Vocals: Mie (みぃ)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: Touhou ReiMari QUEST 【Official Site】
Published by: Toranoana
Event: C82
Original Themes: –A Soul as Red as a Ground Cherry [ほおずきみたいに紅い魂]
Apparitions Stalk the Night [妖魔夜行]
Lunate Elf [ルーネイトエルフ]
Tomboyish Girl in Love [おてんば恋娘]
Illusionary Night ~ Ghostly Eyes [幻視の夜 ~ Ghostly Eyes]
Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect [蠢々秋月 ~ Mooned Insect]
Song of the Night Sparrow ~ Night Bird [夜雀の歌声 ~ Night Bird]
Deaf to All but the Song [もう歌しか聞こえない]

Requested by: Machovict

That’s an intimidating list of original tracks! But the thing I love the most about this arrangement is how well the melodies are mixed together. Individual parts from each theme combine to form a brand new melody.

懐かしい 子守唄が
途切れ途切れに聞こえて 運んでくる
探しに行こうよ 笑顔と涙を
メロディに乗せて どこか遠く

natsukashii komori uta ga
togire togire ni kikoete hakonde kuru
sagashi ni ikou yo egao to namida wo
merodi ni nosete dokoka tooku

A nostalgic lullaby can be heard
intermittently. I deliver it to its listeners.
I’m going searching! I’ll place smiles and tears
upon this melody, and they will travel far away.

懐かしい 子守唄の
とても優しい幻 追いかければ
行き止まりにでも 何かが待ってる
きっと素敵な 思い出たち

natsukashii komori uta no
totemo yasashii maboroshi oi kakereba
ikidomari ni demo nanika ga matteru
kitto suteki na omoide-tachi

If I chase after that nostalgic lullaby,
A tender illusion,
Then even if I reach a dead end, something will be waiting.
Surely, they’ll be splendid memories.

夜を行き 湖越え
蛍の光 小さな音楽会
こんなにも広い 僕らの世界は
きっとどこかで 繋がってる

yoru wo iki mizu-umi koe
hotaru no hikari chiisana ongakukai
konna ni mo hiroi bokura no sekai wa
kitto dokoka de tsunagatteru

Traversing the night, crossing the lake…
The firefly’s light. A small recital.
To think that our worlds are so vast.
They must surely be connected somewhere.

嬉しいこと 悲しいこと
目を閉じたなら いつでもそこにあるよ
毎日のように みんなで集めた
全部大事な 思い出たち

ureshii koto kanashii koto
me wo tojita nara itsu demo soko ni aru yo
mainichi no you ni minna de atsumeta
zenbu daiji na omoide-tachi

Happy things and sad things
Are always there if you close your eyes.
We gathered together almost every day.
They are all my precious memories.

続いてく 旅の中で
僕の曲 私のテーマ

hajimari wa orugooru
tsudzuiteku tabi no naka de
boku no kyoku watashi no teema
kimi dake no uta wo kikasete

Beginning with the sound of a music box,
This song continues as I journey.
My song, my theme… (1)
Let me hear your unique song!

教えて 君の好きな

oshiete kimi no suki na
tabemono wa? mushi no koe wa?
kakkoii to omou mono wa?
kimi no koto motto shiritai

Tell me: what’s your favourite
type of food? Insect sound?
What do you think is cool?
I want to know more about you.

歩き続けて いつか
辿り着いた この場所は
僕だけの そしてもちろん

aruki tsudzukete itsuka
tadori tsuita kono basho wa
boku dake no soshite mochiron
kimi dake no monogatari yo

I reached this place
After walking for such a long time.
It’s a story for me alone
And, of course, for you alone.

懐かしい 子守唄を
枕がわりに 眠って そしたらまた
探しに行こうよ 笑顔と涙を
メロディに乗せて どこか遠く

natsukashii komori uta wo
makura-gawari ni nemutte soshitara mata
sagashi ni ikou yo egao to namida wo
merodi ni nosete dokoka tooku

I sleep on this nostalgic lullaby
In place of a pillow. Afterwards…
I’m going searching again! I’ll place smiles and tears
upon this melody, and they will travel far away.

(1) This line uses two different pronouns (watashi and boku), which implies that the song and theme belong to different people.

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