ただ見つめる 透明な肌

mou aenai wakatteru yo to
fukaku kizamu kyomu na kokoro ni
sabishisa to ka wasureta wa mou
te no naka ni wa kareta hanabira
tada mitsumeru toumei na hada
mado ni utsuru watashi no kage wa
donna fuu ni mieteru no ka na
hieta kokoro azawaratteru

We won’t meet again. I know.
Those were the words I carved deep in my innocent heart.
I’ve forgotten all about feelings like loneliness.
In my hands, I hold a withered petal.
I just look at my transparent skin.
My figure is reflected in the mirror.
I wonder what she looks like?
My frozen heart sneers.

いつかあなたがこの頬に 触れたあの日を覚えている
声もくれた言葉も香りも その全てを愛おしく消した

itsuka anata ga kono hoho ni fureta ano hi o oboete iru
koe mo kureta kotoba mo kaori mo sono subete o itooshiku keshita

I remember the day you touched my cheek.
Your voice, the words you said, and your fragrance all vanished while so dear to me.

辛い気持ちも幸せも 何もかもを隠して消した
ただ独りで居たらどんな痛みも 忘れられるとただ誤魔化し続けた

tsurai kimochi mo shiawase mo nani mo kamo o kakushite keshita
tada hitori de itara donna itami mo wasurerareru to tada gomakashi tsudzuketa

I hid bitterness, happiness, and everything else away and erased them.
I kept deceiving myself, telling myself that I could forget about any pain if I was alone.

ただ側にさえ居れたのなら それだけで本当によかった
茜色に染まる空雲指切り 2人で並べた肩の感触

tada soba ni sae ireta no nara sore dake de hontou ni yokatta
akaneiro ni somaru soragumo yubikiri futari de natabeta kata no kanshoku

If I could just be by your side, that would have been enough.
Making a pinky promise on the sky and clouds dyed madder red, I felt our shoulders touch.

消えてお願い苦しいよと 零す涙が止まらない
想いが重なり積もってゆくこの心が 崩れ逝きそうで怖い

kiete onegai kurushii yo to kobosu namida ga tomaranai
omoi ga kasanari tsumotte yuku kono kokoro ga kuzure ikisou de kowai

Please, vanish. It’s too painful. The tears I shed do not stop.
My feelings pile up inside my heart. It seems it will break, and I will die. That scares me.

私の心の闇夜を 照らし輝くこの滴の
流れ辿り着く先の未来(あす)の ぬくもりを信じていたいだけ

watashi no kokoro no yamiyo o terashi kagayaku kono shizuku no
nagare tadoritsuku saki no asu no nukumori o shinjite itai dake

All I want to do is believe in the warmth of the future,
a future found at the end of the flow of shining tears that illuminate my heart’s dark night.

「私は此処」と叫んでるよ 手を伸ばしても届かないね
声も指も何も届かないなら 全てを閉じ込めてしまおう

“watashi wa koko” to sakenderu yo te o nobashitemo todokanai ne
koe mo yubi mo nani mo todokanai nara subete o tojikomete shimaou

I’m calling out, “I’m here.” I reach out to you in vain.
If neither my voice nor my fingers will reach you, I’ll seal everything away.

希う空風が吹いて さらう髮に花がひとひら
融けてなくなったその花を想う 心はずっとアナタノモノと

koinegau karakaze ga fuite sarau kami ni hana ga hitohira
tokete nakunatta sono hana o omou kokoro wa zutto anata no mono to

The imploring dry wind blows, and a petal lies in my windswept hair.
I think of that flower, which melted and vanished, “my heart is always yours.”

見える?見えない?この心の 呪縛がいつか解けて
冷えた体を抱き締めながら 独り温もりを信じ続けている

mieru? mienai? kono kokoro no jubaku ga itsuka hodokete
hieta karada o dakishime nagara hitori nukumori o shinji tsudzukete iru

Can you see it? Can’t you? The spell binding my heart will someday break.
While hugging my cold body, I keep believing in warmth, alone.

2 thoughts on “Closed Heart

  1. Scarlet Devil July 1, 2020 / 6:35 am

    Oooh, thanks you so much for translating this song!

    This time I got here quickly hehe, now I know what this song says! … although it is a little sad xd.

    If I have other music, this time, it will be a happy song (I hope it is xd)

    Thanks again for taking some of your time and translating it ♥

    Liked by 1 person

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