Nothing but the Touhou EDMClose

Vocals: Aikapin
Lyrics: Omi Oruha (オミ織葉)
Arranged by: uno
Album: Nothing but the TOHO EDM
Circle: IOSYS
Event: Touhou Meikasai 8
Original Theme: Septette for a Dead Princess (亡き王女の為のセプテット)

Requested by: Sleep

This song is apparently a parody of ‘Clarity,’ by Zedd feat. Foxes. It seems to be about unrequited love – the speaker tries her hardest to get the one she loves to reciprocate her feelings, but he doesn’t. Or does he? I guess that’s the question…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

曖昧な関係に 疲れ果て
少しづつ 少しづつ 零れていく
綻んだ蜘蛛の糸 手繰り寄せ
つないでも つないでも 結べない

aimai na kankei ni tsukarehate
sukoshidzutsu sukoshidzutsu koboreteiku
hokoronda kumo no ito taguriyose
tsunaide mo tsunaide mo musubenai

I’m exhausted with this vague relationship.
Little by little, my tears spill out.
I pull in that spider’s thread, which has come apart.
Though I try, though I try, I can’t tie us together.


dou shite mo kurushii nara hakidashite shimaeba ii
eien ni yamu koto nai ame nante nai no dakara

If it’s going to hurt no matter what, I should just say everything that’s on my mind.
Because there’s no such thing as rain that lasts forever…

今は気づかない 振りをするよ
忘れさられる その時まで

ima wa kidzukanai furi wo suru yo
wasuresarareu sono toki made

For now, I shall pretend that I am unaware.
Until you forget about me…

そばにいる理由 見つけるまで
あなたのことを 追い続ける

soba ni iru riyuu mitsukeru made
anata no koto wo oitsudzukeru

Until you find a reason for being by my side,
I shall continue to chase after you.

囚われた籠の鳥 解き放ち
遠くへと 遠くへと 飛び立つの
欲望の深い闇 落ちていく
溺れても 溺れても 救われた

torowareta kago no tori tokihanachi
tooku he to tooku he to tobitatsu no
yokubou no fukai yami ochite iku
oborete mo oborete mo sukuwareta

I’m a bird locked in a cage. Release me,
And I’ll take off far away, far away…
I fall into a deep darkness of desire.
Though I drown, though I drown, I was saved.


naiteiru watashi ni tada te wo hiite kureta anata
kono sekai owaru made wa itsu made mo soba ni iru no

You still took my hand as I was crying.
I’ll stay with you always, until the world ends.

忘れてしまう その時まで
見えない絆 紡ぎながら

wasurete shimau sono toki made
mienai kizuna tsumugi nagara

Until you forget about me,
I shall weave our unseen bonds.

生きている意味 わかるまでは
あなたのことを 見守るから

ikiteiru imi wakaru made wa
anata no koto wo mimamoru kara

Until you understand why you’re alive,
I shall watch over you.

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