Album art.

夜のサーカス || The Night Circus

Album art.

yoru no saakasu
The Night Circus

Vocals: lily-an
Lyrics: kaztora
Arranged by: kaztora
Album: ether [Official site]
Circle: Liz Triangle
Event: C89
Original theme: The Clown of the Star-Spangled Banner [星条旗のピエロ]

For me, this is one of the best arrangements of ‘The Clown of the Star-Spangled Banner’ that I’ve heard so far. It sticks close to the original theme, but it also incorporates the Entrance of the Gladiators (also known as the typical circus theme), which makes it really fresh.

Putting that aside, the story seems to be about a human who encounters Clownpiece and her circus. There are some very dramatic POV shifts, so watch out for them! I also incorporated some sudden changes in tense to emphasise the impact of the lyrics.

Unofficial translation/非公式の英訳

A gorgeous light shines upon the kaleidoscope, and it floats.
Aah, that’s right. This place is – hmm… I wonder… Paradise on Earth.

Now, come here! Come here… Someone’s calls reverberated through the air.
Tonight, too, a fun feast shall begin. Aah…

Today, I shall present a pantomime of wild beasts to you –
An extraordinarily bizarre, mysterious show.

A flock of birds danced through space.
“If you fly well enough, I’ll applaud you!” When you’ve prepared yourself… 1.2.3.

The dolls dance in ecstasy upon the shining stage.
Where’s this place again? Forget about it – let’s dance a balalaika!

The hands pass 12, but there’s no sign that the curtains will fall yet.
What’s this? What?! It’s a midsummer night’s dream.

When the foolish clown laughs, someone else somewhere laughs.
Before I knew it, my name was called, and I was risen to the stage…

The voices of the crowd pushed me on.
The next to fly is me! I’m called, I’m pushed.

La la la! I’m on a stage that looms
Upon the revolving world… Where’s this place again?
“Those things don’t matter! ♪” La la!

When I realised it, I had been submerged in water. Where has the circus gone?
I can faintly see it on the opposite shore…
That’s right. The fairy with her burning torch looked this way and smiled.

Aah… The water’s surface sparkles, and the dolls dance in ecstasy.
Where’s this place again? Forget about it – balalaika!
Yes, the night circus will wash it all away, including your soul, tonight.
Yes, I remembered! Let’s dance the balalaika!
The night is long. It will continue forever…






5 responses to “夜のサーカス || The Night Circus”

  1. ShogounKaliend Avatar

    Thanks for the translation, but is there any kanjis/romajis somewhere? :s


    1. releska Avatar

      It’s probably out there somewhere. If you add the word 歌詞 after the song’s Japanese title in a search, you might have some more luck…!


      1. ShogounKaliend Avatar

        Ok thanks, I’ll do that the next time I need it 🙂
        I managed to use some translator kanji > romaji. It seems to be good enough, just had to replace some letters.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. 夜のサーカス || The Night Circus | Moon Avatar

    […] Vietnamese translated by Kokoro English translated by Releska […]


  3. Koimii Kozomii Avatar

    Nice Translation Without Lyrics ;;3;;


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