Album art.

アイ・ウィッシュ・クロスフェード || I Wish ~ Crossfade

Album art.

ai uisshu kurosufeedo
I Wish ~ Crossfade

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 綴 (Tsudzuri) [Official site]
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Event: C81
Original theme: Love-coloured Master Spark [恋色マスタースパーク]

Requested by: Adelheid

This album is actually the first Diao ye zong album I ever listened to, so going back and translating a song from it is quite nostalgic…

Anyway, this song describes the relationship between Alice and Marisa. Marisa (the ‘shooting star’), who starts us off, talks about her dreams of soaring in the night sky and burning brighter than anything else. Alice (the ‘star on the surface’), on the other hand, wants to be taken away somewhere by Marisa, and she wants to confess her feelings for her. I thought about colour-coding this translation based on whose point of view the song is being told from, but I’ll leave that to your interpretation.

Also, a note about the title: ‘ai,’ which in this case represents the English ‘I’ also means ‘love’ in Japanese. It’s a pretty cool pun, which gives us the alternate title Love Wish ~ Crossfade. ‘~’ isn’t in the original title, but I added it in to make it look at bit clearer (and hopefully make a bit more sense). If you wanted to incorporate the pun as well, you could go with a title like ‘Our Wishes of Love Crossfade.’

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

In the vast, starry sky, a shooting star flew conspicuously.
I chased after it – it was as if I was drawn in by that light.

The brilliance of thousands of stars decorating that distant sky
Enchanted me. I wonder when I realised it?

…Yes. Sooner or later, like you – that star over there –
I want to emit that brilliance! Become it! Be it! At maximum speed…
I surpass the speed of light, and fly off.

And when I get close, closer for sure,
I wish upon the stars: “Make my wish come true!”

Now, let’s try flying high!
Somehow, I’ll make it to the limits of that night sky – either that, or,
I’m going to fly somewhere far away.
Far away, that star twinkles – I continue to pursue that brilliance.
It’s my dream of heading to that shooting star!

Now, let’s go! Let’s fly swiftly.
Like a comet, I’ll make it to the limits of that night sky – either that, or,
I’m going to fly somewhere far away.
The veil of darkness covering that door – I don’t want to see beyond it yet! (1)
It’s the dream of a magical girl!

She sees a star, and has a dream – the one looking is a star on the surface.
Is being unaware sadness? Or is it happiness?

I saw that star, and I had a dream. Even so, your eyes are what I’m pursuing. (2)
If the feelings I want to covey could fly together in the night…

…Stars rest in those eyes.
Still, you gaze at what’s in front of you. You look at it. But between your eyes? Though I look at you,
Won’t you look back at me?

Hey, look at me. Hey, call for me.
I wish upon the stars: “Please, grant my dream!”

Come on, show your high flying to me!
Somehow, take me to the limits of that night sky – either that, or,
Take me somewhere far away.
I’m alone. Even so, I close myself up – I can’t become meek in the face of this feeling!
It’s the dream of an obstinate person…

Hey, fly swiftly to me!
Like a comet, take me to the limits of that night sky – either that, or,
Take me somewhere far away.
I don’t know why, but this pain in my chest – I want to live without it ceasing!
It’s the dream of a magician!

Those eyes gaze into empty space.
Nearby, that star shines, alone.

That glittering shooting star
Bears the wishes of those two…

Now, let’s try flying high!
At the place I’m heading to, I shine brighter than anyone else – nearby, the star on the surface
Makes an alternating wish – that they may never be apart, or pass by each other.
The wishes of those two, now…!

Hey, fly swiftly to me!
Without knowing anything, I am somewhere in this night – alone,
I’m holding my arms around my knees, waiting.
The words tied to my heart – I want to tell you them. It’s time for my wish to come true!
Those intersecting dreams crossfade…

Translator’s notes

(1) The first pair of kanji [永遠] is read as eien (eternity), but something different is sung. It sounds like doa (door), which is incorporated into the translation.

(2) oi kakeru wa (to pursue) has two different meanings depending on what one interprets as being the subject of the sentence: ‘your eyes are what I’m pursuing’ and ‘my eyes are the ones pursuing them (the stars + dream).






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