Album art.

なになに || Please Show Me

Album art.

nani nani
Please Show Me

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Lyrics: DECO*27
Composed by: DECO*27
Arranged by: Rockwell
Album: アンデッドアリス (UNDEAD ALICE)
Release date: 16 December 2020

Requested by: vNxghtl

Update (10 November 2022): Adjustments for clarity and accuracy. Thanks Tackmyn!



妄想が加速する 現実が遅刻する



それはないないないない 一度終わらせたの

首を絞めるなら やめて僕のところに
ずるくてごめんね 解いた心は美味しそうだ



moshimo nante aru hazu wa nai kedo
itsu mitemo tsukuri egao ga jouzu
kotoba wa hito no sukima o nuu you ni
atari sawari sarai nado shinai you ni

masaka dare ni mo barete nado nai shi
sore de ii no ka wa wakaranai kedo
mousou ga kasoku suru genjitsu ga chikoku suru
baka ja, nai

nani nani? boku ni mo misete
itai hodo kimi ga kakushitai mono na no ni
shouchi no ue de muri o iu boku o “muri” nante iwanaide

arara moto ni modoru no ga okonomi?
fukou no ue kara nurareta mitsu de
dare ga mitemo akiraka ni orokana
mata onaji hajimari o fumu no ka na

mada mada tsurai hi wa tsuzukimasu ga
douka konkai wa umaku iku you ni
sore wa nai nai nai nai ichido owaraseta no
mou, mou wasureta no kai?

kimi nari ni ganbaru koto ga
kubi o shimeru nara yamete boku no tokoro ni
zurukute gomen ne hodoita kokoro wa oishisou da

nani nani? boku ni wa misete
itai hodo kimi ga kakushitai mono dakara
marugoto boku ga itadakimasu kara
kore ijou nakanaide


There weren’t supposed to be any what-ifs
but no matter when I look, people’s fake smiles are so good.
It’s like words sew up people’s gaps
Take care not to sweep away the things in your way.

There’s no way anyone’s figured it out.
I don’t know if I’m okay with that.
My delusions speed up and reality runs late.
I’m not an idiot.

What is it? Please show me.
It’s something you want to hide so much it hurts
but don’t tell me it’s impossible, even if I’m asking the impossible.

Ah, so you’d prefer to go back to how things were?
With the nectar that covered unhappiness from head to toe
will you embark again on a beginning
that looks idiotic in anyone’s eyes?

Difficult days will continue
but I hope that things will go well this time.
That’s never, never gonna happen. I’ve finished it once already.
You mean you’ve forgotten?

If you’re strangling yourself by persevering in your own way
then stop, and come to my side.
Sorry for being dishonest. Your unleashed heart is so appealing.

What is it? Please show me.
It’s something you want to hide so much it hurts
so I’m gonna take the whole thing!
Don’t cry anymore.


4 responses to “なになに || Please Show Me”

  1. Tackmyn Y. Avatar

    Hi hi, I would like to point out a couple of things…
    – まさか誰にもバレてなどないし: Yeah, まさか could mean “You mean ~ ?!” in some situations, but in this case, I suppose something like “There’s no way that anybody has figured it out” would be more natural.
    – 誰が見ても明らかに愚かな / また同じ始まりを踏むのかな: I would deem these lines to be connected (and possibly also the previous line as well, like “with/using the nector~”), because 愚かな usually can’t end the sentence (if it were meant to, it should’ve been 愚かだ). “Will you embark again on the same beginning that’s stupid in anyone’s eyes?”
    – 君なりに頑張ることが ~ やめて僕のところに: I believe this needs revising because, in the current interpretation, 首を絞めるなら やめて feels sort of weird (like, why is “なら” there?) and really out of place. How about “If doing your best in your own way strangles you, then stop that, and come to my side”?
    – 一度終わらせたの: is “one” here a typo for “once”?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Releska Avatar

      Hi! Thanks for stopping by and your useful observations (^_^) Regarding the points you raised…
      -I agree, that sounds like a more natural approach to まさか.

      -I mentally filled in the end of that sentence with a noun after the な, but I guess I didn’t need to do that when there’s another line after it! I had another go at it. Now that I think about it, 不幸の上から塗られた蜜 feels like a slightly odd line…

      -Your interpretation makes a lot of sense! I used a different verb to try and bring across the idea of doing your best (while struggling against something) to match with ‘strangling yourself’

      -I originally had that line as ‘I’ve finished it one time already’, I guess I only half-way fixed it up!

      Thanks as always!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Tackmyn Y. Avatar

        不幸の上から塗られた蜜 indeed is a weird line, but it gives me an image like—some honey being spread on unhappiness, or unhappiness being coated by sugar (imagine sugar-coated pills) so that, even if you have to take it like medicine, you don’t have to sense a bitter taste of the unhappiness? (It might also suggest that you’re likely to suffer a lot when the sugar’s gone.) I’m not sure if it makes a lot of sense…


        1. Releska Avatar

          I get what you’re saying! It’s a lot clearer in my head now. It brings the phrase オブラートに包む to mind…

          Liked by 1 person

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