Album art.

どこにもない明日 || A Non-existent Tomorrow

Album art.

doko ni mo nai ashita
A Non-existent Tomorrow

Vocals: 茶太 (Chata)
Lyrics: dai
Composed by: dai
Album: Songs.
Circle: WAVE
Event: C74

Requested by: Vespere

The lyrics are short, but they’re devastating.


あなたの願い押しつぶして 二人で生きると誓いあった



君のために/誰のために 僕は生きているのだろう
それはきっと愛するため あなたの笑顔のために居るのだろう

君のために/誰のために 僕は今、居るのだろう

今はあなたの写真の前 僕だけ一人ここに居る
残った時間を共に笑い過ごしたあなただけに贈る ありがとう


isha kara moratta sunadokei
jimen tataku ano hi no you ni
anata no negai oshitsubushite futari de ikiru to chikai atta


sayonara tsugeta mae no toshi
kekkonshiki ga hirakareta
ureshisou de shiawase na, egao ga me ni yakitsuita

kimi no tame ni/dare no tame ni boku wa ikite iru no darou
sore wa kitto ai suru tame anata no egao no tame ni iru no darou

kimi no tame ni/dare no tame ni boku wa ima, iru no darou

ima wa anata no shashin no mae boku dake hitori koko ni iru
nokotta jikan wo tomo ni warai sugoshita anata dake ni okuru arigatou


I received an hourglass from the doctor.
I beat my fists against the ground, like on that day.
I crushed your dreams. We had vowed to live together


In the year before I said goodbye,
We had our wedding ceremony.
I etched our delighted faces into my memories.

For your sake/for whose sake do I live?
I surely live in order to love. I live for the sake of your smile.

For your sake/for whose sake am I here now?

Now, I am alone here, in front of a photo of you.
I send my thanks to only you, who used the time you had left to laugh together with me.






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