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いざや大團圓、帷無き世へ。 || Come, Now, To the End, Towards a Curtainless World.

Album art.

izaya daidon’en, tobari naki yo he.
Come, Now, To the End, Towards a Curtainless World.

Vocals: 真野紫 (Mano Yukari)
Lyrics: 飴野はるつみ (Ameno Harutsumi)
Arranged by: 飴野ヲルカ (Ameno Orca)
Album: 櫻雨キネマトグラフ ~大正壹佰年奇譚~ (Cherry Blossom Rain Cinématographe ~Mystical Tale of A Hundred Years of the Taisho Era~)
Circle: 全自動少女 (Automata Girl)
Event: C83
Original theme: Necrofantasia [ネクロファンタジア]

Requested by: Roboscape

A quick note about the title – いざや (izaya) has a strong connotation of ‘beckoning’ someone to do something, or to go somewhere. Though I translated it as ‘Come, now, to the end,’ it is possible that the speaker is in fact inviting ‘the end’ to go somewhere (in this case, towards a curtainless world).

Of course, my usual spiel about archaic Japanese applies here, too. I kept the romaji as close to what is sung as possible, since the vocalist doesn’t exactly sing what is written down… For example, やうに (yau ni) is pronounced ‘you ni’ in the song (and in modern Japanese), so I left it as that. The identity of the speaker is an enigma – almost all of the pronouns have come about as a result of my own interpretation.


誘はれ 迷子踊戯び 眺むる頂の果てに
騒めく函庭見下ろせば 啼き嗤ひ人は叢集ふ

其れならば 何呉と渾て愛せるやうに
演ずる侭 今日に然様なら

孤独な客席に佇み 遠眼鏡覗けば何時も
櫻雨に打たれ微睡む 徒な世界の中で

詐る事にも 眼を瞑れば今日は素晴し


夢で亦 遇へると識つても
眠れぬなら 眼を閉ざして今日に口附け

振反らず誰もが 憂ひ乍抱歩み往くならば


izanaware mayoigo odori asobi nagamuru itadaki no hate ni
sawameku hakoniwa mioroseba naki warai hito wa mue tsudou

sore naraba nanikure to subete aiseru you ni
enzuru mama kyou ni sayounara

kodoku na kyakuseki ni tatazumi toomegane nozokeba itsumo
sakura ame ni utare madoromu itazure na sekai no naka de

haguruma wo tagaeta koto ni mo
itsuwaru koto ni mo me wo tsumureba kyou wa subarashi

dare hitori suteeji ni noboru sono tame ni
michi wo samayotte ayunde kita wake de wa nai koto
shinji nagara mo kidzukeba kaatenkooru mukaeru no sa

yume de mata aeru to shittemo
nemurenu nara me wo tozashite you ni kuchi tsuke

yoru ga meguri pareedo wa tsudzuku
furi kaerazu dare mo ga urei idaki nagara ayumi yuku naraba
izaya tobari naki yo he
kaaten kooru no mukou he to


The lost children dance and play. They have been beckoned to the edge of this peak, which we gaze at.
If you look down upon that rustling, miniature garden, you will see the singing, laughing people gather together…

If that is so, I bid farewell to today,
Whilst acting as if I love everything in various ways…

When I linger in an isolated audience seat, and peer out through spectacles,
I am always struck by a rain of cherry blossoms, and I fall into a slumber within this vain world…

If you shut your eyes to those conflicted gears, and
Deception, as well, today will be wonderful…

There is no reason why one would have arrived here after becoming lost on the road.
Whilst believing, a curtain call will welcome them before they are aware of it.
This is done so all may climb upon the stage…

Though I am aware that I can meet you again in my dreams,
If I cannot sleep, then I shall open my eyes and kiss today.

Night returns, and the parade continues…
If all are to walk forwards whilst embracing grief, without looking back,
Then come, to a curtainless world,
Beyond that curtain call, where something awaits you…






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