Album art.

My Sweet Dream, Don’t Let Me Down

Album art.

My Sweet Dream, Don’t Let Me Down

Vocals: エコ (echo)
Lyrics: コツキミヤ (miyakotuki)
Arranged by: うどんタイマーP (Udon Timer P)
Album: 月黄泉の夢 (Tsukuyomi’s Dream) [Official site]
Circle: Saga Novel
Event: C88
Original theme: Eternal Spring Dream [永遠の春夢]

Requested by: Dasty Enoch
Watch the official video on YouTube!

Note: Please do not use these lyrics to create subtitled videos. [Special condition for Saga Novel translations]

I had this album on my C88 list. I was just looking through the albums that were being released, and this one stuck out because Doremy was on the front cover. It only has 3 tracks, but they’re all pretty good!


仮初めの夢に生き 夢を見て
背徳の空に浮かぶ 旅を往く
何度でも 同じ事繰り返し
地上より溢れ 染める希望の音

Don’t Let Me Down
新しい真実が 闇を打ち砕いて
Never Say Die,More
永遠とリンクする 道を拓けばいい
Change Your New World
最上の結末を 選び出せ

春の色…それも私 紛うなく

Don’t Let Me Down
灯火の危うさに 迷う事があろうと
Never Say Die,More
積年の想いには 微塵の嘘もなく
Change Your New World
魂の往く先で 待っている

己が声 響き渡れど
身の在り処 揺蕩い 失くしかけて

夢現 狭間には嘲笑う影が見えた

Don’t Let Me Down
この世界 眠る青 もう一度手にして
Never Say Die,More
焼け落ちる 灼熱の歪みから抜け出し
Change Your New World
繋がれた運命を 呼び覚ませ
I’ll have a dream again


karisome no yume ni iki yume wo mite
haitoku no sora ni ukabu tabi wo yuku
nando demo onaji koto kurikaeshi
chijou yori afure someru ai no oto

Don’t Let Me Down
atarashii shinjitsu ga yami wo uchikudaite
Never Say Die,More
eien to rinku suru michi wo hirakeba ii
Change Your New World
saijou no ketsumatsu wo erabi dase

souzou no sanbutsu ga watashi nara
haru no iro… sore mo atashi magau naku

Don’t Let Me Down
tomoshibi no ayausa ni mayou koto ga arou to
Never Say Die,More
sekinen no omoi ni wa mijin no uso mo naku
Change Your New World
tamashii no yukusaki de matte iru

ono ga koe hibiki wataredo
mi no arika tayutai nakushi kakete

yumeutsutsu hazama ni wa warau kage ga mieta

Don’t Let Me Down
kono sekai nemuru ao mou ichido te ni shite
Never Say Die,More
yake ochiru shakunetsu no yugami kara nukedashi
Change Your New World
tsunagareta unmei wo yobi samase
I’ll have a dream again


I live in a transient dream, and I dream.
Floating in the immoral sky, I journey.
I repeat the same things countless times.
The sounds of love, my hope, flow forth from the ground, staining it.

Don’t let me down.
A new truth smashes the darkness to pieces.
Never say die again.
If only the path linking with eternity could be cleared…
Change your new world.
I pick out the finest conclusion.

If I am the result of creation,
Then spring’s colours… are me as well, without a doubt.

Don’t let me down.
I thought I’d be lost in the danger of that light.
Never say die again.
Not even the faintest lie is in my ancient feelings.
Change your new world.
I’m waiting at the place souls travel to…

Though my voice echoes about,
My body sways to and fro – I come close to losing it…

In the threshold between dreams and reality, I could see the shadows. They were sneering…

Don’t let me down.
I’ll take this world – a slumbering blueness – into my hands once more.
Never say die again.
I’ll escape from that red-hot distortion, as it burns and falls.
Change your new world
I’ll call to the fate I’m tied to, and I’ll wake it up.
I’ll have a dream again…






2 responses to “My Sweet Dream, Don’t Let Me Down”

  1. ycdtosa Avatar

    I believe エコ prefers echo to Eko judging from her twitter

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  2. Dasty Enoch Avatar
    Dasty Enoch

    Oh thank you so much for this Releska! ❤ These lyrics are pretty beautiful! Keep rocking!

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