Album art.

此岸のDance floor || Shigan’s Dancefloor

Album art.

此岸のDance floor
shigan no Dance floor
Shigan’s Dancefloor

Vocals: みぃ (Mie)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Axelerator [Official site]
Event: C91
Original theme: Higan Retour ~ Riverside View [彼岸帰航 ~ Riverside View]

Requested by: eli

I actually thought ‘Shigan’ was ‘Higan’ and only realised my mistake just now (^_^); Shigan is used to refer to the world we live in at the moment, whereas Higan refers to the world of the dead (on the other side of the Sanzu River). Both are used in this song.


Hello 調子どうだい?
所詮仮のお宿でしょ ちょっと付き合ってお話しましょ
ゆく河の流れは絶えずして Up and down
ようこそ此岸のDance floor
今を噛み締めて 死神を笑え

C’mon 準備オーライ?
重い荷物なんて投げ捨て Here we go!
ようこそ此岸のDance floor
まずは景気づけ 死神と笑え

ゆく河の流れは絶えずして Up and down
二度とは戻れない それも結構いいんじゃない
そんじゃまた来世もLet’s do it again


Hello choushi dou dai?
taikutsu na mainichi ni heikou shite koko ni kita no kai
shosen kari no o-yado desho chotto tsukiatte o-hanashi shimasho
yuku kawa no nagare wa taezu shite Up and down
matataku jikan mo naku me ga mawaru
youkoso shigan no Dance floor
tettoutetsubi tanoshime kon’ya wa
kobushi tsukiagete shinu ki de ikou ja nai
jinsei wa a tto iu ma
yokubou datte nokorya shinai kara
ima wo kamishimete shinigami wo warae
ato wa no to nare kawa to nare

C’mon junbi oorai?
hajimeyou douse oyakyoudai joshi mo micha inai
Drink dai wa rokumon choudo desu
omoi nimotsu nante nagesute Here we go!
yodomi ni ukabu utakata wa Transmigration
matataki mo wasure odore saa
youkoso shigan no Dance floor
attouteki ni tanoshime kono jidai
koe wo hariagete ikinuite kou ja nai
jinsei wa a tto iu ma
zetsubou nante shiteru hima wa nai
mazu wa keikidzuke shinigami to warae
ato no matsuri demo kamawanai

yuku kawa no nagare wa taezu shite Up and down
yagate kuru wakare
youkoso higan no Entrance
saishuuteki ni tanoshimeta no kai
hone mo nokosazu ni moetsukirareta kai
soubetsu ni okurou ka
anata no aishita higanbana
nido to wa modorenai sore mo kekkou ii nja nai
son ja mata raise mo Let’s do it again


Hello! How are you feeling?
Did you end up here because you were fed up with your boring life?
After all, it’s only your temporary home. Hang out with me and chat for a bit!
The river’s flow is constant—up and down
But I’m so busy I don’t even have time to blink.
Welcome to Shigan’s dancefloor!
Just enjoy yourself tonight.
Wouldn’t you rather die with your fists in the air?
Life passes in the blink of an eye
And you don’t even leave desires behind
So reflect and laugh at the Shinigami.
Afterwards, become one with the fields and the streams.

C’mon! Are you ready?
Let’s get started. Your family and superiors aren’t looking.
Drinks cost about 6 mon. (1)
Throw away your heavy baggage. Here we go!
The bubbles floating on the sediment transmigrate.
Forget about blinking and dance!
Welcome to Shigan’s dancefloor!
Enjoy this era to the fullest.
Shouldn’t you just raise your voices and survive?
Life passes in the blink of an eye
So there isn’t any time to despair.
First things first: cheer up and laugh with the Shinigami!
It doesn’t matter if it’s too late.

The river’s flow is constant—up and down.
It’ll be time to say goodbye soon.
Welcome to Higan’s entrance.
Did you end up enjoying yourself?
Were you burned up, not even leaving bones behind?
Shall I send you off
With the red spider lilies that you loved?
You won’t come back again. But that’s fine, isn’t it?
Well I guess I’ll see you in the next life, then. Let’s do it again!

Translator’s note

(1) 文 (mon) is an old form of Japanese currency. Six is significant, as 六文銭 (rokumonsen) is needed to cross the Sanzu river.






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