Album art.

馬と骨 || Horse and Bone

Album art.

uma to hone
Horse and Bone

Vocals: IZNA
Lyrics: IZNA
Arranged by: NSY
Album: 悦楽バージン (Pleasure Virgin) [Official site]
Circle: 東方事変 (Touhou Jihen)
Event: Autumn Reitaisai 1 [ARTS1]
Original theme: Tomboyish Girl in Love [おてんば恋娘]

Requested by: yen

The title of this song is based on a proverb: 馬の骨 (uma no hone). It’s a derogatory term used to talk about someone whose origins are a bit shady. The idea behind the proverb is “the bones of a horse are useless and too large to dispose of. In the same way, this person is useless.”

The title of this song, however, replaces の with と. I think this changes the meaning just a little – the speaker might be the ‘horse’, and the person they’re talking about might be the ‘bone.’ The ‘bone’ is useless to them, but it’s hard to throw them away because they’re such a large part of their life.


落ちては 只溶けゆく

結局 其れをしては

トドメは生憎 持ち合わせていないの?

今の私 言葉を捨てて

憖 深みは幾重に(あぁ)増してゆくだけで
答えは生憎 持ち合わせていないの?

喩えれば So早熟


sobofuru yuki no gotoshi
ochite wa tada tokete yuku
yatto kizuita takadai wo
aa buzama ni kuzusareru

kekkyoku sore wo shite wa
kinou to onaji dane, to
tsukai mawashita iiwake wa
mada yaburareru koto naku

nando mo suguha wo ategau dake de
todome wa ainiku mochiawasete inai no?

surechigai kaiwa ni tameiki
mou nani mo omoidashitakunai no
ima no watashi kotoba wo sutete

namaji fukami wa ikue ni (aa) mashite yuku dake de
kotae wa ainiku mochiawasete inai no?

tatoereba So soujuku
yukikau hito no naka de
yatto kidzuita kono shomou
imada mitasareru koto naku


It falls then melts away
Like snow, drizzling down.
The high ground I created at last…
Ah, you tear it down in an unsightly manner.

In the end, you did that
Just like you did yesterday.
Those well-worn excuses
Haven’t been breached yet.

You just keep furnishing your blades with suguha (1)
And you shy from the killing blow. Don’t you have one?

I sigh at our disagreements.
I don’t want to remember anything anymore.
Now, I’ve cast away words.

Your thoughtlessness is many-layered. (Ah…) It just keeps growing.
You shy from giving answers. Don’t you have any?

Speaking figuratively, yes—it ripened too early.
Among the people, going to and fro,
I realised what I wished for at last.
It hasn’t been fulfilled yet.

Translator’s note

(1) A suguha is a type of visual effect (刃文, hamon) created on a Japanese blade. It is a common, straight hamon. For more information, visit this site. It is possible that this stanza is a metaphor, describing the arguments the speaker has with their lover.



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