Subterranean Animism

ARCD0025Subterranean Animism

Vocals: Millie (美里)
Lyrics: Haruka
Arranged by: Masayoshi Minoshima
Album: For Your Pieces
Circle: Alstroemeria Records
Event: C74
Original Theme: Awakening of the Earth Spirits [地霊達の起床]

Requested by: Ammy

The lyrics of this song are quite short, so I thought I’d get it done sooner rather than later…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ひらひらと舞い散る 白い雪降り続け
真っ白に染めてく この場所を

hirahira to maichiru shiroi yuki furitsudzuke
masshiro ni someteku kono basho wo

The white snow continues to fall, flutteringly dancing down.
It gradually dyes this place a pure white…

そう凍える吐息 両手温めながら
白銀の世界に ただ1人

sou kogoeru toiki ryoute atatame nagara
hakugin no sekai ni tada hitori

My sighs freeze as I warm my hands up.
I am all alone in this silver world.

Falling snow. Girl was there.
At this place which becomes white. Snow-white.

The snow was falling as that girl stood there
In this place, which becomes white. Snow white.

何を待ち続けて 何を望んでいるの
わずかな希望さえ 凍えてく
温かさを求め この地で何を待つの
何か始めるため いつまでも

nani wo machitsudzukete nani wo nozondeiru no
wazuka na kibou sae kogoeteku
atatakasa wo motome kono chi de nani wo matsu no
nanika hajimeru tame itsumademo

What do I continue to wait for? What am I wishing for?
Even my meagre hope freezes…
I seek warmth. What do I wait for, in this land?
I will wait forever for something to begin…

Snow is fall. Girl was there.
It’s for all first at this snow-white place.

The snow was falling as that girl stood there.
Everything begins at this snow-white place…


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