Hide and seek × Spirit away

T.P-0002Hide and seek × Spirit away

Vocals: Ahiru (あひる)
Lyrics: Mizuyoshi (みずよし)
Arranged by: Kirin (きりん)
Album: Drizzle Doll
Circle: T.Piacere
Event: C83
Original Theme: Night Sakura of Dead Spirits [死霊の夜桜]

Requested by: Ammy
Subtitled video courtesy of Ammy:

When I first heard this, I thought it was just a happy song about two kids playing together. But then I remembered that the source theme is called ‘Night Sakura of Dead Spirits,’ and I suddenly felt heartbroken. Is this song actually about two children meeting again after they’ve died?

Unlike other songs, this one uses a lot of sentence fragments. Where I could, I kept them in, but some of them sounded really unnatural, so I reworded them to make them flow a bit better. For example, the first line should really sound like “The shoes we kicked off. We dipped our feet…”

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

脱ぎ捨てた靴 素足揃えて

nugisuteta kutsu suashi soroete
yosete wa kaesu minamo ni hitasu

We kicked off our shoes and dipped our bare feet
Into the water, as waves broke and retreated on the shore.


irodzuita “kirei na kirei na sekai”
hikiyoserarete me wo sorasenai

A ‘beautiful, beautiful world’ that had changed colour…
I was drawn in – I cannot look away.

かくれんぼ 貴方と私だけ
夕焼け小焼け 顔を出す星

kakurenbo anata to watashi dake
yuuyake koyake kao wo dasu hoshi

It’s a game of hide and seek, between just you and I.
Sunset, and its afterglow. The stars show their faces.


“mo— ii kai?” “ma—da da yo!”

“Are you ready?” “Not yet!”
I don’t want to go home… (1)


yorimichi shiyou? issho ni asobo! watashi to…

Shall we stop for a moment? Let’s play together! Together with me…

かくれんぼの途中 戻り道で迷子
「おかえり」待つ場所に 手を繋いで歩く

kakurenbo no tochuu modorimichi de maigo
“okaeri” matsu basho ni te wo tsunaide aruku

We’re in the middle of playing hide and seek – lost children on their way home.
We join hands and head home… (2)

桜の木 鮮やかに花びら舞う
朝焼け小焼け まだ残る星

sakura no ki azayaka ni hanabira mau
asayake koyake mada nokoru hoshi

Cherry blossom trees. Their petals dance around, vividly.
Daybreak, and its afterglow. The stars still remain…

「みーつけた!」と つかまえて笑う君と

“mitsuketa!” to tsukamaete warau kimi to
koinu no you ni jareai waraiatteta

I’m with you, who smiled as I caught you and cried “I found you!”
We joked around and smiled at each other, like puppies.

「帰ろっか」って言って 同じ道を辿る

tonari de kizuitara te wo tsunaide aruku
“kaerokka” tte itte onaji michi wo tadoru

When I realised you were by my side, we linked hands and walked.
“Shall we go home?” We follow the same path

_ _ _ _ _

(1) This is a potential misprint – the kanji used (孵) implies ‘hatching’ out of something. Given the context of the stanza, it should be (帰), meaning ‘to return home.’
(2) Literally, “the place where a ‘welcome home’ awaits us.”

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