Album art.

カンタータ「寺子屋へ行こう!」 || Cantata: Let’s go to School!

Album art.

kantata 「terakoya he ikou!」
Cantata: Let’s go to School!

Vocals: Roverta [Keine], どみにゃん (Dominyan) [Mokou]
Libretto: 神威-JT
Arranged by: 中雑魚酒菜 (Nakasako Sakana)
Album: けーね先生の音楽教室 (Ms. Keine’s Music Classroom)
Circle: 街角麻婆豆 (Machikado-Mapoze)
Event: C85
Original themes: Nostalgic Blood of the East ~ Old World [懐かしき東方の血 ~ Old World]
Plain Asia [プレインエイジア]
Reach for the Moon, Immortal Smoke [月まで届け、不死の煙]
Extend Ash ~ Person of Hourai [エクステンドアッシュ ~ 蓬莱人]

Another lovely arrangement from Machikado-Mapoze. As the title suggests, this arrangement is based on a cantata of the Classical period (perhaps in the style of Mozart…). Also, I found the original Japanese lyrics on Machikado-Mapoze’s official site, which really saved time:

There are actually translation notes this time!

  • 寺子屋 (terakoya) literally means ‘temple school,’ a type of school that was built during the Edo period in order to teach commoners. I left it as ‘school’ because in the context of the cantata, there aren’t any other schools in Gensokyo, so there’s no need to distinguish between different types.
  • -In the 4th movement, Keine and Mokou use a different term for youkai – Ayakashi (妖). I felt like they were trying to be polite, so I used the term ‘mystic beings’ instead of the regular ‘youkai.’

1. レチタティーヴォ: 元気無いね 悩みでもあるの?
rechitatiivo: genki nai ne nayami demo aru no?
Recitativo: You don’t seem well today. Is something bothering you?


元気無いね 悩みでもあるの?
水くさいね 私と慧音の仲よ


genki nai ne nayami demo aru no?
Mokou ni wa wakatteshimau no ka
mizu kusai ne watashi to Keine no naka yo
tashika ni ima komatteiru no sa
kakusanaide watashi ni oshiete
futari de nara kanarazu chie ga ukabu hazu sa


You don’t seem well today. Is something bothering you?
So even you have noticed, Mokou?
Well, lately our relationship has been quite distant, you know.
Indeed… I am troubled at present.
Well, don’t hide it – tell me what’s going on!
If we are together…
A solution will surely present itself.

2. アリア: 人間は妖怪を
aria: ningen wa youkai wo
Aria: Humans live their lives in fear of youkai…




そうだ 寺子屋があれば皆が学べる
私の夢が叶うならば 寺子屋を建てたい


ningen wa youkai wo osorete kurashiteiru
youkai mo ningen wo osou
otagai ni osorezu arasou koto mo nai
son’na hi wa kuru no darou ka?

ningen no yuujin to youkai no yuujin ga
te wo tori ate yuku ni wa
otagai wo motto yoku rikai dekiru tame no
basho ga attara yoi no ni na

sou da terakoya ga areba min’na ga manaberu
tadashii rekishi to chishiki wo tsutaeyou
norikoenakereba ikenai koto bakari
watashi no yume ga kanau naraba terakoya wo tatetai


Humans live their lives in fear of youkai…
And youkai attack humans, as well.
The day when our two species can live together without fear,
And without attacking each other – will it come?

If only there was a place where both species could
Work together to better understand each other.
A friend of both humans and youkai could help
Join their hands and move forward at such a place

Of course! If a school was built, everyone could learn together.
We would be able to convey righteous history and knowledge.
Though obstacles that must be surmounted are all around me,
If it will result in the fulfillment of my dream… I want to build a school!

3. レチタティーヴォ: 私にできることは
rechitatiivo: watashi ni dekiru koto wa
Recitativo: I can do little more than…


私にできることは歴史を教えることぐらい. 半分妖怪の教師の元に生徒が来るかな?
慧音! 大丈夫よ あなたにしかできない. 人と妖怪を同時に教えられるのは.
そんなこと考えたこともなかったよ. 確かにそれができるのは私だけ.


watashi ni dekiru koto wa rekishi wo oshieru koto gurai. hanbun youkai no kyoushi no moto ni seito ga kuru kana?
Keine! daijoubu yo anata ni shika dekinai. hito to youkai wo douji ni oshierareru no wa.
son’na koto kangaeta koto mo nakatta yo. tashika ni sore ga dekiru no wa watashi dake.
watashi mo tetsudau kara sa
sounareba mou yaru dake da!


I can do little more than teach history. Will students really come before a teacher who is half-youkai?
Keine! It’s alright – you’re the only one who can do it. You’re the only one who can teach humans and youkai at the same time.
I must say that I had never thought of that. Of course, I am the only one who can do such a thing…
And, I shall aid you!
If that is so, there is nothing left but to do it!

4. 2重唱:人と妖を繋ぐ懸け橋
nijuushou: hito to ayakashi wo tsunagu kake hashi
Duet: A bridge between humans and mystic beings


人と妖を繋ぐ懸け橋 上白沢教室であなたも妖とお友達
大事な学力 正しい知識 人も妖でも

読み書きそろばん それに歴史 宿題を忘れた者はおしおき
共に笑って共に泣いて 同じ時を過ごせば もう学友(なかま)さ

学費の心配は要らない 熱意があれば大丈夫
平日は弁当持参 土日はお休み 竹林の案内人の送迎付き

人と妖を繋ぐ懸け橋 上白沢教室であなたも人間とお勉強
楽しい授業で 正しく理解 人も妖でも

共に学ぼう あなたも 人も妖でも
学びたい者は さぁ来たれ!


hito to ayakashi wo tsunagu kake hashi Kamishirasawa kyoushitsu de anata mo ayakashi to otomodachi
daiji na gakyryoku tadashii chishiki hito mo ayakashi demo
manabitai mono nara iza kitare!

yomikaki soroban sore ni rekishi shukudai wo wasureta mono wa oshioki
tomo ni waratte tomo ni naite onaji toki wo sugoseba mou nakama sa

gakuhi no shinpai wa iranai netsui ga areba daijoubu
heijitsu wa bentoujisan donichi wa oyasumi chikurin no an’nai nin no sougei tsuki

hito to ayakashi wo tsunagu kake hashi Kamishirasawa kyoushitsu de anata mo ningen to obenkyou
tanoshii jugyou de tadashiku rikai hito mo ayakashi demo
manabitai mono nara iza kitare!

tomo ni manabou anata mo hito mo ayakashi demo
bijin no kyoushi to
manabitai mono was aa kitare!


A bridge between humans and mystic beings: at Kamishirasawa’s classroom, the two of you can become friends!
Valuable scholarship, and righteous knowledge: regardless of your species,
If you would like to learn, please come now!

We teach reading, writing, the abacus, and of course, history. If you forget your homework, you will be punished!
Laughing together, crying together: through spending time in the same way, you shall be friends in no time!

There is no need to worry about tuition fees: passion is all that is necessary.
Please bring your own lunch on weekdays. There are no classes on weekends. We even include a guide who will take you back and forth the bamboo forest.

A bridge between humans and mystic beings: at Kamishirasawa’s classroom, you can study together with humans!
Through fun lessons, you shall properly understand each other: regardless of your species,
If you would like to learn, please come now!

Let us study together, even if you’re a human or a mystic being.
With a beautiful teacher as well…
If you would like to learn, please come!






2 responses to “カンタータ「寺子屋へ行こう!」 || Cantata: Let’s go to School!”

  1. nyacatwalk Avatar

    Good day Releska! Thank you for translating Doppel, you did awesome work. waiting for your new projects!
    I am also glad to see that you translate Machikado-Mapoze song, this circle is one of my favourite. May I ask you, are you planning to translate えーりん先生の蓬莱ヨガ教室 ~Mambo Ver.~? Or is it possible to request it? Anyway, thank you once again!

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    1. releska Avatar

      Hey there! Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed my translations. Always good to see more Machikado-Mapoze love, too! I’m planning on translating えーりん先生の蓬莱ヨガ教室 ~Mambo Ver.~ soon – hopefully I’ll have it up in the next few days 😀


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