Album art.

ブロークン・トイ・マニア || Broken Toy Mania

Album art.

burookun toi mania
Broken Toy Mania

Vocals: 初音ミク (Hatsune Miku)
Composed by: Babuchan
Album: Babuland [Official site]
Circle: Babuchan
Release date: 25 August 2017

Requested by: *external screaming*
Watch the official video on YouTube!

See if you can spot the quote from kikuo’s 物をぱらぱら壊す (mono o parapara kowasu/I Crumble Things Up)! It’s totally official.

The song itself appears to deal with familiar themes – playing with people like they’re toys, and destroying things. There’s a clear distinction made between 君 (kimi) and あなた (anata), too. Both mean ‘you’, but I think they’re referring to different people.



楽しいね 可愛いね
君のために 生まれたよ

手術の時間だ 夜を開け星を見よ
悲しい患者が 目を開ける前に
ベルベット 死んじゃうね
マドモアゼル 消えちゃうね
直してあげるからね 未明の淵に

お月様 お星様
あなたのために 生まれたよ

僕がいなければ 生きられない




お母様 お父様




ra ra rarara rarara
ra ra ra ra rara

tanoshii ne kawaii ne
kimi no tame ni umareta yo

shujutsu no jikan da yoru o hirake hoshi o miyo
kanashii kanja ga me o akeru mae ni
berubetto shinjau ne
madomoazeru kiechau ne
naoshite ageru kara ne mimei no fuchi ni

o-tsuki-sama o-hoshi-sama
anata no tame ni umareta yo

boro boro kizutsuita bara bara no kimi wa
boku ga inakaereba ikirarenai

para para para para para para
para para para para para para
kimi no mono o kowasu no ga toku ni tanoshikute

para para para gara gara gara
bara bara bara gucha gucha gucha
kimi to boku wa kimi ga boku ni kimi o boku no kimi ni boku ga
yoru ni tokete kiete sakete
naite shinde ochite kieru ne

ra ra rarara rararara
ra ra ra rara

o-kaa-sama o-tou-sama
anata-tachi no sei desu yo

boku-tachi wa hoshi ni nari!
hitotsu ni natte tonde iku ne!
aa! nante kirei na yozora no naka
bokura wa doko made mo!
aa! a i u e o ka ki ku ke ko
sa shi su se so ta chi tsu te to na ni nu ne!

ra ra ra ra rarara
rararara rarara rara
ra ra rarara rara


La, la, lalala, lalala,
la, la, la, la, lala.

How fun, how cute.
I was born for your sake.

It’s time for surgery, and night falls. Look at the stars!
Before the patient opens their eyes,
velvet. They’ll die!
Mademoiselle. They’ll vanish!
It’s okay, I’ll heal you in early dawn’s abyss.

Moon. Stars.
I was born for your sake.

You, in worn-out and wounded little pieces,
wouldn’t be able to live if I wasn’t there.

Crumble, crumble, crumble, crumble…
Crumble, crumble, crumble, crumble…
It’s especially fun to break your things.

Crumble, crumble, clatter, clatter…
Scatter, scatter, pulpy, pulpy…
You with me, you to me, to you, mine, to you I…
Into the darkness, you melt, vanish, burst apart,
cry, die, fall and vanish.

La, la, lalala, lalalala,
la, la, la, lala.

Mother. Father.
You’re the ones to blame.

We’ll become stars!
We’ll become as one and fly!
Ah! In such a beautiful night sky,
we travel everywhere.
Ah! A i u e o, ka ki ku ke ko,
sa shi su se so, ta chi tsu te to, na ni nu ne! (1)

La, la, la, la, lalala,
lalalala, lalala, lala,
la, la, lalala, lala.

Translator’s note

(1) A selection of Japanese syllables (expressed as hiragana) are sung across these two lines in order. It ends just before の (no).



, ,



2 responses to “ブロークン・トイ・マニア || Broken Toy Mania”

  1. raineydayparade Avatar

    I love babuchan (i think i like then more than kikuo but might not be a common opinion lol), hard to hear some parts though.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tempera Avatar

    Since the album seems to based on Disney horror, this song appears to based on Toy Story! It looks like it’s from the perspective of Sid and his toys, instead of Andy’s (more better treated) toys.

    Liked by 1 person

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