Vocals: yana
Lyrics: chie fukami (深水チエ)
Arranged by: Shibayan
Album: TRATRA -Extra Track-
Circle: Shibayan Records
Published by: SYNC.ART’S
Event: Tora Matsuri 2010
Original Theme: The Tiger-Patterned Bishamonten [虎柄の毘沙門天]

Requested by: Mekouchii
Subtitled video courtesy of Nii Chii:

As can be expected from Shibayan’s bossa nova tracks, the lyrics this time are completely and utterly adorable. Shou’s searching for something, but what is she searching for? Either way, though it may not look like it on the surface, Shibayan’s put these lyrics together with precision and care – that stanza in the middle with the repeated ‘shi’ (し) is effective on so many different levels! Sadly, though I did my best, the delicacy doesn’t quite come through in English…

(Though I left the title as it is since it’s written like that in the lyrics booklet, it translates to something like ‘Light and Fluffy*Nice and Warm’)

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

ねえ、待って! すぐに終わる用事だから

nee, chotto kochira ni kite hoshii no dakedo
iie, taishita koto de wa nai no dakedo
nee, matte! sugu ni owaru youji dakara
…ano ne, onegai ga aru no desu

Hey, I want you to come over here for just a moment.
No, it’s not a big deal or anything, but…
Hey, wait! It’s a task you’ll finish soon,
So… um, I have a request for you…


sore wa subesube yawarakai
fuwafuwa manmarui
nakushita wake de wa nai no dakedo
tsumari eeto, tsumari, hora

It’s something silky-smooth and soft,
Fluffy and perfectly round…
It’s not that I lost it, but…
In other words, um, in other words… look!


setsumei shitakutemo jouzu ni ienai no
amai nioi ga shiteiru no
tabete nado imasen, somosomo taberemasen
…koneko ni nante agemasen

I want to explain it to you, but I can’t say it very well.
It gives off a sweet smell!
But you don’t eat it – to start with, you can’t eat it.
…And you wouldn’t give it to a kitten, either.


tashika ni fuwafuwa de, marumaru shiteru kedo
sore wa tabemono ja nai desuka
dakara ne, hontou ni, setsumei shidzurakute
akireta kao wo shinaide ne

It’s definitely light and fluffy, and though it’s round…
Isn’t that a kind of food?
That’s why – really, it’s hard to explain.
Don’t make a shocked face!


nee, otsukai wa ato demo kamawanai shi
ano, chotto o-negai wo kiite hoshii no
nee, o-ki ni iri no o-kashi wo agemasu shi
sukoshi, otsukiai shite hoshii no desu ga

Hey, it’s no problem if you leave this errand till later, too.
Um, I want you to listen to my request…
Hey, I’ll give you your favourite sweets, too.
I just… want to speak with you a bit…


nee, isogashii no mo wakatteimasu shi
nee, mitsukaranai to ochitsukanai shi
nee, sukoshi me wo hanashiteita dake da shi
kiite, sono, tetsudatte o-negai…

Hey, I know that you’re really busy, but
Hey, if I don’t find it, I won’t settle down.
Hey, I just gazed away from it for a little bit, too.
Listen, um, please help me out here…


itsumo nara sugu mitsukaru no
daiji na mono da shi
demo kyou, tenki ga warui deshou
tsumari eeto, dakara, hora, …

Every time, I find it again really quickly.
It’s important to me, too.
But today, the weather’s bad, isn’t it?
In other words, um, because, look…!


sore wa pokapoka atatakai
sawasawa utau no
housekibako ni wa hairanakute
dakara eeto, tsumari, hora

It’s nice and warm,
And it sings eloquently.
You can’t put it in a jewellery box,
So, um, in other words, look!


tsukue no ue nante nando mo mimashita yo
miotoshi nante arimasen!
tashika ni pokapoka de, sawasawa utau kedo
sore wa ikimono ja nai desu ka

I saw it countless times on top of my desk.
I haven’t overlooked it or anything like that!
It’s certainly nice and warm, and it sings eloquently.
Isn’t that a living thing, though?


tashika ni kono heya ni oitoita hazu na no
uso nado tsuku wake nai deshou
dakara ne, hontou ni kono heya ni oita no
kanchigai toka iwanaide

I definitely left it behind in this room!
I’m not lying, you know.
That’s why – really, I left it here in this room!
Don’t say I made a wrong guess, or anything like that…

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