Album art.

[Incomplete] タブロイドラバー || Tabloid Lover

Album art.

taburoido rabaa
Tabloid Lover

Vocals: 小峠 舞 (Mai Kotoge)
Lyrics: W*M
Arranged by: W*M
Album: Primo -プリモ- [Official site]
Circle: C-CLAYS
Event: C87
Original theme: Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country [東の国の眠らない夜]

Requested by: malekdeneith

I… think this might be my first time posting an incomplete translation. Anyway, I received this song as a request without lyrics, and I managed to dig some up online. I didn’t realise it at the time, but the lyrics were a by-ear transcription by a fan, and they were missing a couple of sections. I had trouble trying to transcribe the missing sections, so I decided to just post them anyway!


(愛のある捏造 膨らませ真実)
(愛のある捏造 嘘も方便よ)


怒りを____ 追い詰めて ____
償うのは君かな one way

(愛のある ____ ネタには固まる)
(愛のある ____ 嫌いにはなれない)

息詰まる 一瞬の隙こらえて

怒りを  ____ 追い詰めて ____
どこへ逃げても どこへ飛んでも
____ 持ち上げ ____
償うのは君かな one way


chiisana koto mo katai hyougen
(ai no aru netsuzou fukuramase shinjitsu)
sunabokori sae daiji na sonzai
(ai no aru netsuzou uso mo houben yo)

yabureta kamikire ga
kao ni atari
torareta hidokunai shashin wa kare

ikari wo ____ oitsumete ____
anata no kijou no furumau
nige mo kakure mo shinai gizensha
tsugunau no wa kimi kana one way

aori chikadzuki jigoujitoku ni
(ai no aru ____ neta ni wa katamaru)
keiai shitemo sugata kaetemo
(ai no aru ____ kirai ni wa narenai)

atsumeta shouko ni wa rinjoukan
nokoshite mita keredo mada tarinai
mayoi ga arawarete tesaki furue
iki tsumaru isshun no suki koraete

ikari wo ____ oitsumete ____
anata no kotori risaachi sumi
doko e nigetemo doko e tondemo
kirasu made oikakete
____ machiage ____
daremo ga ochiru mon ne
nige mo kakure mo shinai gizensha
tsugunau no wa kimi kana one way


Small things and hard expressions…
(Truth bursts from love-filled forgeries.)
Even the smallest things are important!
(Love-filled forgeries… the end justifies the means!)

The torn-up scraps of paper
Strike my face
And the photos I took, which weren’t bad, are blasted away.

I ____ my rage and track down ____
Your stout-hearted behaviour.
Though I run, I can’t hide the fact that I’m a hypocrite.
I wonder if you’re the one who will redeem me? There’s one way.

Karma stirs up and grows near. Within it…
(Love-filled ____. I gather my materials up.)
Though I respect you, though I change my form,
(Love-filled ____. I can’t bring myself to hate you…)

The evidence I gathered up seems real.
I tried to save some, but there still isn’t enough.
I begin to doubt myself, and my fingertips shake.
It’s stifling. I put up with it for a moment.

I ____ my rage and track down ____
I finished researching you.
Wherever you run to, wherever you fly to,
I’ll chase you ‘till I run out of steam!
____. I raise up ____
Everyone’s falling down!
Though I run, I can’t hide the fact that I’m a hypocrite.
I wonder if you’re the one who will redeem me? There’s one way.







3 responses to “[Incomplete] タブロイドラバー || Tabloid Lover”

  1. Corridor of Phantasm Avatar

    […] [Incomplete] タブロイドラバー || Tabloid Lover […]


  2. malekdeneith Avatar

    Hahaha. Figures something like that would happen 🙂
    Still the holes aren’t that big, so the translation is still nice to have *saves a copy*

    Thank you very much for your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      That’s not a problem! I’m sorry it didn’t quite turn out as planned >_< Hopefully the rest of the lyrics show up some day and I can fill in the gaps 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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