Album art.

星の向こうに || Beyond the Stars

Album art.

hoshi no mukou ni
Beyond the Stars

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: コンプ (Comp)
Arranged by: コンプ (Comp)
Album: オリエンタル夢紀行 (Oriental Dream Travel Journal) [Official site]
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Event: C80
Original theme: Unknown Flower, Mesmerising Journey [未知の花 魅知の旅]

Requested by: Quwanti

A calm, relaxing arrangement. I don’t think I’ve heard an arrangement of Unknown Flower, Mesmerising Journey that isn’t calm, to be honest…


遠ざかる郷愁の軌跡 なくした想い数える
いつしか踏襲の道を 知らず知らずに辿って

雲の向こうに 空の向こうに 星の向こうに行きたいけど
月が照らした 今居る場所を 一つずつ愛して

沈めた蒼色の記憶 触れちゃいけない気がする
旅した白黒の記憶 忘れちゃいけない気がする

木々の向こうに 森の向こうに 山の向こうにあるはずだと
何を探して何を見つけた 一つだけ分かった

時は流れ静かに 心映すパノラマ
アレヨアレヨ束の間 日が沈む
全て零れ落ちても 友の手は離さずに
アレヤコレヤ夢見て 日が昇る
日が沈む また明日


toozakaru kyoushuu no kiseki nakushita omoi kazoeru
itsu shika toushuu no michi wo shirazu shirazu ni tadotte

kumo no mukou ni sora no mukou ni hoshi no mukou ni ikitai kedo
tsuki ga terashita ima iru basho wo hitotsu zutsu aishite

shizumeta aoiro no kioku furecha ikenai ki ga suru
tabi shita shirokuro no kioku wasurecha ikenai ki ga suru

kigi no mukou ni mori no mukou ni yama no mukou ni aru hazu da to
nani wo sagashite nani wo mitsuketa hitotsu dake wakatta

toki wa nagare shizuka ni kokoro utsusu panorama
are yo are yo tsuka no ma hi ga shizumu
subete kobare ochitemo tomo no te wa hanasazu ni
are ya kore ya yume mite hi ga noboru
hi ga shizumu mata ashita


The tracks of my nostalgia fade away. I count up all of the memories I’ve lost…
Before I knew it, I was following a similar path again, unconsciously.

Beyond the clouds, beyond the sky, beyond the stars… I want to go there, but –
The moon illuminated the place I am in now. One by one, I love those memories… (1)

I feel as if I shouldn’t touch those submerged memories, coloured blue.
I feel as if I shouldn’t forget the monochrome memories of my travels.

Beyond the trees, beyond the forest, beyond the mountains… It must be there.
What am I searching for? What have I found? Only one became clear…

Time flows silently through this panorama projected in my heart.
As I stand there, dumbfounded, the sun sets…
Even if everything spills over and falls, I won’t let go of my companion’s hand.
I dream of this and that, and the sun rises.
The sun sets once more – I’ll see you tomorrow…

Translator’s note

(1) The ‘memories’ talked about here are the same memories mentioned in the first stanza.






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