Dominated Realism

ActivityDominated Realism

Vocals: Mie (みぃ), Aki (あき)
Lyrics: Jell
Arranged by: GCHM
Album: “Activity” Case:07 -Dominated Realism- 【Official Site】
Event: RTS14
Original Themes: –Dr. Latency’s Sleepless Eyes [Dr.レイテンシーの眠れなくなる瞳]
The Instant is Shorter Than Planck Time [須臾はプランクを超えて]
Schrodinger’s Bakeneko [シュレディンガーの化猫]
The Taboo Membrane Wall [禁忌の膜壁]

Requested by: Kaori Hanayama

I probably say this a lot, but I love how GET IN THE RING mashes up multiple themes and combines their distinctive melodies into new, unique phrases.

今 何回目の私達なんだと思う?

itsu kara tsudzuku nichijou wa
ima nankai-me no watashi-tachi nanda to omou?

Our daily lives have continued for so long.
How many times do you think it’s been now?

貴女はまた突然ね 遅刻は中々直らないけど
久方振りに始めようGhostly Field Clubを

anata wa mata totsuzen ne chikoku wa naka naka naoranai kedo
hisakataburi ni hajimeyou hifuu kurabu wo

You arrive abruptly again. You’ll always be late…
It’s been a while, but let’s start the Ghostly Field Club! (1)

“bye bye”でもなくて?

“sayonara” dewa nakute
“jaa ne” demo nakute
“bye bye” demo nakute?
“mata ne” ga ii yo ne

It isn’t “farewell.”
It isn’t “see ya!”
It isn’t “bye bye” either?
“See you later” is good, right?

他人の敷いたレールは 走りにくいったらありゃしない
仮想敵はノンフューチャー 相手にとって不足は無い!

tanin no shiita reeru wa hashiri nikui ttara arya shinai
kasou teki wa nonfyuuchaa aite ni totte fusoku wa nai!

Rails laid out by others are just too hard to run on!
Our potential enemy is ‘non-future.’ It’s a worthy opponent!

NEVER ENDな心象風景を 世界が否定したがるなら
AVENTUREな存在証明で 頼りにしているから
忘れかけた夢を奏でる 月詠みの魔法
朝も夜も すべて飲み込まれて Distorted Realism

NEVER END na shinshou fuukei wo sekai ga hitei shitagaru nara
AVENTURE na sonzai shoumei de tayori ni shite iru kara
wasure kaketa yume wo kanaderu tsukiyomi no mahou
asa mo yoru mo subete nomi komarete Distorted Realism

If the world wants to deny the never-ending landscape we imagine,
Then we’ll rely on adventurous proofs of its existence.
Tsukiyomi’s spell performs a half-forgotten dream. (2)
Night and day will be engulfed. Distorted realism!

近い未来 誰かが先に
解き明かす謎は どれくらい残ってるんだろう?

chikai mirai dareka ga saki ni
toki akasu nazo wa dore kurai nokotteru ndarou??

Somebody is ahead in the near future.
How many mysteries are left for us to explain?

世間が現実主義なら さしずめ私達は幻想主義
流されないで 自分のペースでin the life

seken ga genjitsu shugi nara sashizume watashi-tachi wa gensou shugi
nagasarenaide jibun no peesu de in the life

If the world is full of realists, then we’ll be ‘illusionists’ for the time being.
We won’t be swept away. We’ll live our lives at our own pace.

丁度 絶対的安心な

choudo zettai-teki anshin na
tettei-teki kousen no
kettei-teki shunkan ga
zantei-teki kansei!

The decisive moment
Of the absolutely relieved
Thorough resistance
Is temporarily complete!

今時流行らない 笑い飛ばしたGod doesn’t play dice.
未体験がノンフィクション レポートなんてやってらんない!

imadoki hayaranai warai tobashita God doesn’t play dice
mitaiken ga nonfikushon repooto nante yatteran’nai!

It isn’t popular these days. We laugh it off. God doesn’t play dice.
Things we haven’t experienced yet are non-fiction. We can’t keep writing these reports!

YOU&Iの相乗効果で 全てが白い箱庭なら
LOVE&PEACEは飽和状態で 黒に染めてゆくから
こぼれ落ちた時を象る 星詠みの魔法
明日も今もすべて砕け散って Distorted Reamlism

YOU&I no soujou kouka de subete ga shiroi hakoniwa nara
LOVE&PEACE wa houwa joutai de kuro ni somete yuku kara
kobore ochita toki wo katadoru hoshi yomi no mahou
ashita mo ima mo subete kudake chitte Distorted Reamlism

If, with the synergy of you and I, everything is a white miniature garden…
It will all be stained black by being saturated with love and peace, so…
Hoshiyomi’s spell is patterned on spilt time. (3)
Tomorrow, today… everything will be smashed up. Distorted realism!

まだまだ 私達のActivityはこれから 終わらない

mada mada watashi-tachi no Activity wa kore kara owaranai

Our activities will continue. They won’t end!

もういいかい?まぁだだよ もういいかい?待っててね
もういいかい?もうちょっと もう一回 最初から
もういいかい?もういいよ もういいかい?もういいんだよ
観測座標は0.C 二人にとっちゃ多愛も無い!

mou ii kai? maada dayo mou ii kai? mattete ne
mou ii kai? mou chotto mou ikkai saisho kara
mou ii kai? mou ii yo mou ii kai? mou ii ndayo
kansoku zahyou wa 0.C futari ni toccha tawai mo nai!

Ready? Not yet! Ready? Wait!
Ready? Just a little longer. Once more, from the top.
Ready? Ready! Ready? I’m ready!
The survey coordinates are 0.C. It’s all childlike to us! (4)

NEVER ENDもとうとう限界で 世界の方が間違いなら
AVENTUREな崩壊願望で ゼロにしてもいいかな
飽きもせず二人 いつもただ 月を視ていた

NEVER END mo tou tou genkai de sekai no hou ga machigai nara
AVENTURE na houkai ganbou de zero ni shite mo ii kana
aki mo sezu futari itsumo tada tsuki wo mite ita
mukougawa wo shoumei suru tame ni many me ni utsusu tame ni

‘Never end’ has reached its limit. If the world’s the one who’s wrong…
Then I wonder if it’s fine to return things to zero through adventurous, destructive desires…
We kept staring at the moon without growing tired
So we could prove that Gensokyo exists… So it would be seen by many eyes… (5)

YOU&Iの境界線上で 堕ちて失せた楽園でも
LOVE&PEACEは最終段階で 君は此処に居るから。
月と星を 詠と詠を 重ね合わせる 其は黄泉の魔法
月を 星を 夢を 時を 刻むグリモワール

YOU&I no kyoukaisenjou de ochite nakuseta rakuen demo
LOVE&PEACE wa saishuu dankai de kimi wa koko ni iru kara.
tsuki to hoshi wo yomi to yomi wo kasane awaseru so wa kousen no mahou
tsuki wo hoshi wo yume wo toki wo kizamu gurimowaaru
daishite enseki hakubutsushi

Even if a degraded, vanished paradise rests atop the boundary line of you and I…
Love and peace is the final stage, because you’re here.
The moon and the stars and their poems overlap. That is the magic of the underworld.
This grimoire marks the moon, the stars, dreams, and time.
Its name: Swallowstone Natural History.

(1) ‘Ghostly Field Club’ is written, but 秘封俱楽部 (hifuu kurabu – Secret Sealing Club) is sung.
(2) Tsukiyomi (月詠み) could be a reference to the Moon goddess in Japanese mythology.
(3) Unlike Tsukiyomi, Hoshiyomi (星詠み) does not exist in mythology.
(4) 0.C could be a reference to ‘Latency,’ as its Japanese pronunciation (rei ten shii) is similar.
(5) Gensokyo (幻想郷) is written, but 向こう側 (mukougawa – the other side) is sung.


  1. Just a question, is the English “Distorted Realism” in the chorus according to the booklet, since it feels like it should be “Dominated Realism” from the title and just listening to the song


    1. Unfortunately I don’t have the booklet handy to double check 😦 Other sources indicate that ‘Distorted Realism’ is used in the chorus, though.


  2. Hello. Thank you for your translation.

    > 他人の敷いたレールは 走りにくいったらありゃしない
    > If rails laid out by others are hard to run on, they shouldn’t exist!

    「たらありゃしない」 is a way of emphasis.
    I don’t think we should translate 「ある」 explicitly.
    I translate that sentence to “If rails laid out by others are too hard to run on”.

    ▼ 「たらありゃしない」に関連した英語例文の一覧 – Weblio英語例文検索

    > 仮想敵はノンフューチャー 相手にとって不足は無い!
    > Our potential enemy is ‘non-future.’ It’s no match for us!

    「不足は無い」 literally means “not in short”.
    Weblio offers some translation patterns for “相手にとって不足はない”.
    One of them is “Find a good match in.”

    ▼ 「”相手にとって不足はない”」に関連した英語例文の一覧 – Weblio英語例文検索

    > 観測座標は0.C 二人にとっちゃ多愛も無い!

    “0.C” must be a reference to a Dr. Latency, though we cannot translate well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for that! (^_^) I haven’t encountered the first two points much before, so it looks like I ended up getting them backwards. The links were helpful, and I made the necessary changes!


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