Album art.

魔法使いと発明家 || The Magician and the Inventor

Album art.

mahoutsukai to hatsumeika
The Magician and the Inventor

Vocals: めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop), みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: Azuki, Kaztora
Musical author: ジョイフル (Joyful)
Arranged by: カズトラ (Kaztora)
Album: その日私は空を見上げた (On That Day, I Looked Up at the Sky)
Circle: 森羅万象 (Shinra-Bansho)
Event: Reitaisai 12 [RTS12]

The days pass by… Nitori is hard at work on her new invention, which will benefit all of Gensokyo. As it nears completion, Nitori’s dear friend Marisa comes to visit, with a warning…

This track is another one with a different name in the lyrics booklet. The alternate title for this section is 私が信じたのは何よりも貴女 (‘I Believed in You, More than Anyone Else’). The parts get a bit complicated towards the end, but it’s nowhere near as complicated as some of the bits in ‘Doppel’…

非公式の英訳/Unofficial translation

This goes to the right! This goes to the left! Whether it’s day or night, the hammers go *clang clang clang*
I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s finished…!
For my sake, for everyone’s sake… look! This is an invention for all of Gensokyo!

It’s the firework of dreams that will link youkai and humans.
With this, the boundary that separates us will disappear!

“Hey, Nitori! I’ve come to play.”
“How’s it going, my dear friend? This is the invention that will connect us to the outside world!”

Look, this is the flame of the Second Sun, which will tie the worlds together!

“That’s not bad, but aren’t you being a bit hasty?
Unstable curiosity only leads to burns, you know!”

I understand, but it isn’t just that, you know! [I’m just worried about you.]
This is the first step. [Step?]
It’ll start from here – [The thing that will start from here –]
The light of hope that will shine on all! [The immeasurable light that will reveal all.]

Look! I want only you to understand it –
[I won’t say those sorts of things anymore.]
The world that I dream of. [I want you to listen to just this:]
When my dream catches up to me…
[No matter what happens, I believe in you.]
Hey, let’s laugh together! [If it goes well, we’ll laugh together!]

[Though the magician] [and the inventor] advance along different paths,
I believe in a world [I’ll travel towards tomorrow.] overflowing with hope. [I believe in you!]






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