Album art.

undefined songs

Album art.

undefined songs

Vocals: ほたる (Hotaru)
Lyrics: くまりす (Kumarisu)
Arranged by: Izu
Album: Lucent Wish [Official site]
Circle: EastNewSound
Event: C76
Original theme: At the End of Spring [春の湊に]

Requested by: Vengeance

It’s always challenging to translate lyrics as sparse as these. They sound wonderful, and they’re quite poetic, but a lot is left up to the listener to interpret. It’s kind of like one of those fancy meals at a high-class restaurant, where they manage to cram so much detail into a really small serving.


ゆらゆら 揺れてる
きらきら 輝いて
見かけた 儚い

掴んだ 左手

無くしたものの 名前を忘れ
見上げた空に 問いかけた

指先 凍えて


拾ったモノに 名前を付けて
私の意味を 探してる

叩いてみた 壊れたテレビ
砂嵐に ときめいて
ふれる指に ジワリと響く
広い部屋 歪む音




yura yura yureteru
kira kira kagayaite
mikaketa hakanai
yume datte iwasete

kitai wo migiude ni
oritatsu ano chi e to
tsukanda hidarite
mukaeutsu mirai e to

nakushita mono no namae wo wasure
miageta sora ni toikaketa
“watashi wa doko ni aru no deshouka?”
nakushita mimi ja kikoenai

hira hira maiorita
jiwa jiwa kiesatta
yubisaki kogoete
masshiro ni kieteyuku

kodachi no kenzou ni
sasayaku hito-tachi no
usumaru kage kara
tokete yuku iro ga

hirotta mono ni namae wo tsukete
watashi no imi wo sagashiteru

tataite mita kowareta terebi
sunaarashi ni tokimeite
fureru yubi ni jiwari to hibiku
hiroi heya hizumu oto

nakushite ki ga tsuita
wasureta mono no na wo
hirotte wasureta
nakushita mono no na wo

yuganda sekai wo
kurikaesu watashi no
sasayaku kodachi no zatsuon ga kieru made


Slowly swaying,
Brightly shining,
I caught sight of it for a moment
Which made me say it was a dream.

With my hopes in my right hand,
I descended toward that land.
Laying hands on it with my left hand,
I headed off to ambush the future.

Forgetting the name of what I had lost,
I posed a question to the sky above:
“Where am I…?”
My question couldn’t be heard by lost ears.

The snow lightly danced down
And faded away, bit by bit.
It froze my fingers
And then disappeared. It was pure white.

Colours melt away
From the diminishing shadows
Of the people whispering
Among the hustle and bustle in the grove.

Giving names to the things I gather up,
I search for my meaning.

I tried to hit that broken television
And it pulsated with white noise.
A distorted sound gradually echoed
Through my fingers, into the wide room.

I lost them and then I remembered
The names of the things I forgot.
I gathered up the names of what I lost
And then I forgot them.

I will keep doing the same things
In this distorted world
Until the static disappears from this whispering grove.






2 responses to “undefined songs”

  1. Vengeance Avatar

    Im not sure, maybe it’s someone who thinks about life often? Or feels overwhelmed by it? Like, during the rush and hardships of life, she tends to lose sight of what is truly important to her, or she starts to question that. (Searching for a meaning). And when she thinks hard and remembers (or finds out) about what is important to her again, and why she finds it important in the first place, it will make her land right back on track. 🙂 That is, untill the rush and static makes her forget again, repeating the same thing she will keep doing. Or am i looking to deep in it? XD Anways, i do think it sounds very cheery, quite fitting for the song really, thanks again for the great translation 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. releska Avatar

      I think that’s a great interpretation! I definitely think the idea of ‘searching’ for something plays a major role. And I suppose the colours melting away from the speaker means that she could be focusing really hard on what she needs to find, getting rid of all the distractions around her…

      Still, it makes me happy to read such a detailed response to a translation (^_^) Thanks…!


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