kanata || in the distance

in the distance

Vocals: flower
Lyrics: 立椅子かんな (KannaTateisu)
Composed by: 立椅子かんな (KannaTateisu)
Album: 閏 (Intercalary)
Release date: 15 November 2020

Requested by: Mason
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doushite hito wa tatemae o ki ni suru no deshou 
ato nani o sutte nani o haite iretara manzoku suru no? 
subete o ushinau magiwa no zankoku sa nante 
kotoba ni dekinai yo 

Why do people worry about keeping up appearances? 
What more do they need to inhale and exhale to be satisfied? 
The cruelty of being on the verge of losing everything 
is something I just can’t put into words. 

さも自分自身のように思って唯 満足したの? 

itsu kara watashi wa anata no zenshin zenrei o 
samo jibun jishin no you ni omotte tada manzoku shita no? 
subete o ushinau magiwa no ma no nukekata nante 
waraeru desho 

Since when did I see your body and soul 
as my own, and was just satisfied? 
A way of slipping through the cracks on the verge of losing everything? 
How laughable. 

遠くなって 消えていった 
このままずっと ずっと ずっと 

watashi naichatte me o harasu 
anata wa isshou ai o shiranai manma 
tooku natte kiete itta 
kono mama zutto zutto zutto 

I burst into tears and my eyes go red. 
Unable to know love for your whole life 
you grew distant and vanished 
in that state, always, always, always. 

遠くなって 逃げていくんだ 
このままずっと ずっと ずっと 

te no todoku anata wa isshou ai o iwanai manma 
tooku natte nigete iku nda 
kono mama zutto zutto zutto 

Even if I cry 
you, in arm’s reach, will never speak of love for your whole life. 
You’ll grow distant and run away 
in that state, always, always, always. 

2 thoughts on “kanata || in the distance

  1. Mason November 28, 2020 / 1:59 pm

    Oh, this is so lovely!! Thanks so much for translating my request!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Releska November 28, 2020 / 2:04 pm

      You’re welcome! 😁 Take care!


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