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花時計と夢 || The Flower Clock and the Dream

hanadokei to yume
The Flower Clock and the Dream

Vocals: 瑶山百霊 (Yaoshanbailing)
Lyrics: komine
Arranged by: 月代彩 (Hikari Tsukishiro)
Album: 花月夜 (A Night of Flowers and Moonlight) [Official site]
Circle: Yonder Voice
Event: Reitaisai 11 [RTS11]
Original theme: The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky [天空の花の都]

Requested by: bluetea

The album title seems to be based on a Chinese poem by the name of 春江花月夜, except it’s missing the first two characters. It’s also the Chinese name of a flower known as the ‘Echeveria pulidonis,’ native to Mexico. Anyway, these lyrics felt more natural than some lyrics I’ve seen in the past. It’s like I could tell where they were taking me…


季節巡り 巡る
記憶に咲く 花笑みは
出逢い別れ 何度も
繰り返す 薄れる
夢や現実は どうでもいいさあ

ah…しとしとと降り続き 春時雨
ah…すやすやと夢を見る 白昼夢

季節巡り 巡る
見つけ出そう 希望
繰り返す 信じる
真実でも嘘でも 関係ない

また生まれ変わるなら 変わりたい
ah…すやすやと夢を見る 白昼夢
優しさ溢れる 心から


しとしとと降り続き 春時雨
ah…チクタクと時計の音 春近し
君といた季節 やっと来る


kisetsu meguri meguru
kioku ni saku hana emi wa
deai wakare nando mo
kurikaesu usureru
sabishikunai no? kanashikunai no?
yume ya genjitsu wa dou demo ii saa

ah… shitoshito to furi tsudzuki harushigure
zutto haru no naka ni nemuritai
ah… suyasuya to yume wo miru hakuchuumu
sotto fureatta yubisaki

kisetsu meguri meguru
uraraka na harukaze wo
mitsukedasou kibou
kurikaesu shinjiru
ai yori nukumori wo motomete iru
shinjitsu demo uso demo kankei nai

ah… sarasara to nagarete yuku jinsei
mata umarekawaru nara kawaritai
ah… suyasuya to yume wo miru hakuchuumu
yasashisa afureru kokoro kara

“watashi no koe ga kikoemasuka
maifuriru hanabira
dareka no tame ni odotte iru deshou

ah… shitoshito to furi tsudzuki harushigure
zutto sagashite ita kisetsu wa haru
ah… chikutaku to tokei no oto haru chikashi
kimi to ita kisetsu yatto kuru


The seasons revolve.
The smiling flowers blooming in my memories
Go through meetings and departures
Countless times, and then fade.
Aren’t you lonely? Aren’t you sad?
I don’t care about dreams or reality…

Ah… the spring rain continues to drizzle down.
I want to sleep during the spring forever.
Ah… I sleep peacefully and dream. I’m daydreaming…
Fingertips softly brushed against mine.

The seasons revolve.
I hope to discover
That bright spring breeze.
I keep wishing, and I believe.
I want warmth more than love.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s real or a lie.

Ah… life flows by so silkily.
If I will be born again, then I want to change.
Ah… I sleep peacefully and dream. I’m daydreaming…
Kindness overflows from my heart.

“Can you hear me?
The flower petals dance down
For whose sake do they dance?
Let me show you…”

Ah… the spring rain continues to drizzle down.
The season I had always searched for was spring.
Ah… ‘tick tock’ goes the clock. Spring is near.
The season I spent with you has come at last.


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