螺鈿の骨 || Mother of Pearl

raden no hone
Mother of Pearl

Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Lyrics: ばぶちゃん (Babuchan)
Composed by: ばぶちゃん (Babuchan)
Release Date: 5 September 2012

Requested by: luci
Watch the official video on YouTube!

This translation presents a slightly different view than what we’ve seen before. In this, we see a speaker who has grown submissive through love, and who longs deeply to be loved.

Interesting note about the complex last line in the second-last stanza: 小指 (koyubi) can also be used to refer to one’s wife or concubine.

The English title is the title that appears in the official upload. As it’s not the result of community subtitles or translation, I take it to be Babuchan’s official English title. The original Japanese title means either “Mother of Pearl Bones” or “Raden Bones.” Read more about the art of raden here!

一つあなたがくれた くちづけを

hitotsu anata ga kureta kuchizuke o
omoidashite shiawase datta
shitatte orimasu senaka ni yubi de
nazoreba mabuta mo atsuku naru

I remembered the kiss you gave me
and I was so happy.
I yearn for you. When you trace along my back
with your fingertips, my eyelids get hot too.


kogareru omoibi jirijiri to
sasoware kachou mo yakitsukusu

The flames of my yearning scorch
and burn the floral butterflies they attract to nothing.


raden no hone made aishite hoshii no
hakuji no kubisuji kamitsuite

I want you to love me to my mother of pearl bones.
Bite at the nape of my neck, white porcelain in colour.


ame no iro mo chiri yuku hana mo
minna anata ga katatte kureta
ai no uta mo yure yuku oto mo
minna anata ga katatte kureta

The colour of the rain and the scattering flowers…
you told me about them all.
A song of love and my wavering heartbeat…
you lied about them all for me.


kono mama tsuki yo shizumanu yau ni
negaedo anata wa inaku naru

I hope that, like this, the moon will not descend.
Though I wish, you will leave me.


raden no hone made aishite hoshii no
hakuji no kubisuji kamitsuite
nureba no kurokami hodokeru mama ni
okutta ouka no koyubi sae

I want you to love me to my mother of pearl bones.
Bite at the nape of my neck, white porcelain in colour.
With crow-black hair that’s come undone,
reach even the little pinkies of the cherry blossom I sent you…


hai to natta watakushi no omeme ni
saku hana wo mata medete hoshii

I have burned to ash, and in my eyes
I want you to admire blooming flowers once more.

あの子な幸せが || Happy Child

ano ko na shiawase ga
Happy Child

Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Lyrics: こもりうた (Komoriuta)
Composed by: ばぶちゃん (Babuchan)
Release Date: 1 July 2013

Requested by: Tapeworm

The title appears to be the official English translation. The original text is interesting since it places な (na) after 子 (ko) instead of の (no). ‘No’ is used to show ownership, whereas ‘na’ tends to be placed after adjectives.

Putting that aside, it looks like this song is about Kronos, a figure in Greek mythology who ate his children when they were babies. The video is exactly as disturbing as you’d expect it to be.

Some of the sentences have been munched away at, too, which makes it really tough to string all the pieces together and convey it in English. I did what I could to add in and interpret context but there are some sections where that’s really tough to do. There are some parts where you want to preserve the ambiguity, too, to add to the demented atmosphere.

もっと 僕に 聞かせて
そのお歌だけ 大好きなんだ
僕と 音と 声と もっと

Attakai kara daisuki nanda
Motto boku ni kikasete
Sono outa dake daisuki nanda
Boku to oto to koe to motto

You were warm, so I loved you.
Sing that song to me even more—
It’s the only thing I love.
Me, the sounds, and your voice, even more…

楽しいから 大好きなんだ
もっと 僕に 触らせて
そのお手手だけ 大好きなんだ
僕と踊り 踊ろう もっと

Tanoshii kara daisuki nanda
Motto boku ni sawarasete
Sono otete dake daisuki nanda
Boku to odori odorou motto

You were fun, so I loved you.
Touch me even more—
Your hands are the only things I love.
Dance with me. Let’s dance, even more…

僕に綺麗に 黒く 落ちろ

Boku ni kirei ni kuroku ochiro    

For me, fall into the darkness beautifully.

絡め 混ぜ 繋げ 崩し
ごめんなさい 泣かないでいて
ぐちゃぐちゃの 僕が生まれた音

Gomen nasai
Boku o tsukutta
Karame maze tsunage kuzushi
Gomen nasai nakanaide ite
Guchagucha no boku ga umareta oto

I’m sorry.
You made me.
Entangled, mixed, connected, crumbling away.
I’m sorry. Don’t cry.
The sounds of me being born were all squelchy.

お顔はないよ くるくる渦巻く
でもいつも一緒だと 踊ってるの

Okao wa nai yo kurukuru uzumaku
Demo itsumo issho da to odotteru no

I have no face. I spin and swirl around…
Still, we’ll always be together. We’re dancing.

くるくる まわる
僕も みんな
持ってるね 今も動いてるね
くるくる 来るよ

Kurukuru mawaru
Boku mo minna
Matteru ne ima mo ugoiteru ne
Kurukuru kuru yo
Kimi no ishi de hora ugoku

Spinning round and round,
Me and everyone else.
They’re waiting. Even now, they’re still moving.
Spinning round and round. I’m coming!
See? I’m moving at your will.

ごめんなさい 僕を作って
絡め 混ぜ 繋げ 崩し

Gomen nasai boku o tsukutte
Karame maze tsunage kuzushi

I’m sorry. You made me.
Entangled, mixed, connected, crumbling away.

ごめんなさい 泣かないでいて
ぐちゃぐちゃの 僕が生まれた音

Gomen nasai nakanaide ite
Guchagucha no boku ga umareta oto

I’m sorry. Don’t cry.
The sounds of me being born were all squelchy.

食べて 食べて 僕の
美味しい 僕 食べて
食べて 食べて 僕は
食べた 僕の 食べた 僕

Tabete tabete boku no
Oishii boku tabete
Tabete tabete boku wa
Tabeta boku no tabeta boku

Eating, eating away at my—
How delicious. I eat.
Eating, eating, I—
I ate my— I ate it up, and I—


Gomen nasai

Thank you.
How delicious.
Don’t cry.
I’m sorry.

ありがとう ごめんなさい
あの子に 僕 みんなに

Arigatou gomen nasai
Ano ko ni boku minna ni
Umareta yo

Thank you. I’m sorry.
To that child, me, and to everyone—
I was born.

ブロークン・トイ・マニア || Broken Toy Mania

burookun toi mania
Broken Toy Mania

Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Composed by: Babuchan
Album: Babuland 【Official Site】
Circle: Babuchan
Release Date: 25 August, 2017

Requested by: *external screaming*
Watch the official video here!

See if you can spot the quote from kikuo’s 物をぱらぱら壊す (mono o parapara kowasu / I Crumble Things Up)! It’s totally official.

The song itself appears to deal with familiar themes – playing with people like they’re toys, and destroying things. There’s a clear distinction made between 君 (kimi) and あなた (anata), too. Both mean ‘you’, but I think they’re referring to different people.


ra ra rarara rarara
ra ra ra ra rara

La, la, lalala, lalala,
La, la, la, la, lala.

楽しいね 可愛いね
君のために 生まれたよ

tanoshii ne kawaii ne
kimi no tame ni umareta yo

How fun, how cute.
I was born for your sake.

手術の時間だ 夜を開け星を見よ
悲しい患者が 目を開ける前に
ベルベット 死んじゃうね
マドモアゼル 消えちゃうね
直してあげるからね 未明の淵に

shujutsu no jikan da yoru o hirake hoshi o miyo
kanashii kanja ga me o akeru mae ni
berubetto shinjau ne
madomoazeru kiechau ne
naoshite ageru kara ne mimei no fuchi ni

It’s time for surgery, and night falls. Look at the stars!
Before the patient opens their eyes,
Velvet. They’ll die!
Mademoiselle. They’ll vanish!
It’s okay, I’ll heal you in early dawn’s abyss.

お月様 お星様
あなたのために 生まれたよ

o-tsuki-sama o-hoshi-sama
anata no tame ni umareta yo

Moon. Stars.
I was born for your sake.

僕がいなければ 生きられない

boro boro kizutsuita bara bara no kimi wa
boku ga inakaereba ikirarenai

You, in worn-out and wounded little pieces,
Wouldn’t be able to live if I wasn’t there.


para para para para para para
para para para para para para
kimi no mono o kowasu no ga toku ni tanoshikute

Crumble, crumble, crumble, crumble…
Crumble, crumble, crumble, crumble…
It’s especially fun to break your things.


para para para gara gara gara
bara bara bara gucha gucha gucha
kimi to boku wa kimi ga boku ni kimi o boku no kimi ni boku ga
yoru ni tokete kiete sakete
naite shinde ochite kieru ne

Crumble, crumble, clatter, clatter…
Scatter, scatter, pulpy, pulpy…
You with me, you to me, to you, mine, to you I…
Into the darkness, you melt, vanish, burst apart,
Cry, die, fall and vanish.


ra ra rarara rararara
ra ra ra rara

La, la, lalala, lalalala,
La, la, la, lala.

お母様 お父様

o-kaa-sama o-tou-sama
anata-tachi no sei desu yo

Mother. Father.
You’re the ones to blame.


boku-tachi wa hoshi ni nari!
hitotsu ni natte tonde iku ne!
aa! nante kirei na yozora no naka
bokura wa doko made mo!
aa! a i u e o ka ki ku ke ko
sa shi su se so ta chi tsu te to na ni nu ne!

We’ll become stars!
We’ll become as one and fly!
Ah! In such a beautiful night sky,
We travel everywhere.
Ah! A i u e o, ka ki ku ke ko,
Sa shi su se so, ta chi tsu te to, na ni nu ne!


ra ra ra ra rarara
rararara rarara rara
ra ra rarara rara

La, la, la, la, lalala,
Lalalala, lalala, lala,
La, la, lalala, lala.

(1) A selection of Japanese syllables (expressed as hiragana) are sung across these two lines in order. It ends just before の (no).

アンダー・ザ・ディープシー || Under the Deep Sea

andaa za diipushii
Under the Deep Sea

Vocals: Hatsune Miku (初音ミク)
Composed by: Babuchan
Album: Babuland 【Official Site】
Circle: Babuchan
Release Date: 25 August, 2017

Requested by: BB
Watch the official PV here!

This is such a curious song. It’s worthwhile watching with the PV, because it makes the Little Mermaid comparisons more vivid. The whole album seems to have a sort of horrific Disney vibe to it. Very interesting…


Nee kikoeru?
Mimi wa fusagareteru
Nee tasukete?
Ashi wa shibarareteru

Hey, can you hear me?
My ears are blocked.
Hey, will you help me?
My feet are tied.


Sukoshi zutsu ochiteku
Kuraku tsumetai yume no naka
Ryoute o nobashitemo
Umi mo sora mo wakaranai

I fall, little by little,
In a cold, dark dream.
Though I stretch out my arms,
I don’t know whether I’m in the sea or the sky.

どうか私が唄う 愛の音よ

Douka watashi ga utau ai no oto yo
Ano hito o tsukamaete yo
Kono te o nobashi todoita saki ga
Anata de arimasu you ni
Negau koto wa tsumi nano?

Somehow, I sing. These are sounds of love.
Catch that person!
I reach out, and I hope
that you’ll be there.
Is it a crime to wish?

私が唄う 愛の音よ

Utaitai yo utaitai yo
Inochi yori mo kono koe ga deru no nara
Tada anata ni aisaretai yo
Watashi ga utau ai no oto yo

I want to sing! I want to sing
if, rather than my life, my voice will leave me.
I just want to be loved by you.
I’ll sing. These are the sounds of love!

ゆら ゆら ゆら

Nee kikoeru?
Kurakute nani mo mienai
Nee tasukete
Yura yura yura

Hey, can you hear me?
It’s dark and I can’t see anything.
Come on, help me!
I sway, I sway, I sway…


Takaramono mo omoide mo mienai.
Kore wa nan dakke?
Nani ni tsukau mono dakke?
Ningen no sumu kuni de, mitakatta na suteki na dansu
Tarinai. Iranai. Shiranai. Zenbu.
Mou, iranai

Don’t look.
I can’t see my treasures or my memories.
What was this again?
What was it used for?
I wanted to see splendid dances in the land where humans live.
It’s not enough. I don’t need it. I don’t know. Everything—
I don’t need it anymore.

海でも 空でも ない場所へ

Utaitai yo utaitai yo
Inochi yori mo kono koe ga aru kagiri
Hitotsu anata ni aisaretai
Umi demo sora demo nai basho e

I want to sing. Iwant to sing
for as long as I have a voice, rather than life.
I want to be loved by you.
I head for somewhere that isn’t the sea or sky.

声に出して 叫びたい

Awa to nari kiete shimau no nara
Koe ni dashite sakebitai
“Anata to watashi to kono sekai subete o nikumimasu.”

If I’m going tobecome bubbles and fade away,
Then I want to say it, to scream it out loud:
“I hate you, myself, and this whole world!”