Album art.

観測者の居ない山猫軒 || The Wildcat House Without Observers

Album art.

kansokusha no inai yamanekoken
The Wildcat House Without Observers

Vocals: ランコ (Ranko)
Lyrics: ランコ (Ranko)
Arranged by: コンプ (Comp)
Album: FREAKS [Official site]
Circle: 豚乙女 (BUTAOTOME)
Event: C90
Original theme: Schrödinger’s Bakeneko [シュレディンガーの化猫]

Requested by: Vespere

This track is based on the short story ‘The Restaurant of Many Orders,’ written by Kenji Miyazawa. It’s quite short, so I highly recommend reading it either before or after reading this song’s translation. A good translation of the short story can be found here.



50:50 何事でも視えない部分は分かりません
働かせすぎた想像力 牙を向く

迷い込んだ森の奥 以前とは違う家を見つけた

次々現れる扉 激化していく要望

100:0で観測不能 視えない部分は無いも同じ

結末を知っていた 二人は笑いながら戸を開けた



ima jibun ga ikiteru no ka, shinderu no ka, toiu no wa,
shoumei mondai ni shite mo, samatsu de futashika na kai no raretsu

fifty:fifty nanigoto demo mienai bubun wa wakarimasen
hatarakasesugita souzouryoku kiba wo muku

mayoikonda mori no oku izen to wa chigau ie wo mitsuketa
ryouriten to kakareta kanban ni izanaware susundeku
“saa saa goenryo wa irimasen”
“donata mo daikangei desu”
kubi wo hineri nagara moji wo yomu
tanoshii iwakan yuganda heya

tsugitsugi arawareru tobira gekikashite iku youbou
ichido tatte shimatta furagu wa orareru koto mo naku ranritsu suru

hyakukai:zero de kansoku funou mienai bubun wa nai mo onaji
kanousei wa zero yori mo zero ni chikadzuita

osu wo kakete shio to kuriimu mamire no kao wo miawasu
ketsumatsu wo shitte ita futari wa warai nagara to wo aketa

ketsuron kara iu to, shokuzai ni narikaketa futari da ga,
tobira no mukou ni wa dare mo nani mo sonzai shinakatta
kansokusha ga inai to seishi mo teigi sareru koto wa naku
tatoe kuwaretete mo dare mo mietenai nara shindenai
“chuumon ga ookute urusakute
otsukaresama degozaimasu”
kitsune ni bakasareta to ittara
neko ja nai no ka to warau anata


Are you alive? Or are you dead?
Even if you set out to prove it, you’ll just end up with trivial, uncertain answers.

50/50. No matter what, you can’t understand the parts of things that you can’t see.
I used my imagination too much, and now it bares its teeth.

In the forest of the lost, we found a house different to the others.
We pressed on, invited by the sign saying ‘restaurant.’
“Come in, come in – no need to hesitate.”
“All are welcome here.”
Whilst wracking our brains, we read the words on the sign.
We felt a sense of fun unease in the warped room.

The doors appeared one after another, and the demands intensified.
Once the flags have been raised, they’ll stand together without falling.

It’s impossible to observe 100% of something. It’s like saying it has no invisible parts.
The probability is closer to zero than zero itself.

Applying the vinegar, the pair exchanged glances, their faces smeared with salt and cream.
They knew how it would end. The pair opened the door, smiling.

Well, as for how this story ends… the two came close to becoming ingredients
But nobody and nothing at all existed beyond the door.
Without observers, life and death can’t be defined.
For example, even if you’re eaten, if there’s nobody around to see it, you’re not dead.
“We apologise for making you follow so many orders
But thank you for your cooperation.”
When I said “Oh no, we’ve been deceived by foxes!”
You laughed back, “Aren’t they just cats?”






3 responses to “観測者の居ない山猫軒 || The Wildcat House Without Observers”

  1. Noel Avatar

    Ahh it’s really cool! Do you know what was ‘Key and Keyhole’ based on, if it was? 😮


    1. Eiki Avatar

      It wasn’t based on anything.


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