Dark Flight Dreamer

AECD-040Dark Flight Dreamer

Vocals: Nomiya Ayumi (野宮あゆみ)
Lyrics: Nomiya Ayumi (野宮あゆみ)
Arranged by: REDALiCE
Album: Dark Flight Dreamer.EP
Event: Reitaisai 11 (RTS11)
Original Theme: Oriental Dark Flight [オリエンタルダークフライト]

Requested by: Dreet!!

In translating this, I had a few doubts at times because there’s a tendency for the sentences to be split in half by a line break. It feels a bit weird capitalising each line when two or more lines combine to form a sentence, but… I do it anyway. Just bear in mind that the punctuation should be your guide to what is and isn’t a sentence!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


kanpeki na mirai egaku tabi
mujaki na ima ga waraunda

That innocent reality laughs
Each time it sketches a perfect future.


nozonda bun dake
hanareteku hikari
makecha dame to kuchibiru kami shimeru

Light begins to separate and drift off,
But only as much as I wished for.
I chew my lips, thinking “I mustn’t lose!”

絶対譲れない この空の全部
欲しい欲しいから 何度だって飛び立つよ
前に進まなきゃ 消えて行く夢を
一つも残さず 味わってみせるから
例え1cmでも 届くと信じたいよ

zettai yuzurenai kono sora no zenbu
hoshii hoshii kara nan’do datte tobitatsu yo
mae ni susumanakya kieteiku yume wo
hitotsu mo nokosazu ajiwatte miseru kara
tatoe 1cm demo todoku to shinjitai yo

I definitely won’t surrender! Because I want
Everything in the sky, I’ll take off no matter how many times.
I have to keep going forward. I won’t leave behind
Even a single fading dream. I’ll show you I can relish them all!
So even if I move only 1 cm forwards, I want to believe that I’ll reach you.


bukiyou sugiru ippo kara
kawatteku iro mo arun da

There’s a colour that begins to change
From even a single, clumsy step, as well.


sono saki wo aruku
senaka wo mezashite
mazu wa jibun no kokoro tokihanate

I aim for you,
Walking in the distance.
First, I must release my heart!

髪をなびかせて この空を泳げ
巡り巡り出す 星の流れを止めて
この世界中に 散りばめた夢を
一つも零さず 捕まえてみせるから
例え1cmでも 届くと信じたいよ

kami wo nabikasete kono sora wo oyoge
megurimeguri dasu hoshi no nagare wo tomete
kono sekaijuu ni chiribameta yume wo
hitotsu mo kobosazu tsukamaete miseru kara
tatoe 1cm demo todoku to shinjitai yo

I swim through the sky, which makes my hair flutter.
I stop the flow of stars, which circles ‘round and ‘round .
I won’t spill even a single one of the dreams
That are set into the world. I’ll show you I can catch them!
So even if I move only 1 cm forwards, I want to believe that I’ll reach you.


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