Album art.

神想イ子知ラズ || The Goddess Knows; The Child Does Not

Album art.

kami omoi ko shirazu
The Goddess Knows; The Child Does Not

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: ランコ (Ranko)
Arranged by: コンプ (Comp)
Album: ありきたりな脳髄よ、今宵の月と踊れ (O, Ordinary Brain! Dance with Tonight’s Moon)
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Event: C87
Original theme: Native Faith [ネイティブフェイス]

According to Ranko’s sister, this song deals with familial love. It seems like there’s three parties involved – Sanae, Suwako, and Sanae’s Earth mother. It’s interesting how the perspectives shift throughout the song…

The title this time is a play on the proverb 親知らず子知らず (oya shirazu ko shirazu), meaning ‘Everybody for himself, and God for us all,’ or more simply ‘The parent does not know, the child does not know.’ This title uses the word 想イ (omoi) in the first part, which is closer to meaning ‘feeling’ than ‘knowing,’ but I think the sentiment is still there. It’s as if Suwako ‘knows’ (in other words, feels affection for) Sanae, though she is unaware of her existence.




そのまま 繋がる






kikoeta kotoba wa doko kara kita no ka
watashi no naka kara? achira no sekai ka?
“arienai koto” wa zutto soba ni atte
mietenai dake to hakkiri wakatta

yuganda keshiki kara nozokikomu no wa
watashi to yoku niteru kamisama datta

“douka kowagaranai de”
kin’iro no manako kara tsutawaru kotodama
onaji chi ga nagareteru
sonomama tsunagaru

tokete mazari au kamisama to watashi
kokoro ni nokoru wa ano ko no koto dake

achira wa koko yori mo iki zurai kara
wakare no aisatsu wa shinai de ikou

konya, dekakete wa dame
daisuki na heibon to muen no kurashi wo
aete sasetakunai no
wakatte, sayonara

tsuki ga azawarau yoru
kojiakete kachitotta sukoshi no sukima ni
madou kokoro no kotae
ano ko wa dochira ni


I wonder where those words I could hear came from…
Did they come from inside me? From that other world?
‘Impossible things’ are always by my side –
You just can’t see them. That, I understood well.

The one who peeped through from that distorted landscape
Was a goddess, who looked very much like me.

“Please, don’t be scared.”
Those kotodama were transmitted from her golden eyes.
The same blood flows through us.
Like that, we are connected.

We dissolved and joined together, that goddess and I.
That child is all that remains in my heart.

Living over there is harder than it is here,
So I’ll go without farewells!

Tonight, you mustn’t go outside.
I don’t want to let you live a life
Separated from the ordinary life you love so much.
…I understand – farewell.

On that night, the moon sneers down.
At that opening, wrenched open in victory,
The troubled heart gives its answer.
But what did that child choose…?


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