Album art.

anjir || Fig

Album art.


Vocals: Ranko
Lyrics: Azuki
Arranged by: カズトラ (Kaztora)
Album: パライソ (Paraiso)
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Event: Reitaisai 10 [RTS10]
Original theme: Old Yuanxian [古きユアンシェン]

Moving backwards, here’s a track from Shinra-Bansho’s 2nd 3rd album. It deals with some complex themes, all linked together by the title. The title, anjir, comes from the Persian/Urdu word meaning ‘fig.’ In this song, the world is compared to a fig, which ripens from the inside out. Seiga argues that religion and its teachings, such as ‘throw away grudges,’ are causing the world to slowly rot from the inside out, like a fig. At least, that’s how I interpret it…

As a bit of a translation note, there are a lot of Buddhist terms scattered throughout the song. I left most of them in their original forms, except for 七光り (nanahikari), which literally means ‘capitalising on the position of your parents.’

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

People live with their heads cast down, traveling towards the cloudy weather in front of them…
The stone doors of hope and envy are still firmly shut.

On top of those intersecting parallel lines, where the bell tolls without end,
A baby that has stumbled off course searches for its mother again…

Its first cries resound, resound, towards its mother.
It seeks this preciousness, preciousness, and crumbles away.

The fig tree’s flowers have bloomed. Tell me God, why is it
That humans laugh thoughtlessly when they are sorrowful?
The universe, the Seven Wonders – the world itself is truly hollow.
Grudges and hard feelings should be thrown away, or something like that…
These first movements created in the womb are the corrupted axis of the world.

In a blue sky unaware that the world is being attacked and consumed,
I lose sight of my words. Be that as it may, I dance with corpses.

It’s a cycle of conversation, pursuit, answers, and decay.
It’s a life of inverse proportion – death doesn’t exist!

The sacred lotus’ petals fell to the earth. Tell me God, why is it
That I can smile when my neighbor is crying?
Sukhavati’s lotus flower, your pedigree – the other world is truly Shangri-La.
Jealousy and envy should be spat out, or something like that…
These first movements created in the womb are the axis of whose world?

Look – the transience of a road walked upon by people!
Look – those who have turned off the road of those wishing for life!
I want to die… I want to die…
I don’t want to kill you… I want to kill you.
I wrapped my fingers around your neck.

I remembered an old dream, and it made my consciousness reverberate.
I want to live, I want to live, and I’m smeared with lies…
Though dying is unpleasant to me,
It doesn’t mean that I’m scared of dying.
It’s because I’m afraid of living – that’s all.

The fig tree’s fruit bursts open. I’ll tell you something, God,
The way in which other people die… is through living!
I kicked the Yin-Yang Philosophy, and sent it flying:
A number that cannot be counted to is just a mirage!
I gave thanks for being born,
And, smiling, I tore off that beautifully-ripened fig – the world’s axis.






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