Album art.

竹藪の中 || In a Bamboo Grove

Album art.

takeyabu no naka
In a Bamboo Grove

Vocals: Φ串Φ (Kushi)
Lyrics: RD-Sounds
Arranged by: RD-Sounds
Album: 密 (Hisoka) [Official site]
Circle: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong)
Event: C89
Original theme: Plain Asia [プレインエイジア]

Requested by: Nii Chii

This time, RD has given us not one, not two, but three arrangements of Plain Asia. Firstly, some background information. This song cycle is based on our candid friend Akutagawa Ryuunosuke’s short story ‘In A Grove’ [藪の中, yabu no naka]. The story follows various different accounts of a single murder, which gradually make the overall narrative more confusing. It deals with the theme of transmitting and accepting objective truth. Which is the perfect fit for Keine’s ability of seeing and modifying history.

Like the original story, the three different accounts presented here contradict each other in various ways, and the identity of the victim is ambiguous. Try and work out what’s going on – it’s like solving a mystery. The booklet images are the keys to the plot, as well as the hair colours mentioned in the descriptions. しろがね (platinum, shirogane, spelled as 銀髪, ginpatsu) is probably used to refer to Keine, and 銀の髪 (silver hair, gin no kami) is probably used in reference to Mokou. But when reading it, 銀髪 and 銀の髪 are similar, which makes it all the more ambiguous.

Unofficial translation/非公式の英訳

Part 1: ‘The Tale of a Florist Questioned by the Maiden of Are’

There is no such thing as a being who cannot be pardoned.

‘The Tale of a Florist Questioned by the Maiden of Are’

It was unfortunate, but a child
Lost their life.

The copper-coloured beast came and attacked.
They could do nothing but cry in fear.

Fortunately, another child who happened to be present
Narrowly escaped death.

Was the beast satiated by its prey? It disappeared somewhere…

…Through some sort of trick of fate, only the child that was hated passed away.

Keine’s perspective

I gaze up at the form of that beloved child
Who returned to the sky.
My platinum-coloured hair waves in the wind…

“You mustn’t come near me!” Those words,
Heard in the bamboo grove.

Part 2: ‘The Testimony of the White Rabbit Questioned by the Person of Hourai/The Hakutaku’s Soliloquy’

There is no such thing as an offence that will last forever.

There is no such thing as a being who cannot be pardoned.

‘The Testimony of the White Rabbit Questioned by the Person of Hourai’

It was unfortunate, but the child was alone
Because she was of a noble upbringing.

The limits of uncontrollable cruelty
Do not discriminate between adults or children.

Was good fortune her death itself?
Is that what all in the village had longed for?

You know, I think I’ve seen the platinum-haired beast that came to attack them somewhere before…

…Through some sort of trick of fate, a full moon shone upon the corpse.

Mokou’s perspective

I gazed up at my companion’s eyes reflected in the sky.
Her platinum hair swayed…
“You musn’t hide what I have done!” Those words, heard in the bamboo grove.

Sleep for eternity…

There is nothing that can be forgiven.

‘The Hakutaku’s Soliloquy’

I spin the thread of all things
So I may weave and knit it together again.
I do it so, somehow or other, this abominable history –
My memories – will never torment another

I just stay silent.

Nothing remains in the bamboo grove.

Part 3: ‘Their Lament’ (1)

It was unfortunate, but two children
Were fooling about at the edge of the village.

A copper-coloured beast came to attack them.
There was nothing they could do but cry in fear.

Fortunately, somebody came to help them.
Their silver hair was thrown out of order.

Through the crimson flames bursting from her body,
Perhaps she sought to protect them…

Through some sort of trick
Of fate,
The spreading hands of flames attacked someone.

Lamenting the sin of her companion, she gazes upwards.
Silver hair sways.
“You must never forgive me!” Those words echo through the bamboo grove.

Translator’s note

(1) The title of the final section has been partly removed in the booklet. Several characters are supposed to come before 人. It is possible that the full word is meant to be 蓬莱人 (Person of Hourai, houraibito), though other possibilities may exist.






26 responses to “竹藪の中 || In a Bamboo Grove”

  1. R7247 Avatar

    After checking the Romanized lyrics. I think the English translated part of ” どうか, 忌むべき歴史の
    けして誰も苦しめぬよう” sounds strange .I guess it should be ” please, this abominable history. do not let anyone suffer” (no offence)


  2. yuyuko saigyouji Avatar
    yuyuko saigyouji

    Maiden of Are is writer who make “The Tale of a Florist Questioned” word or something ?
    Is she connection in this song


    1. yuyuko saigyouji Avatar
      yuyuko saigyouji

      I mean, she is figure in story of song ?


      1. releska Avatar

        From the looks of things, there are a few people investigating the incident and trying to find out the truth. So you’re right – Akyuu (the ‘Maiden of Are’) is a character in the song’s story. She is an investigator, and interviewed the florist. The ‘tale’ is what the florist said when Akyuu interviewed her.

        I hope that helps!


        1. yuyuko saigyouji Avatar
          yuyuko saigyouji

          That is enough to be me understand
          Thank you very much, I will try my best the most beautiful this song that I can do now

          Liked by 1 person

        2. yuyuko saigyouji Avatar
          yuyuko saigyouji

          can you explain me,please?

          不幸にも 童がひとり

          It was unfortunate, but a child
          Lost their life.(If this is a child above line, why did you use “thier”?
          may be ,it is her/his parents )

          Sorry I don’t have mean dercy you, I just don’t know why


          1. releska Avatar

            Don’t worry about it! I’m always happy to discuss things like this (^_^)

            In this case, both lines are talking about a child. So, a child died. I used ‘their’ because we don’t know the gender of the child. Another option is ‘his/her’, but I wanted to use only one word.


        3. yuyuko saigyouji Avatar
          yuyuko saigyouji

          “Heard in the bamboo grove.”

          Maybe that is 竹林の迷い ? and “You mustn’t come near me” is that Mokou (if it’s true, who did she talk )

          Liked by 1 person

          1. releska Avatar

            I think that is Mokou. I think she is talking to Keine, who has offered to rewrite history to save her friend.


            1. yuyuko saigyouji Avatar
              yuyuko saigyouji

              Thanks you very much finally I finished
              If you do not mind, can you watch it (Although i just am nameless person)
              Because this song in ancient context, I only make gently effect, sympathize for me 😀

              Liked by 1 person

              1. releska Avatar

                I had a look at the video! Nice job (^_^)b A lot of the time I think it’s better to just keep things simple, so I appreciated the slight effects. The fonts were really easy to read, too, which is a bonus!


  3. [Vietnamese Translation] 竹藪の中 || 凋叶棕 – Petalite Yuu Avatar

    […] 竹藪の中 || Takeyabu no Naka Album: 密 (Hisoka) Cirlce: 凋叶棕 (Diao ye zong) Arrangements: RD-Sounds Lyrics: RD-Sounds Vocal: Φ串Φ (Kushi) Original title: プレインアシア (Plain Asia [Keine Kamishirasawa’s Theme]) Source: 東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night (Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night) Event: Comiket 89 English Translation: Releska […]


  4. phiphubao Avatar

    The Pingback link is broken


    1. releska Avatar

      (Okay, it turns out the original post was deleted. Sorry about that)


      1. Petalite Yuu Avatar

        Sorry, I deleted the post. And why is the link lead back to 竹ノ花?( ;∀;)


        1. releska Avatar

          Because I somehow managed to ignore the Kosuzu picture and the different title, and I thought 竹ノ花 was actually 竹藪の中.
          *hides in a corner*


          1. Petalite Yuu Avatar

            … =)))) Relax, I also mistaken it sometimes =))) They are both bamboo-related =)))))

            Liked by 1 person

  5. petaliteyuu Avatar

    Perfect song ;-;
    I need the lyrics ;-; Even though you’ve mentioned about the permission stuff Orz


    1. releska Avatar

      Searching for the title could help? I think some other people somewhere out there posted the original lyrics…


      1. petaliteyuu Avatar

        Okay. I’ve actually found the lyrics already. And btw, thank you for the Yuuhei translation :>

        Liked by 1 person

        1. releska Avatar

          No problem!


          1. Petalite Yuu Avatar

            Hi Releska. I just want to ask that do you still keep the romanji lyrics in Diao ye zong’s Hisoka album (the whole album). If you still have it, can you sent it to me? Thanks in advance.


            1. releska Avatar

              I’m sorry, they’re all gone 😦


              1. Petalite Yuu Avatar

                Okay, thank you


  6. DastevEnoch Avatar

    So from what I could gather from the final plot:

    -The child is attacked by a random youkai
    -Mokou appears and tries protecting the child, but ends up killing them instead.
    -Keine hears of it and Mokou tells her to never forgive her for what she did, but she does so anyway and tries erasing/manipulating that history?

    I’m not sure why in Tewi’s part she would blame Keine for doing it. Did Keine alter history so that Mokou thinks it was Keine who killed the child and herself?

    What’s you guys’ input on this?

    Nonetheless a beautful song, Kushi’s voice is so beautiful ♥ Thanks for the translation Releska!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Nguyễn Đức Trọng Avatar

    Expected nothing less from an album with the theme of “Secret”.

    Liked by 1 person

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