Poker face

Poker face Vocals: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotohge) Lyrics: W*M Arranged by: W*M Album: 瞬還 SYUN-KAN 【Official Site】Circle: K2 SOUNDEvent: C78Original Theme: Youkai Modern Colony [妖怪モダンコロニー] Requested by: Stella Mira This track gives me an image of Aya or Hatate visiting a new land to take photos while the other is somewhere far away. I still think it’s a shame Hatate doesn’t… Continue reading Poker face

Calling Me

Calling Me Vocals: Nakashinoda Mugi (仲篠田 むぎ) Lyrics: Nakashinoda Mugi (仲篠田 むぎ) Arranged by: 美有耳虚無頭 Album: RUSH! (ラッシュ!)  【Official Site】 Circle: K2 SOUND Event: Reitaisai 8 [RTS8] Original Theme: U.N. Owen Was Her? [U.N.オーエンは彼女なのか?] Requested by: Violet Mon 彷徨う私たち 何かを求めて旅に出る 行き場も分からずに一人歩いて行く いくつ夜を超えていくつもの街を訪れても どれもこれもきっと知らない物ばかり samayou watashi-tachi nanika wo motomete tabi ni deru ikiba mo wakarazu ni hitori aruite iku ikutsu yoru… Continue reading Calling Me

天涯の谺 || An Echo of the Horizon

天涯の谺 tengai no kodama An Echo of the Horizon Vocals: REiNA (長谷川澪奈) Arranged by: Tako-bo (たこ呆) Album: Syu-Gyoku (珠戯曲)  【Official Site】 Circle: K2 SOUND Event: C85 Original Theme: The Shining Needle Castle Sinking in the Air [空中に沈む輝針城] Requested by: Alex_VoidWalker _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 何もかも逆しまな 鏡に浮かぶ憐れな夢 nani mo kamo sakashima… Continue reading 天涯の谺 || An Echo of the Horizon