Album art.

銀河赤道 || Galactic Equator

Album art.

ginga sekidou
Galactic Equator

Lyrics: 千織 (Chiori)
Composed by: ユーキー (Yuuki)
Album: オメガリズム (Omega Rhythm)
Performed by: UPLIFT SPICE
Release date: 12 August 2009

Requested by: Runixzan


守れなかった 何ひとつ守れなかった

星屑を散りばめて欠けた 地球は叫びながら欠けた
天球の上零度を翔けた 僕らはひとつの光になって翔けた


爆発の瞬間に欠けた 僕らの体は脆く欠けた



kogane-iro shita kimi wa anna ni kirei datta
ano toki ni iou to shite ita kotoba wa boku ni todoite ita yo
mamorenakatta nani hitotsu mamorenakatta
suna ni natte ochite yuku bokura wa tsuyoku ryoute o nigitte ita

hoshikuzu o chiribamete kaketa chikyuu wa sakebi nagara kaketa
kaze ga fuite suna wa mai agari uchuu e hashi o kaketa
tenkyuu no ue reido o kaketa bokura wa hitotsu no hikari ni natte kaketa

saigo no kioku ga ichiban tsuyoku nokoru you ni
waratte yo, sou da, sono mama de ite,
boku wa totemo shiawase datta

bakuhatsu no shunkan ni kaketa bokura no karada wa moroku kaketa
hankyuu-tai wa hirameite uchi e mahou o kaketa
saigo ni kimi ga iikaketa kotoba mo hitotsu no hikari ni natte kaketa

ginga sekidou no ue de bokura wa chikyuu o nagameta
ginga sekidou no ue de te o nigitte ita


Your golden self was so beautiful.
The words you tried to say back then reached me.
I couldn’t protect you. I couldn’t protect anything.
We were holding hands as we turned to sand and crumbled away.

Spreading stardust, the Earth broke apart screaming.
The wind blew, the sand soared high, and it built a bridge to space.
Atop the heavens, we raced above freezing point. We became light and flew off.

So my last memory will remain the strongest in my mind
smile! Yes, stay as you are now.
I was so happy.

We were damaged at the moment of the explosion. Our brittle bodies broke apart.
The hemisphere shone, and we cast a spell on its insides.
The words you started to say at the end became a beam of light and flew off.

We looked at the Earth atop the galactic equator.
We held hands atop the galactic equator.



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2 responses to “銀河赤道 || Galactic Equator”

  1. Runixzan Avatar

    Thanks for the translation!
    In the first sentence, they sing “Ko ga na iro” as opposed to “kin’iro”

    So looking at the other songs in the album, it seems to me that they’re from the perspective of “someone” starting with Omega Rhythm where they seem to dance all day. Then it seems like a story of meeting someone again and again til this song where the one they kept meeting finally disappeared?
    And the last song of the album “Diorama” seems completely detached? So maybe there will be more context clues in the next song lyrics?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! And thanks for the note about the romanisation, I’ve fixed it up. We’ll have to see if there are more clues in the next few songs, but based on what we’ve seen so far I wouldn’t be surprised if the story continues…

      Liked by 1 person

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