Album art.

Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs || I Love My Field of Flowers

Album art.

Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs
I Love My Field of Flowers

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: aoma
Arranged by: Shibayan
Album: 花筵爛然 (Kaen Ranzen)
Circle: そろぶた-R (Solo Buta-R)
Event: Kageki no Utage (2012)
Original theme: Lotus Love

Requested by: Marisa-nya

I must confess, I’ve had an almost completely translated version of this sitting around on my hard drive for a ridiculously long time. I just never shared it anywhere. Anyway, I touched it up a bit, and here it is!

Though the vocalist is Ranko, this technically isn’t a Buta-Otome song – instead, it’s from a solo album by Ranko, collaborating with various arrangers (hence the ‘Solo Buta’ circle name). The title doesn’t really appear to mean anything in Japanese – the closest thing to a translation would be ‘Brilliant Flower Mat.’ The event name is similar, meaning something like ‘Feast of Extraordinary Flowers.’


熱い紅茶 燻る午後に
今 わたし夢を見てる



雨上がり 虹咲く 花畑で逢う
幸せの歌 唄いましょう 踊りましょう

晴れた空 眺める ひとときには



ichigo no mirufiiyu
amai kaori ni yurare
atsui koucha kuyuru gogo ni
ima watashi yume wo miteru

ringo taruto tatan
mitsubachitachi no warutsu
kaaten goshi ni en wo egaku
itazura na natsu no hizashi ni……

hachimitsu furomaaju
tsumamu himawari batake
minto iro no sora no shita de
tokimeki to mizu wo agemashou

ameagari niji saku hanabatake de au
tobikiri suteki na okurimono
shiawase no uta utaimashou odorimashou

hareta sora nagameru hitotoki ni wa
sou anata ni soba ni ite hoshii to

nee, yume miteru no……


A strawberry mille-feuille.
A sweet fragrance is wafting around.
In this smouldering afternoon of hot tea,
Now, I’m dreaming.

An apple tarte tatin.
The honeybees are waltzing around.
Beyond the curtains, they draw a circle
In the mischievous rays of the summer sun…

Honey fromage.
A field of plucked sunflowers.
Under the mint-coloured sky,
Let us overwhelm them with water.

After the rain, meet me there, at the field where rainbows bloom.
I’ll give you an extraordinarily lovely present.
Let us sing a song of happiness… Let’s dance…

Whilst gazing at the clear sky,
Yes… I’d like to be close to you, for just a little bit…

Hey… I’m dreaming…






5 responses to “Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs || I Love My Field of Flowers”

  1. Corridor of Phantasm Avatar

    […] Je t’aime moi champ de fleurs || I Love My Field of Flowers […]


  2. Marisa~Nya Avatar

    Thank you thank you thank you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      You’re welcome! 🙂


  3. releska Avatar

    It’s so… good…! Shibayan’s bossa nova style is a match made in heaven with Ranko’s voice. In case you wanted to listen, the crossfade of the album is here:

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  4. mekouchii Avatar

    Lotus Love, sung by Ranko, arranged by Shibayan? What is this, a dream? I knew Marisa couldn’t have been lying when talking about the “best Ranko song ever”, but Shibayan? I’m so glad you tanslated it, once I get to hear it, I’ll be happy to already know what it means!! Good job! (。・ω・。)

    Liked by 1 person

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