風の唄 || The Song of the Wind

kaze no uta
The Song of the Wind

Vocals: Meramipop (めらみぽっぷ)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: Hifuu Club Activity Record: Prayer OST (秘封活動記録-祝- OST)
Circle: Diao ye zong (凋叶棕)
Published by: Kyoto Fantasy Troupe (京都幻想剧团)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 4 (ARTS4)
Original theme: Faith is for the Transient People [信仰は儚き人間の為に]

Requested by: bagong016


This song, which is used as the opening of a fanmade Touhou animated film, is told from the perspective of Sanae’s sister, Yayoi. She did not inherit any supernatural powers.

we were born
then we drifted apart.
And though I became such a transient human…

My memories of you
will never
waste away
Even now that you have assumed a divine body.

Hear me!
If my voice will reach into the distance,
To the other side of our separate worlds,
Then you will hear it someday.

Even now, there is a song I cannot forget.
I pray that it will tie us together.
I hope that, even if I lose everything and nothing remains,
I will never lose this song.

I wonder how many paths you have walked down…
Yet still, you continue to walk.
Even if I cannot be by your side,
I want my song to reach you someday.

The song of the wind
Carries my prayers into the distance.
It travels far away, forever
Like in our childhood days, when we once sang somewhere.

Please, live
In that distant world.
Remain as you should be.

In that distant world
According to our single broken promise.

I thought that we were completely separate
And I thought you were too far away to recover.
Still, I hope that the hand I reach out to you
Will help you during your journey…

Sometimes in my dreams
I see us walking together once more.
I know that it’s impossible, so I sing,
Placing my feelings in my song at least.

The song of the wind.
I pray once more
That someday, somewhere
You will also be singing the same song…

So I live
In that distant world
Holding my unconveyable feelings close to me.

I live
In that distant world
According to that promise I can never keep.

Do not cry
For it is right for you to be there.

Do not grieve
For you can be saved by being there.

Do not ask,
For you being there alone is enough for me.

Do not hate me
For I prayed for you to be there.

So live
In that distant world
Alter your shadow, which can never touch mine.

In that distant world.
That single broken promise remains so.

—I sing my song again, softly…

Cycle around
And return here.
Which of us
Steps upon the other’s shadow?

Together we sing
A nameless song.
We send it out upon the wind
So it may reach into the distance.

綴れぬ森の少女 || Maidens of the Unspellable Forest

tsudzurenu mori no shoujo
Maidens of the Unspellable Forest

Vocals: senya
Lyrics: Kamasetora (かませ虎)
Arranged by: HiZuMi, Kanamori Yuu (神奈森ユウ)
Album: Maidens of the Unspellable Forest (綴れぬ森の少女) 【Official Site】
Circle: Yuuhei Satellite (幽閉サテライト)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 4 [ARTS4]
Original Themes: –Alice in Wonderland [不思議の国のアリス]
Magus Night [メイガスナイト]

Requested by: xeromic

This song… ends up getting a bit intense towards the end! I probably should have expected it, but still…

‘Unspellable’ (綴れぬ) in the title refers to spelling things out using letters. This may mean that the forest’s name is unknown or cannot be written.

知ってる 今ではちっぽけとは程遠い

aa, kotori no saezuru koe ga suru
nemurenu watashi no chippoke datta negai
daitan de okubyou, kowaresou
shitteru ima de wa chippoke to wa hodo tooi

Ah, I can hear the chirping of the songbirds.
I cannot sleep. My wishes were so small.
They were bold, yet cowardly, and seemed like they’d fall apart.
I know. But nowadays, you can’t call them small anymore

気さくにほら 今日も来るから
私の心は 解けない魔法が掛かるの

kisaku ni hora kyou mo kuru kara
watashi no kokoro wa tokenai mahou ga kakaru no

Look—you’ll visit again today, acting so sociable,
So my heart will fall under an unbreakable spell.


naze futari wa, tsudzurenu mori no shoujo
karada ga fureatte kodou no takanari wo
kimi wa kidzuiteru no, wakaru
kotoba wo eranderu
kimi-rashikunai yasashisa

Why are we maidens of the unspellable forest? (1)
When our bodies touch, my heart races.
I can tell that you notice it—
You choose your words with care.
Such kindness isn’t like you…

まだ心 整理がついてない
それほど長いわ 二人の記憶が

mada kokoro seiri ga tsuitenai
sore hodo nagai wa futari no kioku ga

My heart hasn’t been put in order yet.
Our memories are that long…

今はもう すべてが知りたいの
純粋な不純さ もう止まる気がしない

ima wa mou subete ga shiritai no
junsui na fujunsa mou tomaru ki ga shinai

Now, I want to know everything.
I don’t feel like I can stop this pure impurity anymore.

会えない 来ないでって小さく願ったのに

kinou made hazukashi sugite
aenai konaide tte chiisaku negatta noni

Until yesterday, it was all too embarrassing
And I couldn’t see you. I made a small wish for you to not come, but…

日も合わせず ぎこちない会話が
胸を高鳴らせる 言葉を待ってばかり

me mo awasezu gikochinai kaiwa ga
mune wo takanaraseru kotoba wo matte bakari
zurui watashi no kakehiki ni
kimi wa “maitta” to iu you ni daki yoseta

We talked, and I couldn’t even make eye contact with you.
It made my heart race. I was just waiting for words.
When faced with my sly bargaining,
You embraced me, as if saying “I give up.”


shizuka ni atsui toki ga nagareru
futari no sekai ga awasaru arifureta kiseki

That passionate time passed by silently.
A common miracle was formed from our worlds coming together.


kore kara mo, tsudzurenu mori no shoujo
karada ga fureai yawaraka na shiawase
itsumo ureshiku omou noni
yokei na hitokoto ga watashi wo kyou mo nayamaseru wa

We will continue to be maidens of the unspellable forest.
When we touch, I feel a tender happiness.
Though I always feel happy,
A few needless words will worry me again today…

(1) 私 (watashi – I) is written in the booklet, but 二人 (futari – the pair/we) is sung.

チルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 ⑨周年バージョン || Cirno’s Perfect Math Class, ⑨th Anniversary Version

io-0311_jacket_2500pxチルノのパーフェクトさんすう教室 ⑨周年バージョン
chiruno no paafekuto sansuu kyoushitsu kyuu-shuunen baajon
Cirno’s Perfect Math Class, ⑨th Anniversary Version

Vocals: Members of IOSYS, 幽閉サテライト, A-One, 豚乙女, COOL&CREATE, TaNaBaTa, Alternative ending
[Credited as IOSYS and their merry band of ⑨th anniversary friends (IOSYSと愉快な⑨周年フレンズ)]
Lyrics: Yuuno Yoshimi (夕野ヨシミ)
Arranged by: ARM
Album: Touhou Ice and Snow, Deep Gratitude (東方氷雪大感謝)【Official Site】
Circle: IOSYS
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 4 [ARTS4]
Original Theme: Tomboyish Girl in Love [おてんば恋娘]

Requested by: xeromic

Update (October 8, 2017): Added album information and credits from official site. Also, ‘Maths’ was changed to ‘Math’ for consistency with the album art.

Watch the official video here.

Seeing that this famous video has turned 9 makes me feel really old. Where were you 9 years ago? Coincidentally, I was in year 9…

According to the official site, this album was created with thanks and gratitude in mind, presumably aimed at the listeners who have made “Cirno’s Perfect Math Class” so popular over the years. The album’s title is a callback to the original album this song appeared in: 東方氷雪歌集.


“minna! chiruno no sansuu kyoushitsu, kyuu-shuunen dayo! atai daigaku kyuu-nensei! tensai wo, kiwameta yo!”

“Hey everyone! It’s the ⑨th anniversary of Cirno’s Math Class! I’m in my 9th year of university now! I’ve taken my genius to the next level…!”


“ryuunen janee ka?”

“Haven’t you just repeated the same class?”

ギリギリ 綱渡りで
ドキドキ 一か八かで
単位と卒論 なんとかして卒業
出席日数 ちょっとたりない GO GO!!

giri giri tsunawatari de
doki doki ichi ka bachi ka de
tan’i to sotsuron nantoka shite sotsugyou
shusseki nissuu chotto tarinai GO GO!!

It’s so close! Just like tightrope walking.
Thump-thump! The stakes are high.
Through credit and a thesis, I’ll graduate somehow
But my attendance isn’t quite high enough. Go, go!!

バーカバーカ バーカバーカ バーカバーカ
バーカバーカ バーカバーカ バーカバーカ
バーカバーカ バーカバーカ バーカバーカ
バーカバーカ バーカバーカ

baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka
“kuchi wo hirakeba baka baka tte urusai wa ne!”
baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka
“soo yuu no wo ‘baka no hitotsu oboe’ tte iu no yo!”
baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka
“nani yo mou! baaka! baaka!”
baaka baaka baaka baaka

Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!
“You just open your mouths to call me an idiot. How annoying!”
Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!
“They say ‘he that knows little often repeats it,’ you know!” (1)
Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!
“What the hell?! Idiot! Idiot!”
Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!

紅魔館から 月ロケットが
白玉楼で 二人降りて
八雲さんちが 対抗意識

koumakan kara tsuki roketto ga
byousoku kyuuman kiro de tobitatta
hakugyokurou de futari orite
han’jin noru hima mo nai
yakumo-san-chi ga taikou ishiki
geigeki-you no misairu buppattaa!

A moon rocket flew from the Scarlet Devil Mansion
At a speed of 90,000 km/s.
Two people got off at Hakugyokurou.
There was hardly time for half-humans to ride.
That Yakumo lot are so competitive—
They fired off an interceptor missile!

助けて助けて えーりんえーりん
時間操作で トゥルーエンド

tasukete tasukete eerin eerin
muri muri sakuya ni bun’nage
jikan sousa de turuu endo

Help me, help me! Eirin, Eirin! (2)
It’s no use! Sakuya, throw something!
Time manipulation causes the true end.

山落ち 意味など無いさ
全ては 心の中

yamaochi imi nado nai sa
subete wa kokoro no naka
gensoukyou no chuushin de
“ichi. ni. kyuu!”

No peak, no climax, no meaning. (3)
Everything lies within one’s heart.
In the heart of Gensokyo…
“1, 2, ⑨!”

くるくる 宇宙の闇
ぐるぐる 地球回る
そうよ つぶら目玉 ふたつとも狙うの
きゅっとしてきゅっとして どっかんかーん

kuru kuru uchuu no yami
guru guru chikyuu mawaru
sou yo tsubura medama futatsu to mo nerau no
kyutto shite kyutto shite dokkan kaan

Whirling around in the darkness of space,
Round and round, the world turns.
That’s right—I’ll aim at a pair of round eyeballs.
I’ll squeeze them and squeeze them, and then *crash*

次々 問題でる
まだまだ 追試続く
凍る 部屋の中

tsugi tsugi mondai deru
mada mada tsuishi tsudzuku
kooru heya no naka
hin’yari shita ondo mo jikan mo ki ni sezu
“yukkuri shite itte ne!”

The questions come one after another.
There are still more exams!
Inside this frozen room,
Don’t worry about the cold or the time:
“Take it easy!” (4)

バーカバーカ バーカバーカ バーカバーカ
バーカバーカ バーカバーカ バーカバーカ
バーカバーカ バーカバーカ バーカバーカ
バーカバーカ バーカバーカ

baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka
“kabadi kabadi kabadi kabadi!”
baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka
“bakadi bakadi bakadi bakadi!”
baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka baaka
“mou minna bakuhatsu shichaeba ii no yo!”
baaka baaka baaka baaka

Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!
“Kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi, kabaddi!” (5)
Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!
“Bakaddi, bakaddi, bakaddi, bakaddi!”
Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!
“I should just go and blow everyone up already!”
Idiot, idiot! Idiot, idiot!

(1) By using this proverb, Cirno implies that her tormentors are dumber than her because they say the same thing over and over.
(2) This refers to the CCOL&CREATE song ‘Help me, ERINNNNNN!!’
(3) The Japanese lyrics are a contracted form of 山もない落ちもない意味もない (yama mo nai ochi mo nai imi mo nai). This is where the word ‘yaoi’ stems from (yama, ochi, imi)
(4) This is a reference to the ‘yukkuri’ meme, which involves Touhou characters depicted as giant heads. The phrase can also be translated as “do it slowly.”
(5) Kabaddi is a form of contact sport originating in India. Chanting “kabaddi” is an important part of the game. ‘Bakkadi’ is a corrupted form of the title that also fits in バカ (baka – idiot).