Album art.


Album art.


Vocals: 野宮あゆみ (Nomiya Ayumi)
Lyrics: 野宮あゆみ (Nomiya Ayumi)
Arranged by: REDALiCE
Album: Overture | KANA [Official site]
Event: Reitaisai 8 [RTS8]
Original theme: Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial [月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル]

Requested by: Eiki


歪に消える月は 醜く淡い紅となり
汚い造型物に 価値など無いと排除して

チクタク逆に廻る鉄 命の理由を知って
さぁ泣き叫べ 落とした真っ赤な蜜を塗りたくって
月は唸り出し 忠誠と共に止まった

身体の奥の方で ヒヤリと湿る銀時計
秒数刻むたびに 鼓膜を震わせ制御して

小さな薔薇の蕾さえ 命の理由を知って
今咲き乱れ 魅せて 燃え朽ちて

僅かに欠けた紅い月 綺麗な色になって
さぁ泣き叫べ 揺れて 甦れ
月は唸り出し 快楽と共に砕けた


ibitsu ni kieru tsuki wa minikuku awai aka to nari
kitanai zoukeibutsu ni kachi nado nai to haijo shite

chikutaku gyaku ni mawaru tetsu inochi no wake wo shitte
saa nakisakebe otoshita makka na mitsu wo nuritakutte
tsuki wa unaridashi chuusei to tomo ni tomatta

karada no oku no hou de hiyari to shimeru gindokei
byousuu kizamu tabi ni komaku wo furuwase seigyo shite

chiisana bara no tsubomi sae inochi no wake wo shitte
ima sakimidare misete moekuchite

wazuka ni kaketa akai tsuki kirei na iro ni natte
saa nakisakebe yurete yomigaere
otoshita makka na mitsu wo nametotte
tsuki wa unaridashi kairaku to tomo ni kudaketa


The warped moon turns an ugly, pale red as it disappears.
This unclean fabrication is worthless. I remove it.

*Tick, tock* The clock’s hands turn backwards. It knows the meaning of life.
Now… cry out! I smudge out the crimson droplets of fallen nectar.
The moon moaned. It stopped, together with my loyalty.

Inside my body, the silver clock grows wet with dread.
Each time it marks the seconds, my eardrums are made to tremble. I control it.

Even the small rosebuds know the meaning of life.
Now, they bloom in profusion. They bewitch me. They burn and wither.

The slightly broken red moon becomes a pretty colour.
Now… cry out! Sway, and be revived.
I lick up the fallen drops of red nectar.
The moon moaned. It smashed, together with my pleasure.






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