時々、遊楽峠 || Sometimes, at the Peak of Amusement

tokidoki, yuuraku touge
Sometimes, at the Peak of Amusement

Vocals: Mai Kotoge (小峠 舞)
Lyrics: W*M
Arranged by: W*M
Album: The Starry Night (星月夜 -ホシツクヨ-) 【Official Site】
Circle: C-CLAYS
Event: C77
Original Theme: Beware the Umbrella Left There Forever [万年置き傘にご注意を]

Requested by: Roboscape

Apparently, the second part of the title 遊楽峠 (yuuraku touge) is related to the vocalist’s surname 小峠 (kotoge). That’s a possibility, but since ‘amusement’ pops up so many times throughout the song, I think it’s more likely to refer to that. It appears as though 峠 refers to the peak of a mountain specifically, though it also works as a metaphorical ‘peak’ too. After you reach the peak of amusement, it’s all downhill from there…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

遠くまで流されてる 春風吹くまま
抵抗せずに流されてる 空色霞ませる

tooku made nagasareteru harukaze fuku mama
teikou sezu ni nagasareteru sorairo kasumaseru

The clouds are swept far away as the spring breeze blows.
They are swept away without resistance, making the blue sky grow hazy.

天高く流されてる 薄雲散りゆく
何もせず身を委ねて 遊覧のんびりと

ten takaku nagasareteru usugumo chiri yuku
nani mo sezu mi wo yudanete yuuran nonbiri to

Swept high up in the sky, the thin clouds begin to scatter.
Without doing a thing, I surrender myself to the wind, leisurely sightseeing.

揺らめく帆の音 霹靂と似て

yurameku ho no oto hekireki to nite
daichi ni tsutawaru hodo no hibiki wo

The sounds of the swaying sail are like thunder.
They resound, loud enough to pass through the ground.

翳して翳して 竜巻起こし

kazashite kazashite tatsumaki okoshi
makikomi tondeku edaha made

I hold out my hands and awaken a tornado.
I’m swallowed up and I fly away, right up into the branches.


isshun no hikage utsurikonde
itsuyuu bakari sagashite

A deep shadow is cast for a moment.
I search only for amusement

浮遊して木々乗る影 羅針盤くらい着け
また誰か驚かせて ぶつかる楽しみを

fuyuu shite kigi noru kage rashinban kurai tsuke
mata dareka odorokasete butsukaru tanoshimi wo

The shadows float and ride upon the trees. I wear something like a compass.
I surprised someone, yet again. I feel the enjoyment of bumping into someone.


tobidasu ehon de yayu wo tanoshimi
kotan de shika kikenakatta kyoufu wo

I enjoy the banter in the pop-up book
And I feel fear that I had only heard of in old tales…

飛び出し飛び出し 冷たい雨も

tobidashi tobidashi tsumetai ame mo
furasete furasete obiesase

Leap out, leap out! I send down cold rain,
And I frighten them.


isshun de shikou wo katamete wa
yuuraku tsukite akireru

In a moment, I harden my thoughts.
My fun ends, and I’m astounded.


shunrai nari sonzai shiri
kidzuite kuretara mata kono basho de no
jikan sugi yoru ni natte modotte kuru no nara mou
owari ni shiyou

The spring thunder peals. I know it.
If you notice me, then I will come back here
When time passes and it grows dark. If I come back…
Let’s bring things to an end.

翳して翳して 風道抜けて

kazashite kazashite kazamichi nukete
makikomi tondeku hanabira

I hold out my hands and I slip away from the windswept road.
The flower petals are swallowed up. They fly off.

夜空に星舞う 静かな時刻

yozora ni hoshi mau shizuka na jikoku
mada mada tarinai man’etsu sa

Stars dance in the night sky. It’s a quiet moment.
I’m delighted, but I’m still not satisfied!

遊楽冴えて 喜び

isshun no dekigoto wo madowase
yuuraku saete yorokobi

In a mere moment, I bewilder them.
I’m amused. I’m happy.

2 thoughts on “時々、遊楽峠 || Sometimes, at the Peak of Amusement

  1. Fuyuko July 25, 2016 / 2:44 am

    You write it so nicely, as always! (And made me nostalgic, first C-CLAYS song I ever heard.. didn’t understand a word, at the time.)

    Liked by 1 person

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