Album art.

あめむらさき || Raining Violet

Album art.

ame murasaki
Raining Violet

Vocals: ichigo
Album: JULIETTA e.p.
Event: C81

Requested by: Zega

The more I hear from this circle, the more I like them. I think I’m officially an ichigo fan now…

Anyway, like the other JUDGEMENT songs, this one’s about heartbreak. This time, it seems like it charts the relationship of a couple who can’t trust each other, told from the perspective of the male (‘boku’). The lyrics are a lot… vaguer than usual, held together by a number of seemingly unconnected ‘images.’ I’m sorry if the way I translated it makes it seem stilted – it’s a lot more natural in Japanese.

About the title: I was going to go with ‘Purple Rain,’ except purple rain is 紫雨 (murasaki ame) – this title’s the other way around, which is how I got to ‘Raining Purple.’


だましだまされて揺れる隙間 気分で



これぞ愛だと その目をみつめた後悔は淡い


胸裂き 手入れて 心を掴んで見せたら君は信じてくれるかな
かえす刀でまた斬りつけ合って その血で濡れた愛しさは甘い



aka ni mo ao ni mo, narenai murasaki
satoi uso, hontou no kotoba kikasete
damashi damasarete yureru sukima kibun de
ame mite kasa sasu you na nurekata shite

oitekita tsumori de
oite ikareta no kana
ai zo nanya to sono te ni fureta koukai wa fukai

dare mo shiranai kono sekai no fuchi de
mata kimi wo miushinai sagasu no, uousaou shinagara.

naiteshimaeta nara nanika kawatta no kana
kore zo ai da to sono me wo mitsumete koukai wa awai

yuudachi, kouen, shiroi sukaato ni shimi
chikai kyori, nanoni dare yori tooi hito
yakusoku wo shiyou, yakusoku shitakunai no
sore demo tameshitaku naru kimi mo boku mo

mune saki te irete kokoro wo tsukande misetara kimi wa shinjitekureru ka na
kaesu katana de mata kiritsuke atte sono chi de nureta itoshisa wa amai

dare mo shiranai kono sekai no fuchi de
boku kara wa te wo hanasanai kara
hanashiteagenai kara.


A violet, that cannot become either red or blue.
Those clever lies, you persuade me that they’re the truth.
In a mood like swaying in the gap between deceiving and being deceived,
I get wet in a way that’s like seeing rain and putting up an umbrella.

I wonder if I was left behind
Whilst intending to leave you behind?
“What is love?” The regret of being felt by those hands is deep…

In the abyss of this world, unknown to all,
I lose sight of you again and search for you, whilst wandering this way and that.

I suppose something changed when I ended up crying.
“This is love.” The regret of being gazed at by those eyes is fleeting…

An evening shower, the park, a stain on your white skirt.
Someone who is close, yet further away than everyone.
“Let’s make a promise!” “I don’t want to…”
Despite this, we want to test each other – you and I.

If I tear open my chest, seize my heart, and show it to you, I wonder if you’ll believe me?
We cut at each other once more with those returning katana. The loveliness of being wet by your blood is sweet.

In the abyss of this world, unknown to all,
Your hands won’t be parted from mine,
So I won’t let you go…






One response to “あめむらさき || Raining Violet”

  1. Zega Avatar

    i loved this one releska, thank you so much for your work! you’re awesome

    Liked by 1 person

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